Top 6 Cheaper Alternatives to the iPad Air 2

Everyone has heard of the Apple iPad, the pioneering piece of technology that no one needs but has become an everyday necessity! While the new craze for tablets may seem very Apple based, a lot of people oversee the underdogs of the tablet world that offer just as great or even better features at a fraction of the price. Whether you need a tablet to occupy the kids, long journeys, work or even browsing in bed, these are a few more affordable alternatives to the famous iPad Air 2:

KINDLE FIRE HDX 7”feature-os._V319829352_

The Kindle Fire HDX is Amazon’s own answer to an affordable, popular and high quality tablet. Advertised to be built for work and play, the Kindle Fire HDX does just that, thus making it targeted at all audiences. The Kindle Fire HDX offers the highest battery life at 11 hours of usage within the 7inch tablet. With a 323 PPI screen, the Kindle Fire HDX is perfect for getting absorbed in a good Film or TV show. The tablet comes with storage options ranging from 16GB to 64GB but also offers free unlimited storage for Amazon content. With incredible cameras and over 15,000 five star reviews, the Kindle Fire HDX is a very strong contender in the tablet world!

Buy the KINDLE FIRE HDX 7” from Amazon for $179.00

NEXUS 971GAevFvPIL._SL1346_

This simple but attractive looking tablet offers a smooth Android experience on the same size screen as iPad. With storage options of 16GB and 32GB this tablet caters for all depending on what you’re wanting to use it for. Unlike many other tablets, the Nexus 9 is backed with high quality soft touch plastic with subtle curves giving a sophisticated, clean look to fit perfectly in hand; ideal for those that are prone to the odd scratch! For the partyers amongst us this tablet is perfect as the sound on the Nexus 9 is unrivalled with the built in HTC BoomSound speakers.

Buy the NEXUS 9 for $399.99

Samsung Galaxy Tab S (10.5)81BZJqLnMQL._SL1500_

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S offers a screen that rivals the iPads if not betters it with a super amoled display that produces some of the brightest colours and as a result is perfect for consuming media content. Additionally, this cheaper alternative to the latest Apple tablets offers many similar features that are arguably main selling points such as a fingerprint scanner for those that like their privacy, ultra power saving mode to extend that already competitive 9 hours of battery life and more. The Samsung Galaxy S pioneers in its ability to show two apps at the same time using Multi Window, so if you’re doing work but want to check your twitter feed at the same time, this is perfect. This tablet is very lightweight and super thin so easy to take it with you whether you’re looking to take on commutes, holidays or just to your local coffee shop.

Buy the SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB S (10.5) for $350.99


If you’re a keen gamer who appreciates the smaller details and great graphic s then this is the tablet for you. The competitively priced Nvidia Shield is optimised to be extremely immersive with its front facing stereo speakers and dual bass reflex port. As Nvidia’s first tablet from a previous graphics card producing brand, they pioneer in their crisp graphics and smoothness within their gaming capabilities; being arguably the most competitively priced, best gaming tablet on the current market. The Nvidia Shield offers an 8.23 hour average battery life and accessorises such as compatible controllers for those wanting to advance their gaming experience with the Nvidia Shield controller that connects via Wi-Fi.

Buy the NVIDIA SHIELD TABLET for $299.99



This 7inch tablet has the crispest screen with 323 ppi topping the iPad Air 2! This android tablet possess everything you would need with the perk of a Nexus, google made, product receiving the newest updates before any other android compatible tablet. This is arguably the best small tablet for smooth Android experience; with a strong 9 hours of active battery life and over 3,000 five star reviews on amazon.  This tablet features both front and rear facing cameras on its thin and light exterior. This high performance and high quality ‘feel’ product is definitely a strong contender within the smaller tablet marker.

Buy the GOOGLE NEXUS 7 for $194

iPAD MINI 281reYFBPz8L._SL1500_

Available in space grey or silver, the iPad mini 2 is a great alternative to the latest iPad Air 2, if what you’re looking for is the quality and trustworthy reputation that comes with any Apple product. This smaller version is a great alternative to the larger models not only due to the price difference but also with the versatility of being able to take it anywhere with you. The iPad mini  2 does lack the touch ID feature on the home button but elsewhere is very closey comparable to the $100 more pricey iPad mini 3. Available in both 16GB, 32GB and Cellular (able to connect to data networks) the iPad mini 2 covers all needs when it comes to tablets. Despite being an earlier model the iPad mini 2 runs iOS 8 and comes with a one year apple warranty. Featuring a 7.9 inch retina display and 10 hour battery life, watching Netflix on a dull train journey will come to life! Additionally, due to the popularity of Apple products, cases, smart covers and stylus’s for the iPad mini 2 are available in all colour, patterns and materials.

Buy the IPAD MINI 2 for $299

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