Top 6 Coolest Apple Watch Bands You Can’t Resist

If you’re excited to get your hands on an Apple Watch then you’ve probably already spent some time on Apple’s website looking at the different strap designs and trying to decide which one you’ll buy. But with many finding the official bands expensive or not to their taste, they’ve been looking elsewhere to try and find the perfect band for their new device. We’ve put together a list of the best Apple Watch bands you must buy, including those from third party brands and the best from Apple itself.


Coolest Apple Watch Bands- monowearCoolest Apple Watch Bands- monowear 2
Monowear is developing a range of interchangeable straps for the Apple Watch that will suit many tastes and can be easily swapped to allow for a quick change of style. There are genuine leather classic style straps that will be available in a range of colours, water resistant leather-look nylon for outdoor activities, and stainless steel link and mesh bands for formal occasions. The straps will fit both 38mm and 42mm versions of the Apple Watch and are likely to retail for between $50 and $80 on their launch.


Coolest Apple Watch Bands- reserve strap
The Reserve Strap hopes to combat the biggest issue with the Apple Watch- the battery life of less than a day. Reserve are developing a band that can charge your Watch as you wear it, a cool concept that will really help to cut down on the frustration of having to charge the watch everyday. The first prototype features a silicone band with embedded lithium polymer cells and an inductive charging cradle between the skin and watch, which will keep the device powered up without you having to take it off. Although the details of the Reserve Strap have not yet been finalised, pre-orders are already being taken so it’s worth getting in there soon to make sure you get your hands on their cool Apple Watch band as soon as its released.

Click Coolest Apple Watch Bands- click

If you’re not convinced by any of the new or smart Apple Watch bands available, then the Click adapter is exactly what you need. Click lets you use any standard 22mm watch band with your Apple Watch, meaning you can personalise the device exactly how you want without having to spend a fortune by using the sliding lock on the Watch to hold the strap in place. Click boast that the polymer adapter features precisely matched finishes and multiple size configurations so creating your own perfect strap should be easy.
The Click will be available in two sizes and four colours to match your Apple Watch and will cost between $10-$20, a bargain!


Coolest Apple Watch Bands- casetify
Casetify is diversifying from their range of customisable smartphone cases to launch cool Apple Watch bands that can be printed with your own choice of one, two or five images to create a completely custom band. As an alternative to adding your own photos to your band you can also choose from one of their six ‘Launch Collection’ bands which have striking designs that you definitely wont see on Apples website!
There’s no word yet on how much the personalised straps will cost but they will begin to ship in early June.

Lunatik EPIK Watch Coolest Apple Watch Bands- lunatik
The Epik Watch is not just a strap, but a ‘rugged protection system’ for the Apple Watch. The EPIK will be available for the 42mm watch and will allow full access to all features like the heart rate monitor and digital crown, but will also include hydrophonic vents to protect the watch from water and dust. Aluminium housing will protect from knocks and the EPIK will be compatible with Lunatik’s current strap range for the iPod Nano made from anti-dust coated silicone. This is a must-have Apple Watch band for those that enjoy extreme sports and outdoor activities or work in an environment where they need heavy duty protection for their gadgets.
The Lunatik EPIK watch will launch onto Kickstarter before going on general sale.

Milanese Loop

Coolest Apple Watch Bands- milanese 2

Coolest Apple Watch Bands- milanese
One of Apple’s official watch straps, the Milanese Loop is created from stainless steel woven into a mesh texture made from metal threads that are stitched then looped. This fancy Apple Watch strap is woven on specialised Italian machines which create a smooth finish that comfortably wraps round the wrist, making a sophisticated design that would be perfect for work, home or going out. The strap is also magnetic so is fully adjustable to fit any size wrist and doesn’t need clasps.
The Apple Watch with Milanese Loop will cost $649 for the 38mm size and $699 for the 42mm size.

Modern Buckle

Coolest Apple Watch Bands- modernCoolest Apple Watch Bands- modern2
One of the less flashy Apple Watch strap designs but one that has understated style, the Modern Buckle features a magnetic buckle and is available in a range of colours. This strap is made from supple Granada leather and has a layer of Vectran weave, the material NASA used for Mars Rover’s airbags, to increase strength and prevent stretch. The Modern Buckle is a more modern take on a classic design that will please many and is likely to be one of the easiest to integrate with your everyday wardrobe.
The Apple Watch with Modern Buckle will cost $749 for the 38mm size.

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