Top Social Media Tools Recommended by Pros

Optimising your Social Media tools when it comes to designing, building and developing a website is crucial to how many people you’re looking to bring to your website. If you do it right, you can maximise the amount of traffic to your site, however if you do it wrong, it can have your website in no-man’s-land.

We have decided to compile a list of 15 Social Media tools to optimise your social media output and to help you produce high-quality social media content yourself! We hope these tools and apps and ideas help you out.



feedy (1)The key part of creating good content that people actually want to read is to ensure that you know what the trending content and topics are at the moment. Therefore, we recommend Feedly to curate all your RSS feeds into one place allowing you to keep up to date with the current affairs in your topic in a simple and easy to read feed.


Top Social Media Tools Recommended by ProsIf you’re struggling to find topics, resources or RSS feeds to get topic ideas from, then we recommend that you download an application called Zite. It is a mobile application that offers you up the ability to select certain topics and genres of news (obviously you’d select your area of expertise) and then it will produce trusted news and articles based on those topic from a select number of websites. It’s great for researching topics for what to write.


pocket (1) (1)Next you need to single out your posts that you want to write about and have somewhere to save them to if you don’t have time to read them right now. This is where Pocket comes in with it’s incredibly quick, simple and easy to use service for saving articles into a feed which can then be read from multiple devices.

Social Media Plugins

All In One SEO Pack

Top Social Media Tools Recommended by Pros


Once you’ve curated your content and written it down within your blog, the next obvious step is to then ensure that your Wordpress website has all the correct plugins. All in One SEO Pack is arguably one of the best plugins for WordPress to optimise your website for search engines. This is crucial when it comes to ensuring your website is the first seen on the search engines.


Top Social Media Tools Recommended by ProsObviously you’re going to need a plugin that allows your users to easily share your topics to their favoured social media sites. Shareaholic is one of the best options for this out there as it adds quick and easy share buttons on each of your posts which enable the user to share quick and easily.


Top Social Media Tools Recommended by ProsIf you’re looking for the ability to be able to see your social media shares to each site then this may be the better plugin for you. It includes this feature but it also includes share buttons like Shareaholic making it a very capable and good plugin by itself.



Top Social Media Tools Recommended by ProsTweetdeck has been slowly losing a lot of it’s thunder since being bought out by Twitter itself. However, it still offers up the most customisable and informative view of Twitter on the web. You can also synchronise your chosen tabs, multiple social media accounts and more across to other devices to view anywhere and everywhere which is always helpful.


Top Social Media Tools Recommended by ProsWhen it comes to needing to schedule your uploads and posts, there’s no better service in the world than Buffer. Not only does it allow you to sign in to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all at the same time, but it allows you to post to them all at the same time and schedule when you want these posts to go up. It’s the perfect service for those who don’t have a lot of time on their hands and want to schedule specific updates for specific times.



Top Social Media Tools Recommended by ProsRivalIQ is for when you’re looking to compare your efforts to the competition which is a vital part of optimising your site and realising which posts your viewers like to read mosts and how these posts affect them. It’s the optimal service for comparing your website to others and helping you see what you can do to improve.

Google Analytics

Top Social Media Tools Recommended by ProsThere’s probably no better way to track the analytics such as page views, view sources and more than Google Analytics itself. Despite being a completely free service, Google keeps adding really useful features to Analytics which still makes it one of the leading analysers on the market allowing you view many statistics of your website’s performance.

So we hope we’ve provided you with some helpful tools to help you and your website become more powerful in the social media world. We’ve offered ways of initially researching topics that users want to read, saving those topics, then optimising your site to share these topics along with some apps for you to share your posts with and then finally how to review your articles’ progress and compare them with other sites.

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