How To Make Money On Instagram Without Many Followers – Proven Methods

What started as a photo sharing app to share memories with friends and followers has become a source of income for more than a hundred of thousands peoples. We hear many stories about people on Instagram making thousands of dollars for featuring a single product on their Instagram profile. While seeing others why can’t we endorse products to a small number of audience. But yes, now, you can earn a thousand dollars even with a couple of thousand followers or in some cases, with less than a 1000 or few followers. 

“Read this post to understand the proven methods and hacks to make money on Instagram without thousands of followers.’

As today YouTubers, Bloggers and the influencers with a good number of followers on other social media platforms generate a good income through endorsing different products. Gradually, they build up a good stream of income. 

Since companies seek out for influencers to show their product to while the influencers look for companies to make passive income. They both depend on one another. There are many questions people ask about generating income from Instagram. We have tried our best to answer these questions. 

Can I Make Real Income From Instagram?

Yes everyone can make a decent income from Instagram by following these methods that are used by thousands of people across the world. There are a number of useful methods that can help you earn a good income from Instagram such as sponsored posts, branding and endorsing products, joining affiliate networks, selling digital products and selling media etc. 

How much can I make on Instagram?

There are different ways which help you generate income from Instagram. The earnings vary mostly in the three categories. The accounts with followers 1K to 10K get paid about $80 to $100 for a single post, while Instagram profiles from 10K to 100K followers get paid about $200 for a single post and the influencers with 100K to 1million followers get paid more than $700 for a single post that they share. 

How many Instagram followers does a company require to hire the influencer?

Many people think that only influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers can endorse products. That’s not the case. Different companies select different kinds of followers. However, you can begin with even a thousand followers. 

Technically the rates vary influencer to influencer. But you can always have your piece of pie and use your followers to earn some for sure. Some companies prefer engagement, content quality, demography and popularity while the others just go with the flow. For example you have 2000 followers you may receive between $20 to $50 or even more depending on various factors. 

Some of the most important determinants of Instagram income include: 

  1. Niche: Instagram favors some niches over others. The categories including beauty, food, fashion and fitness are more popular for making money than others. 
  2. Engagement: The engagement on Instagram is very crucial. If your followers are fake or less engaging no matter how many hundreds of them, won’t add you any income. 
  3. Type: Some followers may be good for a fitness product but not responsive for music. 

What are the proven methods to earn income from Instagram?

There are few ways you can generate income from Instagram. By partnering with brands, sharing sponsored posts, becoming an affiliate, running your own online store, selling things and also selling your own photos online. 

Partnering with a brand is a very useful method for earning from Instagram. If you are sort of an influencer the brands will easily put their trust in you. There are tons of companies which cannot reach common buyers even after shelling out thousands of dollars on advertising while a single viral video can generate thousands of leads. 

The term influencer connects with masses easily. Just like becoming a celebrity in old times. The influencers have become socially acceptable even more than the celebrities. These influencers share different products with their followers. They use products themselves and tell the world how good those products are. Their opinions are very well received. In return, they charge the brands their fees on each sell. 

You as an influencer and brands both have the right to select the types. The brands will be selective to work with the influencers while the influencers can do the same. So creating a balance becomes hard for both sometimes. 

How much should I charge as an Instagram influencer?

How much to charge as an Instagram influencer is really a big question. The brands who want to promote their products on Instagram use Fohr and similar services. The influencers get to create good posts, videos or stories to make the product look acceptable. They ask for the permission of the brands if they need to. They also share the same strategy to promote products on other social media platforms and sites. 

You can negotiate with the brands for the type of posts, amount to receive for each post or story or even sell depending on the type of content and followers. The brands negotiate each aspect most of the time but even if they do not you must negotiate with them. Don’t think so little of your followers, as you are sharing a product which can backfire and you may lose your real value. So negotiate and check the product by yourself first before letting it out to your followers. 

According to a survey of 6,000 influencers about 40% were found charging $200 or more for a single post or product share. It may rise up to even thousands if the influencer happens to be someone like Kylie Jenner. But since we are talking about influencers with a bunch of thousands followers you can still demand more than $200 for a single post or story. 

Knowing your audience is the key- You must know the type of audience you have. If you think a certain category connects with your followers well only then you should promote it. Even you can earn some cash if it does not but you will lose the trust of your followers. You should know the number of followers who actually follow your endorsement and engage and those who don’t. If you switch to Instagram business account you can check it on the analytics report. 

How to reach Instagramable brands?

All those big fat influencers who command great importance on all social media are found by the popular brands otherwise you will have to find the brands. On the basis of personality, values and type of audience. They will not feel like you are trying to sell them something. 

If you want to be reached out by the brands you must register your Instagram account on the influencer marketplace. There are plenty of services out there that offer free registration. There are some free influencer marketplace platforms registered below. 

Grapevine- This platform offers partnership opportunities for influencers with more than 5000 followers. This marketplace has provided many small type of influencers with great opportunities. 

CrowdTap- For the US based influencers IndaHash provides great branding opportunities. You can fill out content creation tasks and win rewards. 

Fohr- You can register your YouTube, Instagram or any other platform with details where the brands will come to find the influencers. If this clicks for you once and your audience prove worthy you will get more partnership opportunities. 

IndaHash- If you have just 700 engaging followers you are eligible to partake in brand campaigns. Just share a single post with given hashtags and earn a reasonable amount. 

Audience Trust – The trust of the followers is very important. You should not take it lightly. If you are promoting a post or product do add hashtags “#sponsored” so that the trust between and your audience remains intact. You can search #sponsored on Instagram to see how they are received by the audience and how Instagram values sponsored stories. 

How to Become an Affiliate on Instagram?

The affiliate program is targeted at generating more sales. It’s through those sales that an influencer gets paid for each sale. A promo is given to each influencer to track sale records. Since Instagram does not allow any links in the posts except in the profiles having promo codes is a better option. You can use those promo codes in the posts and your sale records can be tracked. You can add links in the stories that may very well serve your purpose. It should be noted that affiliate links do not look good so using a URL shortener service is highly recommended. 

There are few affiliate marketing networks that you can use. They are ClickBank, Amazon Associates, eBay, Etsy and AliExpress etc. All these require different methods to generate incomes but many people are using them and earring a good deal of money. 

Is Running Your Own Shopping Store on Instagram Any Good? 

You can open your own Instagram store. You can run it with other brands as well. So you can see the more you are reading this post about “How to earn on Instagram with few followers” the better you are getting at it. You will find a great number of Instagram influencers who are selling a great variety of products including ranging from fitness goods to digital products. Gradually, they all develop an audience for each. 

Selling Media Properties on Instagram  

You may choose words to increase your chances of getting picked by brands on Twitter and Facebook. But Instagram is a different ball game. You need high quality media–especially photos to keep the ball rolling. They are licensed, printed and sold out through different means. There are different marketplaces for photos like 500px, GettyImages and Twenty20 where brands pick their favorite photos. You can promote your such services on Instagram. 

However, if you want to use a printing service, Teelaunch and Printful are out there which allow you to fulfill customer services. These services serve orders by printing those photos on pillows, posters and many other things. 

There are many influencers who sell printed photos and generate good sales. Daniel Arnold is a good example. 

There are several other ways which may help you earn a good deal of money on the internet. The income from the internet is not restricted to just Instagram but the internet is the world of opportunities that is bound to expand. 

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