8 Hyper Modern Laptop Stands

So you’re in the market for a new laptop stand. Your desk is looking a little bare and you want something good-looking for your laptop to stand on. Well, look further than our list we have compiled here. We’ve had a look around and found some of the coolest-looking and even quite practical stands on the market (or soon to be on the market in some cases) right now. So here are 8 hyper-modern laptop stands.


Walnut Laptop Stand ($119)

We start off our list with an absolute beauty. The Walnut Laptop Stand is a beautifully crafted piece of walnut wood that has a slight slant to it with a aluminium rest at the top with pads for your laptop to rest in, so it doesn’t slide off obviously. In terms of design, there aren’t going to be many better-looking stands. It may not be the most practical, but you’re definitely paying for materials, build quality and design here.


Adjustable Laptop Desk ($51)

We go from incredible beauty to incredible practicality. This adjustable laptop desk is a great little accessory for your laptop that makes using a mouse, putting your phone down or even just having a mini desk easier. The adjustable laptop desk made from walnut materials with holes to vent your laptop and two detachable add-ons to allow you to use a mouse or to put your phone. It’s a practical laptop stand available for 13″ or 15″ laptops and fits in laptop bags as well.


Bluelounge Kickflip Ergonomic Laptop Stand ($17.95)

The Bluelounge Kickflip Ergonomic Laptop Stand is a great little attachment for 13″ laptops that allows you to have your laptop at a more comfortable typing angle. It’s not secret that typing at a slight slant is better for your wrists that typing on a flat surface. Therefore, investing $18 in a little attachment for your laptop to have it at a more comfortable angle makes a lot of sense.

flio_stand_slide5Flio Portable Wooden Laptop Stand ($45+)

We’ve got another wooden laptop stand here. It doesn’t offer quite the same level of awe as the Walnut Laptop Stand, but it does offer more practicality. This laptop stand offers up the ability to flip the stand down into a very thin profile, allowing you to stand this stand with you when you cart your laptop around. You can get the stand in different types of wood, costing more money the nicer the wood type.

71784a+1BjL._SL1500_Twelve South- ParcSlope for MacBook Hybrid ($49.99)

If you’re looking for a laptop stand that offers a bit more of an Apple look and feel, then this may be the stand for you. The ParcSlode for Macbook Hybrid laptop stand from TwelveSouth is an all-aluminium stand for your laptop that offers a simple design within a premium feeling body. It’s a simple stand in which you just place your laptop in and either begin typing away or swiping away, up to you.

slate-laptop-tray-510x337Slate: Mobile LapDesk ($69.99)

Okay, so we’ve already had one portable laptop desk on this list. But we certainly have room for this beauty too. The Slate Mobile LapDesk is a beautiful wooden lapdesk that offers up ventilation, practicality and great design all within one stand. There’s a place to put your laptop that is ventilated, there’s also a mousemat to the right to put your mouse. But then you’ve also got a holder for your iPad or iPhone (or other device) including a small hole along the bottom allowing you to charge your device whilst it rests there. That’s clever and beautiful design all rolled into one.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 20.19.54Elago L3 Aluminium Stand ($29+)

If you’re looking for another aluminim stand that looks great, works greats and doesn’t break the bank for your laptop then you’d definitely do well by checking out the Elago L3. It’s a beautifully-made laptop stand that offers practicality, a safe stand for laptop and a minimal but elegant design. The Elago L3 is a simple design with holes in the back for cable management and space enough underneath to store the Apple wireless keyboard.

Cool Laptop Stand Riser for MacBook ($43.99)

Have you ever wanted Apple’s smartcover on your MacBook? Well now you can! It may sound like an odd idea, but it actually looks like a clever and practical solution. It’s another product from VIVOCStand and offers you the ability to place the BaseLift along the bottom of your MacBook and then unroll it to allow you to stand it up for easier and more comfortable typing. Made of nice materials and a long-term solution to a long-term problem, it’s definitely worth checking out the promotional video for the product.

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