6 Points to Understand How Cloud Computing Can Add Value to Your Time and Money

Just when the idea of mobile computing was presenting a stiff challenge to desktop computing another idea emerged on the technology scene. According to Wikipedia cloud computing refers to all resources (software or hardware) present on a remote location and accessible over a network (the internet). The user is connected through a web browser to access software or data. We can’t compare this technology to desktop or mobile computing as they are from a different cadre. Cloud has to do the way data is stored and mobile or desktop deal with the way a user interacts with his devices. There are many scenarios which justify the use of cloud computing for saving time and money. Let us get into detail about cloud computing and see how it can be of advantage to us:

Lesser Operation Costs

One obvious advantage is that with cloud computing a company doesn’t need to employ staff for maintaining backup and storage systems. Similarly they don’t need to upgrade the servers’ hardware or software.  The job of such a staff is in more experienced and reliable hands.

Pay According to the Needs

With cloud computing you don’t need to pay upfront for any services which you would be using after a few years. You can chalk out your current demands and pay accordingly. Later on the cloud solutions provider will offer you the required service on additional payments.

Bulk Purchase

Cloud-Computing cloud_computing

As a thumb rule if you purchase on a larger scale you enjoy lower cost per unit. Cloud solution providers purchase the equipment on much larger scales and employ a powerful architecture. This cost benefit is also transferred to the end user.

Quicker Updates

With your software stored in the ‘cloud’ you can easily upgrade it for all the users simultaneously. There is no need to do it separately for every PC. In this way, a lot of time is saved in maintaining the software in its best shape to perform different tasks.


Quality of service is critical in any business area. If your onsite server crashes, it can take days to be up and running. On the other hand cloud companies have very robust back up systems in place which don’t let the crash in first place but even if happens so, they will quickly shift it to the back up. In this way a lot of time is saved. On the other hand all the related operations are carried out in a smooth manner virtually all the time. Thus you save yourself from any possible monetary loss that could occur.

Promotion of Outsourcing

Outsourcing in itself is a great money saving strategy. With employees spread over great geographical distances, cloud computing allows for easier collaboration without having to use the email or other document sharing websites. As there is no need to install software, interactions like web, audio or video conferencing between the employees is very easy to manage.


Cloud computing is a powerful technology that saves a lot of money and time. With the passage of time its usage is likely to become more common and will be able to define the evolution path for desktop and mobile computing technologies.

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