10 High Tech Gadgets That You Must Buy For Your Home

As technology progresses we see more and more home gadgets that we used to think were futuristic and modern being shunned as old fashioned and boring. But with new technology comes the opportunity to replace those old gadgets with something high tech and innovative that will not only wow your friends but actually be useful too. Whether you’re looking to buy or just browse, this list of 10 high tech gadgets that you must buy for your home will give you some great inspiration.


High Tech Gadgets for your home- ITV Goggles Widescreen HD gogglesiTVGoggles Wideview 3Dxi $549

These lightweight digital video goggles have a wideview wraparound design which create an immersive experience for watching movies or playing games. The cool goggles support 1080P HD input and individual eye displays for 3D content too. The LCD display imitates the experience of watching a 92″ screen from 10′ away, all in a slim line and lightweight design that look just like a pair of sunglasses or goggles. You’ll need adapters to connect it to your devices and consoles, but this is one of the coolest high tech home gadgets available now.

High Tech Gadgets for your home- Sensoria smart socksSensoria Fitness Smart Sock Bundle $199

This bundle includes two pairs of Smart Socks, a charger and an electronic anklet that snaps into the cuff of the socks. The clever anklet monitors your steps through textile sensors to record your steps, speed, calories, altitude, distance, cadence and foot landing technique as you walk and run. These are great for serious or casual walkers and runners that want in depth information about their movements and the possibility to prevent injuries. The Sensoria app provides a dashboard that shows achievements and details, and this is great high tech gadget that sportspeople won’t want to miss out on!

High Tech Gadgets for your home- canary home securityCanary Home Security $249

Canary is a complete home security system that allows you to stream real-time night vision HD video from inside your home, plus monitor air quality, temperature and humidity, receive video alerts on your mobile triggered by motion activated recording, and set off a 90dB siren remotely. In addition Canary is easy to install- just plug it in, download the app and you’re ready to protect your home! This a great high tech home gadget that will help to ensure the safety of your house and family.

High Tech Gadgets for your home- sleepowSleepow $99

Sleepow is a cool high tech pillow that’s designed to help you sleep better with its memory foam core and built in stereo sound that plays binaural beats relaxation music. The music is designed to help engage the brain sleep centers and the queen sized pillow makes sure you get a comfortable nights rest. This sleep gadget comes pre-loaded with relaxation music but you can also add your own mp3s to listen to as you drift off.

High Tech Gadgets for your home- irobot roomba 870iRobot Roomba 870 $848

It may not be a cheap home gadget but this high tech robot vacuum cleaner could save you time, money and energy in the long run compared to using a traditional vacuum cleaner. The Roomba 870 uses AeroForce Performance Cleaning technology to remove daily dirt, dust, hair and debris on a frequent schedule. The Roomba claims to be virtually maintenance free with an airflow accelerator, tangle-free extractors and long life battery, plus it uses optical and acoustic sensors to detect dirt and cleans right up to wall edges so your floors will be dirt free with the minimum of effort.

High Tech Gadgets for your home- panonoPanono $599

Panono is a cool high tech photography gadget that allows you to easily take panoramic photos with 360 degree shots at 100 megapixels. The Panono is essentially a ball of camera lenses that you can throw up in the air to create high level shots or hold in your hands to get great panoramas of family gatherings and parties.


High Tech Gadgets for your home- goji smart lockGoji Smart Lock $278 (Pre-order)

The Goji Smart Lock gives you complete access to the security of your home through your smartphone. You can see real time pictures via text or email of the people accessing your home with the digital key that you give them. You can use this cool high tech home gadget if your door uses deadbolts and you can rest assured knowing that your home is protected with bank industry standard security.

High Tech Gadgets for your home- printrbotPrintrbot $599

While it may not be the prettiest high tech gadget for your home, this 3D printer is one of the most affordable and you’d be hard pushed to find a much cooler gadget for the price. 3D printing is growing in popularity for home uses and this pre-assembled model is likely to fill all your 3D printing hobby needs. You’re able to print items up to 6x6x6 inches which should give you a lot of opportunity to have some fun.

High Tech Gadgets for your home- philips huePhilips Hue Lights $179

The Philips Hue lights are wireless LED bulbs that can be controlled with the Hue bridge. You can create and control the light in your home using your smartphone or tablet and you can even creating lighting scenes based on your favourite photos. This kit comes with three bulbs that plug into your existing lamps and the bridge which connects to your Wi-Fi router. These colour changing bulbs can also be programmed to turn on and off at particular times so you never come home to a dark house.

High Tech Gadgets for your home- smarter ikettleSmarter iKettle $170

This great high tech kitchen gadget for your home is Wi-Fi enabled and can be controlled remotely- boil the kettle from your bed or on your way home in the evening. The iKettle with also even tell you when your water is the perfect temperature and when you need to refill. This cool kettle also features five temperature modes, a keep warm mode and boil dry protection so you can be sure of safe and personalised operation when using your smartphone to heat the water remotely.

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