Awesome Kitchen Appliances that Cost Under $100

Kitchen appliances make all of our lives a lot easier, and have revolutionized the way we prepare our breakfast, lunch and dinners, as well as drinks and desserts. In a competitive world of electrical equipment and appliances, prices continue to be driven down, and you can now pick up some impressive pieces of kitchen equipment for low prices. In this article I’m going to explore the best appliances you can pick up for under $100 to turn your kitchen into a luxury environment to prepare food and drink!

Slow Cookers/Crock Pots

slow cooker recipes

The slow cooker, also known as a crock pot, is a really awesome invention, a way to cook delicious meals, sauces, stews, soups and much more, all in the easy to manage invention that is the crock pot! Stick your ingredients in in the morning and let them cook all day, meaning the flavors blend together amazingly for a super dinner when you return to your kitchen! Not only are the meals delicious, they’re easy to cook, there’s no risk of burning them, and you’re only left with one pot to clean up. What could be easier?

Coffee Machines


These come in all different shapes and sizes, and you can pick them up for as little as $20 if you shop around. From filter coffees to pod coffees to extensive latte and cappuccinos for impressing your guests, this is one of the top appliances for the coffee lovers among us, and judging by the amount of coffee shops on the high street there’s certainly a lot of us!

Bread Machines

homemade french bread

Fresh bread has been a staple of the human diet for an astonishing length of time, and has evolved in all different ways in loads of different countries. Now, you can make it in your own home without the hassle of kneading and preparing your bread. Simply stick the ingredients in, set to the mode you want and you’re away. These often come with self timers so you can set your bread to be ready up to 13 hours in advance. Turn it on in the evening and wake up to fresh bread in the morning.  Many bread machines do cost in excess of $100, but there are some great models available within our price range these days that offer a huge amount of features.

Juicers and Smoothie Makers

smoothie maker

Another appliance that helps with our drink needs as opposed to food! Who doesn’t love a good old smoothie or a tasty glass of freshly squeezed juice? These are very reasonably priced these days and are a great way to kick start a diet or create the beautiful aroma of freshly squeezed orange juice in your home; you could even save money on the juice you’re buying from the supermarket. Experiment with recipes, involve your kids and have a lot of fun with a smoothie maker or juicer in your kitchen!

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