Most Trusted GPS Trackers To Keep Your Kids Safe

In a world that is becoming increasingly conscious of personal safety, especially when it comes to children, being able to track your child’s movements so that you know exactly where they are can be incredibly handy. Child GPS trackers do just that, with a small device that your child carries or wears and an app or website where you can control the device, view the child’s location on a map and receive alerts. GPS trackers for children come in different shapes and have different features that can make one more suited to your needs than others. Take a look below at some of the best child GPS trackers to help keep your kids safe.

Trax GPS Tracker $249 for 2 years GPS Trackers To Keep Kids Safe- Trax

The small water resistant Trax child tracker is white in colour and can fit in the palm of an adult’s hand, this makes it easy to slip into a child’s pocket or backpack so that they keep it with them but the device can also be hung from a keychain or clipped to clothing. The Trax has global satellite coverage for accurate location pinpointing and network coverage in 33 countries across the world so you can use the tracker on holiday. With the app that picks up the signal you can share the tracking with someone like a nanny while the child is in their care and also use the smartphone’s camera to find the location of the tracker when it’s nearby. You can set unlimited ‘safe zone’ geo fences, receive speed alerts from the tracker, set a schedule and view location history.
This tracker works using an inbuilt sim card which has a two year contract in the one off price, after that you can choose to continue with the service for $5 per month.

Pocketfinder $129.95 plus $12.95 per month 

The cookie sized Pocketfinder enables you to track your kids quickly and easily using the app which can see multiple trackers on the same map, see the address, speed, heading and distance a tracker is from you, plus allow you to set custom geo-fenced zones. The GPS app will also send you alerts via email, SMS and push notifications depending on your settings. The water proof, pet proof and child proof Pocketfinder tracker has a long battery life that can be customised in accordance with your lifestyle. You can also take the device on holiday with you by paying a $29.95 monthly roaming service fee instead of the usual $12.95.

Tinitell $129

The small Tinitell device is both a GPS tracker and a wrist phone for kids that requires any GSM sim card to be inserted in order for it to work. You can manage the device through an app or via the web which will let you track the location or ring the device for a voice call. The tracker battery lasts for 60 minutes of talk or a week on standby from one full charge. One of the most useful features of this style of design is that the child GPS tracker will stay with your child until its taken off and there’s no possibility of it being dropped, falling off or being left in a forgotten backpack by accident. This innovative wrist-watch style child tracking device is available to pre-order for delivery next month and doesn’t require a monthly fee as you provide your own sim card.

Loc8tor $154 plus up to $154 per year GPS Trackers To Keep Kids Safe- loc8tor 2

This small sized GPS child tracker allows you to view you child’s location on your computer, phone or tablet, receive alerts when they wander out of safe zones and alerts when they’ve arrived somewhere or are on their way home. The Loc8tor also features a panic button which sends you an instant alert or email, letting you know that your child needs your help. In addition, the tracker works across the whole of North America and Europe so you can use it in your home country or travel with the device knowing that you can also use it abroad. The small child safety tracker comes with a belt pouch for attaching to the child’s clothes and the battery will last 7-10 days with daily use or for up to nine months of standby time with only one report sent per day. With this child tracking device you’ll need to choose a plan to enable you to view unlimited GPS data via the app and website, these cost between $60 for a one month plan and $154 for a 12 month plan.

HereO $179 plus $4.95 per month GPS Trackers To Keep Kids Safe- hereo 2

The HereO is the first GPS tracking watch designed for young kids that comes in bright fun colours and a small size for small wrists. The watch has been created for children three years and up and has a built in sim card that will work in 120 countries worldwide. The HereO watch child tracker is not just useful for you, but also for the child as it has a functioning watch display with a battery life of up to 60 hours of use before needing to be charged.  Through use of the HereO app you’ll be able to instantly locate your child on a map, set safe zones, receive immediate panic and tamper alerts, plus send messages to all members of the family who own the app. The app itself is also interesting as this can be used by all members of the family even without a HereO tracker as they can add their whereabouts to the map on of their phone, tablet or computer simply by running the app or checking in to a location.
The HereO comes preloaded with three months of free usage, after that you’ll need to pay $4.95 per month in order to keep using the GPS device.

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