9 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners Of All Time

No matter how well we clean, dust particles always stay. We need to clean them meticulously or it may affect our health in one way or the other. It’s where we need a robotic vacuum cleaner to clean the mess. The automation powered through artificial intelligence has made our tasks quite easier. While the budget friendliness even puts a smile on our faces beside cleaning the mess. These robot vacuum cleaner are also best for pet hair. We are going to discuss the benefits of modern cleaning automation without ridiculously hyped prices. The robotic vacuum cleaners mentioned below will move you to choose one when you will know how efficient and time savvy they could be. We have reviewed 9 of the robot vacuum cleaners and you can decide according to their features, performance and durability which one is the best robot vacuum cleaner in the world and why.

#9 MiraVac – The Best Of Robot Vacuum Cleaners


MiraVac is the best example of artificial intelligence and engineering put together. Its cost effectiveness makes it affordable to bring it to home the new generation of regular cleaning tactics. MiraVac is a highly advanced robot vacuum and comes with all equipment that you expect from a high-tech artificial intelligence based robot vacuum cleaner.
MiraVac allows you to schedule cleaning tasks on the different intervals. It can fit and move through any small space between the tight areas; captures dust and crumbs that might have never been discovered. It moves in a different variety of patterns that you can automate or set to remove dust and ensures the cleaning of the entire area.
MiraVac is one of the most powerful motors available on the market for reliable suction on tough areas and continuous performance. Once it’s done cleaning it returns to the dock where it can stay secure and recharge for the upcoming cleaning session.
The dust tray has enough space to keep the dust and it’s easily cleaned out. It’s device has simple controls. You can control its motor power, schedules and other functions with the remote. It has been designed to give you ultimate cleaning. You can use your MiraVac on all home floors. So sit tight to enjoy and let this robot vacuum cleaner take cleaning matters in its own head.

#8 Haier XShuai C3


Haier XShuai C3 is a robot vacuum cleaner which cleans in a methodical pattern from room to room in a small space of time. Its spot mode is amazing. It cleans the dirtiest areas and does not leave any trash behind. Other robot vacuum cleaners might find it difficult to clean corners and tight spaces but Haier XShuai C3 can clean these spaces easily. It can go underneath the furniture; suck up the dust, debris and remains of everything including pet hair.
It mops and sweeps at the same time, it also saves energy this way. You can control it through Alexa with a voice command. This robot vacuum cleaner is presented by extract.

C3 is the best robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair. It’s not just a vacuum cleaner but a great domestic helper that cleans your house entirely when you can give your time to other jobs. Honestly, cleaning the house everyday sounds hectic sometimes, so let this smart vacuum cleaner take care of that.

C3 is preferable artificially intelligent smart vacuum cleaner whose charging lasts more than any other robot’s. With its video feature you can talk to the loved ones being away from them through its app. Its software and hardware designs are dedicated to take care of day-to-day routines.

#7 Eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid


Eufy RoboVac will prove a fine inclusion into your smart home. The voice control lets Alexa control it. Once the command is sent, it starts cleaning. With the iPath laser navigation it gives a complete cleaning experience. You can choose its “S” shape cleaning path which is of course an efficient cleaning method.
You need to select its path through its A.I control system and it mops in a real quick time. It collects everything including, nails, candies, hair and almost anything that comes under its path. During birthday parties we spill a lot of drinks and balloon debris, which L70 Hybrid is master at cleaning.
Select its no go zone and exclude the spaces you don’t want it to clean. Set target zones that you want it to clean. Pack a punch of particles collected 200Pa of hard-hitting suction. It’s battery lasts longer than the most about 150 minutes which can easily cover your home in a single shift.
Its pin-point feature lets it return where it left cleaning. After charging it resumes the cleaning where it left.
Its Hybrid 2-in-1 vacuum and mop can clean sticky sugary popsicle drops as well. Its mopping is adjustable so you can select one for effective mopping on different surfaces.

#6 iRobot Roomba 960


The makers have designed Roomba with an advanced system of software and sensor to help it adapt to your routine and home. Roomba comes with a complete cleaning feature to make sure that you get proper cleaning of the entire house. You can set up Roomba through its iRobot app according to your requirements. If you are thinking about purchasing a vacuum cleaner and you have curious house pets. This smart robot is the best robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair.

Follow these tips to make your home robot even more functional. When you set up your charging base make sure to keep it along a wall in an open uncluttered area away from the stairs. If there are any areas in your house that you don’t want Roomba to clean you can use a virtual wall.

The Virtual Wall And Other Features 

The virtual wall will keep Roomba in the boundary that you want it to clean and also avoid the one which you don’t. It creates an invisible barrier up to 10 feet long that only the robot could sense. Roomba is also the best choice for homes with pets. This robot uses a virtual wall as Halo and creates a 26-inch protective circular zone around food and water bowls. Halo mode also works for other objects and stuff where you don’t want Roomba to go. If you want Roomba to clean the whole house please keep the doors opened so that Roomba can move around easily. For families with pets this vacuum robot is one of the best.

Roomba has clutter navigation built right in but please give Roomba a head start. Roomba has anti-tangle technology that helps it keep away from getting stuck on cords, carpet fringe and tassels. These few tweaks will go a long way to help Roomba to clean your home properly.

You can schedule Roomba’s 7 times a week. So even when you are not home you can do what you need to do and Roomba takes care of the rest.

#5 Xiaomi Mi Robot – Most Cost Effective Smart Mop With Amazing Distance Sensor


This robot vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi is the one that can do multiple jobs. This robot has an LDS laser navigation system for cleaning and sweeping thoroughly. It works in 4 basic steps. The first one is for cleaning which is done in 3 different modes.

Different Cleaning Modes And Other Features 

In round one it cleans anything that is on the floor. While in the round 2 it detects pet footprints and cleans them. It works on simulated manual cleaning with a professional design and sweeps like an expert. It moves swiftly due to LDS laser navigation system. You can choose the path the software creates a virtual wall and functions as such. It can cross any obstacles of 2 cm even climbs small steps if they are under 2cm.
Once done cleaning it returns to the base automatically.

#4 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S7 – Smartest of Vacuum Cleaners To Use in 2021

360 S7 is a smart vacuum cleaner that starts cleaning immediately with a single click. You need to choose its path and that’s all. It has LDS Lidar, SLAM navigation that gives user high efficiency and enhances its performance. It can move on different objects like books, wires or anything easily which is better than others.

Anti-drop And Spot Cleaning 

It’s anti-drop feature keeps it safe from dropping down from the heights as its sensor detects the edges. Its spot cleaning feature can clean the mess immediately with a single click. From steel balls, to candies, food debris and fruit seeds, it can collect all such items.

How To Select Mopping Area In 360 S7?
We can select the mopping area and it will stick to that. It’s also equipped with anti-collision sensors which makes it detect the obstacles. It charges automatically which raises the bar of its quality.

Custom Settings 

The mopping path could be multiple rooms or a single room that you choose. You need to choose its path first from the app. For example you want it to clean the bedroom first and then the kid’s room instead of the lounge, it will do so. Manage its map from the app and it will stick to the selected path.

The Mopping Mode And More….
It automatically switches to mopping mode as soon as you install its small water tank. It does not leave water stains or droplets on the floor. It identifies the obstacles and keeps away. It works with Amazon Alexa.

#3 Roborock S6 MaxV


If you have a robot for cleaning that gets stuck on cords or shoe strings you know it becomes frustrating. The Roborock S6 Max V solves a lot of such problems by detecting and avoiding objects with its dual camera. Let’s find out its mechanism and what else you can buy with one of the best robot vacuum cleaners.

Reactive AI
It has a reactive AI object avoidance which is the main feature of this robot vacuum. It’s dual cameras that gives more depth perception to detect objects that it should avoid. Its onboard reactive AI helps it avoid unknown objects and the footage is not sent to the cloud. But instead it is processed in the vacuum itself.

Mechanics And Mechanism Of Roborock S6

It uses a QUALCOMM processor APQ803 which is way much better than its predecessor. It is supposed to avoid hundreds of thousands of objects. You can test it by throwing toys, shoes, presents and anything else to test if it’s that good. Its AI works very quickly and during the testing it avoided all those objects. So if you will test its AI you will get the same phenomenal results. It stores the pictures of the objects that it avoided. You can see those objects in the capture snaps on the app.

You Can Talk Or Send Messages 
You can make most of its AI feature and can store messages to be read out loud. For example you can tell your daughter that you love her. Its speaker will say that in enough voice that she could hear it. Again, nothing is stored on the cloud. It’s all in the robot. Even you cannot see them without turning off the feature. So don’t worry about its dual camera feature for privacy. If the cameras are on the robot keep announcing it that the cameras are on.


Its amazing specs just top any other AI vacuum cleaner available on the market. It can mop very well and even better than all other contemporaries. It has a bigger and better water tank. The water tank can be separated from the mopping pod.
It works effectively on all surfaces. You may hear increasing sound when it’s on carpet. It also has a very large battery. If it does not clean up the whole house it will go back to charging pad and come to clean again.

How Does an AI Robot Vacuum Detect Objects?

Its LIDAR uses a laser that spins around and is very accurate to map the house which allows you to mark-down no go zones and virtual areas. If your house has separate levels, it will create a separate map for each level. The two cameras and AI make automating this robot much easier. It works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

#2 Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo T8 AIVI


The Deebot Ozmo T8 is top of the line AI robot. What makes it better than the other vacuum robots is that it uses artificial intelligence to a greater accuracy level. There are some other which use the same technology but still far behind but this guy has a near perfection detection system.

LIDAR Laser 

It uses a LIDAR or invisible spinning laser on its top to map out the house or navigate but it uses a front mounted camera to identify obstacles and learn about its environment. The idea is to solve the persistent problem of the robot getting stuck on the cords and other small obstacles in your home. This is one of the first AI vacuum robots which can use artificial intelligence correctly.

The Mechanics And Mechanism 
As we said it’s much advanced from its predecessors meant Eco released many other robot vacuum cleaners before it. There are few basic improvements from them in its specs such as upgraded camera, processor, library and LIDAR system. It is enhanced with new TrueMapping laser-based mapping and navigation technology which gives Ozmo T8 better laser range of 10 meters which is far more than any other model available on the market. This LIDAR upgrade gives it more accuracy for larger spaces and custom cleaning through this app. It has great airflow and more powerful suction power as it is equipped with 24 cfm which is far higher than any other robot vacuum.

The Power Of Deebot Ozmo T8

When we tested it we found its suction power way higher and quicker than all other AI vacuum robots released recently. That power is empowered with a much bigger battery which is 5200 mAh which can run 3 hrs on low power.

How Good A Robot Vacuum Cleaner is Deebot Ozmo T8?

One of the most amazing features it picks up cleanly without scattering debris around which still makes it more desirable for your home automation as well as the ability to pick up the entire amount of debris on the floor in a single run. Another great feature it has is it can pick up sand debris from the hardfloor which is something not easy for ordinary vacuum robots.

The Testing 

We added some sand debris on carpet which it could pick up cleanly which is a greater feature and is absent in other models. It also comes with a mop. When you attach the mop to it, it automatically detects the mop and works in the mop mode. As it already comes in the package with a reusable washable pad for mopping. It also comes with a water tank which is pretty exciting. It is very effective to clean dry coffee stains. We tested it for it and it cleaned the entire floor in one run.
It uses LIDAR system to give you mapping ease when you turn on its advanced mode. Then it lets you do all the great things including choosing no-go zones which aligns its boxes which you can with your fingers to keep the robot from going places that it’s likely to get stuck. It also has mop zones just like in the cleaning mode. It has the room names which you can choose to get it done. When you tell it to clean the room and return to its base.

What Makes T8 Vacuum Cleaner Standout From The Rest?
Its AI has been updated with a lot of stuff that it perfectly recognizes. Yes, we discussed many models previously which also use AI to recognize objects. But the difference is in their performance and this T8 vacuum cleaner’s performs 90% accurately. It can avoid objects which are already in its library. But what about other stuff which is not? Well, we threw keys before that it could not recognize immediately. But on the second run it just immediately recognized them as one of the objects to be avoided which makes it the most desirable AI robotic vacuum cleaner.
There is another great feature of T8 which is its camera. You can see your pets, take a look around your house and also talk to them.
It’s 3.7” inches tall which makes it pretty big for cleaning. If your sofas and other stuff has tight places this robot may not go underneath them.

#1 Roomba S9+ Robot


Roomba S9+ is fundamentally redesigned and a big leap from ordinary AI robot vacuum cleaners. It was released just 6 months after Roomba’s i7 release which was indeed a very good product but not better than Roomba S9+. The part of redesign is its new shape which gives it edge on others with even better cleaning and superior performance. It also has made it its dual brush to the front and made it 30% wider. The 550 mm dustbin is a totally new design. The edge brush has also got a new makeover.
Its RPM has also been toned down to avoid scattering the debris which is a great move from Roomba’s previous models.
The Cleaning Bin
What makes this new Roomba S9+ more exciting is its self-emptying bin the clean base where the robot returns to empty the contents. We really loved this cleaning base. Other than that a slight redesign of the location of the holes. The main change on the S9+ clean base was an upgraded filter.

It’s a beast when it comes to its power and strength. At high airflow it can perform on 22 CFM and at low 8 CFM. So this high CFM makes it a more powerful vacuum robot. We tested it on picking up debris from rough spaces, thick patches and it performed superbly due to its high power. Its previous models had longer brushes which were creating a mess by scattering particles before clearing it. Its wider brushes combined with great power gave us desired results with truly impressive pick up.
However, we also noticed that its low power airflow at 8 CFM was not quite impressive which is a negative. Since you can use its better airflow or you can use it even better leaving it in auto-mode which switches the power according to the needs.
However we also noticed that it did not like larger debris though it picked all up but the pick up sounded quite noisy. What makes S9+ as an outstanding vacuum cleaner is its carpet cleaning capability. S9+ performs extremely well on carpets as compared to all other vacuum cleaners. We threw a good amount of sand debris on the carpet and pressed it in the carpet. S9+ smartly picked all up which is a very surprising feat and makes it the best robot vacuum cleaner to-date.

The Cleaning Base
We have not yet much talked about its cleaning base. We loved its clean base, it functions well, it did not have any trouble finding the base, and the strong suction motor in the clean base really does suck up the contents from the bin.
In terms of coverage it had really impressive navigation. It goes straight first then it moves around and goes to places it has missed. This feature really makes us believe that in future the manual cleaning can be done automatically. Following all up and cleaning the edges and sides of the walls in the end and it does so without wasting much of time or power.
Battery Life
S9+ has better battery power then other models which is 120 minutes at low and 150 minutes at most which is pretty decent, time and energy saving.
All other previous models of robot vacuum cleaners were less impressive when put on auto-mode but S9+ has pretty decent auto-mode which performs even better than the settings that we choose manually. Its auto-mode is years better than any other robot vacuum cleaner this is one more reason to call the best smart robot vacuum cleaner.

The app of S9+ is pretty exciting with a lot of easy to choose options. You can run this with Alexa for easy controlling. However, the best thing about this vacuum cleaner is you can choose any single room and ask Roomba S9+ to clean it. It does exactly the same. It can remember up to 10 floors which has never been introduced in any other robot vacuum cleaner before.

This is the most expensive vacuum cleaner to-date. There are other vacuum cleaners which you can buy three times cheaper than S9+. But if you see the convenience and performance of it you’d love this product and find it worth each dollar.

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