10 Unique Gift Ideas For Her – Best Hand-Picked Gifts for Her

There’s a huge selection of gifts for women – so huge that it actually makes picking out one gift difficult. If you want some inspiration before you hit the shops, then read our list of some unique gift ideas for women this Christmas or any time of the year. From jewelry and kitchen utensils to fitness equipment, we have a little something to satisfy the many different types of women out there.

Flameless Real NORMAL WAX Candle Set

1. Flameless Candles; LED Candles with Remote Control Set of 4

Let her mesmerize in a peaceful ambience without worrying about the melting candles. Yes, these candles don’t melt but they do glow. Control the light by using a remote control that can set the glow according to your mood. Let her relax whenever she likes by gifting her this amazing flameless candles set.

Buy Flameless Real NORMAL WAX Candle Set here

Night Owl Recycled Glass Night Light

2. Night Owl Recycled Glass Night Light

Who doesn’t love a cute might light? Well, if she loves to add some color to her room and you want to bring a smile on her face every time she turns it on get her this stunning recycled glass night light.

Buy Night Owl Recycled Glass Night Light here

3. Charbonnel et Walker pink champagne truffles (135g)

Surprise the chocolate lover in your life with this pretty pink box filled with luxurious, dusted, champagne truffles. These pink truffles are a cut above the rest and are perfect for any chocolate connoisseur or sweet-toothed foodie.

Buy Charbonnel et Walker pink champagne truffles here

Rubber Band Pillow

4. Rubber Band Pillow

Does she love rubber bands? Is she in love with her sofa or sitting on the sofa with her laptop or iPad all the time? Well, if your answer if yes this rubber band pillow would be a fun gift for her. Unique, fluffy and most of all covered with lots and lots of rubber bands to keep her entertained.

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5. Neoprene kettlebell 8kg by IQI

Kettlebells are great for building muscle and can be used in a number of ways. The shape and material of this kettlebell makes it stable and easy to grip and great for home use. For anyone who likes to workout at home, this 8kg kettlebell makes a useful addition to any fitness fiend’s collection of gym equipment.

Buy Neoprene kettlebell 8kg by IQI here

6. Novelty pink monster slippers

Can she be a bit of a monster before she’s had her morning coffee? If so, treat her to a pair of these comfortable, monster slippers with delightful pink claws. These cosey monstrosities should keep her feet warm over the winter months.

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Dusty Pup Phone Screen Cleaner - Puppy7. Dusty Pup Phone Screen Cleaner – Puppy

Is she in love with her new phone or her tablet? Is she a cleanliness freak? Buy her a cute little puppy to clean her phone or tablet screen with, while keeping you in mind.

Buy Dusty Pup Phone Screen Cleaner here


8. Row Boat Salad Bowl with Wood Serving Utensils

Is she always complaining about how old the salad bowl is? Well, if you also have a taste for uniqueness then get her this amazing row boat salad bowl that will make dinner time even more fun.

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1950s Style Retro Diner 3 in 1 Sweet Snack Maker in Metallic Red - Cup Cakes, Muffins9. 1950’s Style Retro Diner 3 in 1 Sweet Snack Maker in Metallic Red – Cup Cakes, Muffins

Does she have a sweet tooth? Are you in love with her cooking skills but she cannot take out enough time for that? Treat her with a 3 in 1 sweet snack maker that will keep her busy in the kitchen while still caring for you. Save her time and money from going out for the desserts everyday and get her a gift she would love all her life.

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Mother and Baby Birds on a Branch Silver Pendant Necklace

10. Mother and Baby Birds on a Branch Silver Pendant Necklace

Is she the mother of your children or are you planning soon to become a daddy? If she has a taste for silver jewelry, this piece will definitely steal her heart! Make her heart swell with love by buying her this beautiful mother and baby bird necklace to make her feel even more special.

Buy Mother and Baby Birds on a Branch Silver Pendant Necklace here

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