Top 10 Accessories For Periscope & Meerkat Users

Periscope and Meerkat are the newest apps changing the way we use smartphones to communicate over the internet. While a normal smartphone camera will do the job, you can never have too many accessories to help make your videos high quality and ensure your streams are the best on the app. Our list of the top 10 accessories for Periscope and Meerkat users will give you some great ideas for the wonderful gadgets you can buy to add a new level of awesomeness to your videos.

Accessories For Periscope & Meerkat Users- Olloclip

Olloclip Telephoto and CPL Lens $76.67

Olloclip lenses are all great photography lenses for the iPhone but the telephoto lens is particularly useful for video streaming app users. A telephoto lens help you to zoom in closer to the action without any pixelation or blurriness that can ruin the video. This lens also comes with a circular polarizer filter eliminates glare and allows colours to be vibrant and more true to life.

Accessories For Periscope & Meerkat Users- Manfotto kitManfrotto Bumper, LED Light and 3 Lenses for iPhone $299

This is a brilliant accessory for Periscope and Meerkat users that will help them to stream awesome videos with just their iPhone. Included is a bumper case with wrist strap and stand, a dimmable LED light with Surface Mount technology and three lenses- portrait, wide angle and telephoto. This includes all you need for an amazing show on Periscope and Meerkat.

Accessories For Periscope & Meerkat Users- istabiilizer tripod mount

iStabilizer Phone Tripod Mount $3.99

If you have a normal tripod and want to be able to attach your smartphone so you can stream steady videos with no shaking, then this is just the accessory you need. The tripod mount attaches to the top of your tripod and slides into place around almost any smartphone, holding it tightly and securely.

Accessories For Periscope & Meerkat Users- AmpridgeAmpridge Mighty Mic $69.99

This brilliant smartphone microphone requires no batteries and plugs into the headphone jack of the phone to capture sound in front of the camera. Also included is a foam windscreen to reduce wind noise and unwanted background sound.

Accessories For Periscope & Meerkat Users- Muku shuttrMuku Shuttr $38.86

This smartphone remote control is brilliant for taking videos of yourself or your surroundings without having to disturb the scene by touching your screen. The small remote works with almost any smartphone and there are no apps to download for the majority of popular phones meaning, you can started in super quick time.

Accessories For Periscope & Meerkat Users- Joby gorillapod

GripTight Gorillapod $21.89

The Joby Gorillapod features legs that can be wrapped around objects for stability and has rubber feet that allow you to level and secure your phone even on uneven surfaces. The tripod accommodates a range of phone sizes and makes it easy to stream great videos from any place or angle.

Accessories For Periscope & Meerkat Users- Xuma LED lightXuma LED Light $29.99

If you’re using Meerkat or Periscope in a dark location or at night then an LED light can help to brighten up the video. The Xuma light has three lighting modes and fits into any 3.5mm headphone jack for maximum compatibility. The rechargeable battery can be powered up using a USB port for easy charging.

Accessories For Periscope & Meerkat Users- Ikan GimbalIkan FLY-X3 Smartphone Gimbal $349

A gimbal is the perfect smartphone gadget for Periscope and Meerkat users as it allows you to create a smooth, stable shot when holding the phone. This great accessory has 3-axis stabilisation with a motor gyro system that eliminates shakiness and creates smooth fluid movements.

Accessories For Periscope & Meerkat Users- Istabilizer selfie stick


iStabilizer Monopod Selfie Stick $24.75

There’s no better accessory to use when taking videos of yourself than the selfie stick and this strong 3ft long version is brilliant for getting your surroundings into the shot. This model also has an included removable tripod adapter for using your smartphone with a regular tripod.

Accessories For Periscope & Meerkat Users- Photojojo Android setAndroid Five Lens Kit $99

If you have an Android phone and have difficulty finding lenses that aren’t meant just for iPhones then take a look at this great five lens kit. Included is a telephoto, polariser, fisheye, super fisheye and a wide & macro lens. These lenses work even when you’ve got a case on your phone and offer a great range of different options for your Periscope and Meerkat videos.

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