Virtual Reality Gaming In 2020 And What To Expect Next

It was predicted that couple of these years will be the time that virtual reality type of gaming take over and becomes popular around the world. There are several virtual reality gaming headsets released lately and many more are set to launch during 2021 and there’s already a lot of buzz and excitement about what they will bring to the gaming world.

What exactly is virtual reality gaming?


Virtual reality gaming allows the player to experience being in a 3D environment that they can also interact with. You wear a virtual reality headset that immerses you in the game’s environment. You’ll hear the sights and see the sounds of the world you’re immersed in – everything about this world will seem real, yet it’s all generated by computer. The possibilities are limitless: these headsets can make you seem like you’re fighting dragons in a fantasy world, running through city streets, discovering underwater species or flying high above and looking down on the world below.

Headsets being released


The Merge VR headset, which is powered by Android smartphones or iPhones, is already available. The Oculus Rift, which has gone through numerous development phases, is due to be released early this year and is arguably the most eagerly anticipated of the headsets. There’s also the Playstation VR, which is expected to launch at some point this year, and the HTC Vive, which is expected to launch in April. Each virtual reality headset is expected to be launched alongside an impressive line-up of games that are designed to let you explore immersive, beautifully created 3D worlds, taking your gaming experience to the next level.

Are there any concerns about virtual reality gaming?


While there are loads of people who are excited about virtual reality gaming, there are some who have concerns. One of the biggest concerns is cost: these headsets are going to be pricey because they don’t power themselves, so there’s the cost of this software to consider. Some headsets can be powered from smartphones, but the more advanced ones are powered by computers with specific system requirements. Some psychologists are concerned that if people immerse themselves in virtual worlds too much, this could lead to problems such as depression, virtual reality addiction and anxiety; some even fear that over-use of virtual reality headsets could result in people becoming sociopaths, especially if they’re playing violent games so regularly that they can’t distinguish reality from virtual reality.

So is it a passing phase or is it the next big thing in gaming?


There’s certainly a lot of excitement about virtual reality gaming and the industry is moving towards this form of gaming, with all the big players developing headsets of their own. There’s no telling whether it will be the next big thing in gaming, but the industry is very confident that customers will catch on to this and that virtual reality will indeed be the next big thing in gaming.

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