5 Laptop Cooling Pad for MacBook 2020 to Increase Your Performance

As MacBooks are getting thinner and sleeker they are becoming equally difficult to add big fans for cooling them down. Their casings are even far slimmer than before. It also means that using a MacBook on a couch, bed, floor or lap can result in excessive heating.

As it overheats it affects the performance which may result in burning down some of internal parts. They may produce excessive heat if you use it on a work desk for modeling software, video editing or even games.

So knowing about overheating of a MacBook is very important. We should know when it heats up so much that it may result in a real damage. The problem is ‘how to know it’s overheating.’ Some of its heating issue could be solved by using a MacBook stand to elevate it from the surface and let the airflow pass.

However, a lasting solution is using the best MacBook Pro cooling dock which is built solely for keeping the temperature of your MacBook down.

The question arises, “Who Needs to Have A MacBook Cooling Pad?” As already mentioned above, for small type of jobs you can use a cool stand for MacBooks but, if, your work involves gaming, video editing, engineering or other software which make your MacBook overheat, you should buy a MacBook liquid cooling pad.

Even if you are not using any of such software but still your MacBook is overheating you should get a cooling pad to enhance its performance and avoid the inevitable damage.

Why is it necessary to have a cooling pad for MacBooks?

When the warranty runs out, it costs a fortune to get any MacBook laptop repaired. Prevention is better than cure when cure comes this much costly. You should prefer having a cooling pad under your MacBook to keep its efficiency at peak.

How to Select the Best Cooling Pad for MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air?

As the market is getting very saturated these days, it’s hard to choose something worthy off the money spent. Here are few things you should consider to buy the best cooling dock.

Size of a Good Cooling Pad

Make sure to get the right size cooling pad for your MacBook. For instance, if you purchased an 11-inch dock for your 17-inch laptop which comes cheaper may not necessarily get the job done properly. Resultantly, as you start working on a long project it may produce immense heat that result in real internal damage. So consider the size of your MacBook before opting for a cooling pad.

The Word Load and Performance

After all performance of a cooling pad for a certain type of MacBook matters the most. As some of the cooling pads are powered with really massive fans while others have small fans installed. So to get the most desired results you should consider the parts of the cooling pad as well as the parts of your laptop which emit more heat and also check for the noise rating. Then select the right product.

Portability of a Cooling Pad

Mostly, cooling pads with big fans or many fans are not portable. As we have to keep moving for the commutes daily, don’t forget to check the portability. Some liquid cooling pads are better than the others.

We have shortlisted 5 of the really useful cooling pads that you may choose for any of your MacBook models.

#1 NotePal X-Slim

Source: Cooler Master

Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim is one of the really better choices which provides quality results for the price. It comes cheap, has a slim design, portable and its adjustment is customizable. You can use it on any angle and position.

Its cables are easily manageable and works best for any laptop up to 17”. The thing is it’s very slim and cheap.

#2 MacBook Cooling Chill Mat By Targus

Image  Amazon

This cool MacBook cooling pad Chill Mat by Targus has a single fan and is very comfortable for different work surfaces, comes with a USB hub as well. Through its big fan it can dissipate the heat no matter where you use it. It can give you best value for your money by ventilating the heat easily on different surfaces.

#3 Havit RGB – Very Portable

Source Amazon

If your work requires you to travel and you want a portable MacBook Pro cooling pad, Havit RGB is exactly that you have been looking for. It’s rated as the best portable MacBook Pro cooling pad with its 3 silent fans and is super slim and thin. Its fans carry the air to keep a MacBook Pro unaffected from the heat. Two grips are at its back which will give laptops desired height and angle.

Havit has a minimalist slim design, well priced, suitable for laptop of any size and has extra USB hubs.

#4 Mac Mini Radiator Overclock by PCCOOLER

Image  Amazon

Mac Mini Radiator Overclock is cooling fan for your Mac laptop with its 12cm silent fan acrylic chassis.

Its all models have 12V1A power supply capacity so it does not matter which one you choose. For convenience, there is an additional usb5v port but it may slow down the fan if you use it in general.

The panel is 197x197mm, has case size of mini Mac and the cooling fan case is 12cm. It boosts the airflow and cools down any heated laptop in general.

#5 Thermaltake Massive TM

Source: Thermaltake

If there is any best of all cooling MacBook pads, it’s Thermaltake Massive TM which is a desktop styled cooling dock and works best for any MacBook laptops i-e 12, 15 and 17-inch MacBooks and NoteBooks.
It has adjustable positioning angle for various sizes, its two fans take out heat and bring in cool air; there are heat sensors, temperature regulators and turbo cooling feature for quick dissipation of heat. Its all features are very creatively done like typing positioning, fitness for all laptops, targeted cooling effectiveness, turbo boost and automated temperature regulator.

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