DIY Tips For Less Expensive Shopping

Wise consumer starts in being a wise buyer, but, not all consumers are wise. High portion of salary is always allotted in buying food, basic things and, more often, unnecessary things.

Everybody shops, but not all knows how to budget, or at least, lessen their expenditures. It’s hard, especially if you fell in love with that elegant silky scarf that is perfect for the season, or, with that flip flops that already cost you your three-day meal. Don’t panic and breathe slowly for here are the do-it-yourself tips to lessen your expensive shopping:

1. Have a full meal before shopping. If you go to mall starving, it is likely you spend for full meal. Unlike, if you had your meal before heading out, you’ll just go for light snacks, drinks or chillers which are less expensive than a full meal.


2. Do not bring kids with you. Kids are always starving from time-to-time. Not to mention, they always run in toy stores leaving you with no choice but to buy the toy they have in hand. You don’t want to hear them crying and caught attention of shoppers.

3. Focus on the reasons why you went in the mall or store. If you are going to buy a bag, go straight in the accessories section not in the apparel section. Always prioritize your agenda and what you really need to buy.

4.  It is also best that you compare prices of every store near you. Not all stores have same price for the same product. They always vary especially in goods.

5. To save fare, gas and time, shop in stores near you if the price difference is not far from the others. Buy in bulk especially spices like tomatoes, onions and garlic since they are staple in every dish.

6.  Buy only staple food and avoid buying junk food. You don’t get nutrients from it.

7. Skip processed food. Not only they have preservatives but they cost more than unprocessed food.

8.  Make your own dessert. If you have a sweet tooth and cannot resist chocolates and cakes, make your own. You can buy ready to bake flour that is more affordable, easy to do yet taste like what you are ordering in your favorite cafe.

9.  As much as possible, do not buy apparels without trying them on. Returning them to shop because they don’t fit you will cost you to pay more.

10.  If you really want something but is on regular price wait until it goes on sale. There are lot of sales every month so do not worry, you’ll still get it on slash price.

11.  If you are into accessories, try making your own. Buy jewels and beads that you can use to create your own accessories. There are plenty in craft store. It’s not all about saving but also about being creative and unique.

12.   If you’ll buy shoes, do not buy expensive ones but will totally hurt your lower parts. Like for instance, you bought 7 inch pumps you have seen in Chanel only to find out that you cannot walk with them. The tendency is, you will buy another more comfortable.

13. Lastly, always keep your eyes on the scanner. Mostly, there are instances of double charging or the price appeared in the screen is different from the price tag. If this happen, immediately call the attention of the cashier to solve the problem.

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