Why Facebook Advertising is Good For Businesses

Before internet, there were only a few ways to get the word out. Typically, businesses had advertisements, both short and full page, printed up in newspapers and magazines. People would see the advertisement, and depending on how effective it was, opt to purchase the product/service. In addition to print ads, you had ads being televised, with some channels, where various advertisements are aired continuously. Now, businesses can use Facebook marketing as a way to reach even more customers than they ever thought possible. There are many benefits of a business using Facebook to advertise their business.

Benefit #1 – Facebook has a lot of people on it every day

There are billions of people who use Facebook in different countries all around the world.  According to current statistics, there are at least one billion people that are on Facebook every month, and out of the 1.6 billion FB users, over half of them return to Facebook at least once a day. The fact is, Facebook has a huge following, and with Facebook marketing, a business can have access to millions of people at any given time. Choosing to use Facebook can literally turn a dying business into an overnight success.

Benefit #2 – Advertising by word of mouth

When it comes to products and services, people often trust what their friends and family have to say more than what they see on television. With Facebook marketing, a person can see an advertisement, click on it for more information, and then recommend the same to everyone about it. When people hear about a good product, then they will go to Facebook as well, see the advertisement they were told about and suddenly that business is getting more and more customers.

Benefit #3 – More effective communication between a business and customers

Nothing can harm a business faster than what people think of it. Reputation is everything in the business world, and how a customer feels about a certain business will impact the company’s marketing.  One way for a business to improve their marketing strategy is to run a social media campaign, including a Facebook page where they can post regular updates and interact with their customers.  With a page on Facebook, you can make posts and your customers can comment on them. If negative comments are posted, then someone from the company can respond to it, and tackle the issue before it gets out of hand. Bottom line, it is important to make sure that the company’s credibility does not take a hit. Also businesses’ can purchase a few Facebook likes to make sure that they are able to get their FB campaign to a great start.

Benefit #4 – Any budget size will work with Facebook

Facebook marketing will work no matter if the business using them is big or small.  Facebook does give a business many options when it comes to advertising with them. Even if a business is really small, and has very little money, they can still advertise on Facebook, which will help them go from being a small start-up to a much larger business within a short period.

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