What are Daily Deals?

None of us want to spend more than we have to on anything, whether it is buying everyday essentials like groceries or larger, less regular purchases, such as   holidays – particularly in today’s tough economic climate.

And this is where daily deals come in – they offer a way for you snap up a limited offer deal on something, from cheap spa breaks to designer jewellery; electronics to hotel breaks; clothing to experience days – in fact, anything you may be looking for, you will typically find, somewhere, as a daily deal!

How Can They Offer these Deals?

Daily offer websites (which are sometimes known as flash sales or group deals) offer special deals on a limited amount or limited time basis. Businesses approach the daily deal site – or vice versa – and agree to sell their product or service at a reduced rate.

This is a win-win situation for both the businesses and you. For a business, they may get new customers who try out their product and service at a special rate, like it, and continue to pay at the normal rate. For you as a customer, you get a cheap deal and save money! Whether you decide to continue to buy the product or service after the offer has ended is typically up to you.

Which Daily Deal Website Should I Use?

In the UK, currently there are around 30 websites offering money saving deals. Some will offer more varied deals than others and some will be easier to navigate around. So how do you know which one to use?

Firstly, with most deals websites you can sign up to an email which lets you know about the latest offers. Bear in mind, however, that getting 30 emails each day from each provider telling you about some great deals may be a bit time consuming to go through!

And if you are someone who buys stuff because it is a bargain rather than because you actually need it, this could end up costing you more money in the long run!


The good news is that there are daily deal search engines – dealzippy  is one example – who pick the very best offers from all the other sites for you to choose from. Typically, you can opt for a daily or weekly email and set your preferences -so if you only want to hear about deals on electronics, for example, with some of these daily deal aggregator services, you can do.

This means you get a more tailored, personalised experience, free from the temptation of spending on something simply because it is such a good deal! And you can make choices that will have a positive effect on your bank balance.

In summary, daily deal websites can be a great way to save you a serious amount of money – so why not start seeing what available right now? Your bank manager will thank you for it!

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