15 Things All Women Should Learn Before A Relationship

When you get into a relationship, you have to make a lot of sacrifices and compromises all the time in order to make things work. However, if you are going from being a single woman then getting into a relationship might be a slight learning curve. Here are some funny but useful lessons to learn before settling down with Mr Right.

#1 Be Patient

Be patient with Mr Right, even if they leave dirty socks on the floor or the draws open try to be patient and not start a fight over it.

#2 Don’t Be Grossed Out By Manliness

Men do tend to burp and do all those other unladylike things and not find it embarrassing, but it is important to feel comfortable around your love… right?

#3 Find Good Compromises

relationship tips for girls-2020-1xad2If they get dragged round the shops all day with you, you should sit and watch that important football match with them – fair is fair.

#4 Support Their Hobbies

relationship tips for girls-2020-1asqasIf they are a little bit geeky and love to game or are sport crazy, make sure you support what they enjoy.

#5 Which Means Paying An Interest

relationship tips for girls-2020-1aasqEven if you don’t really care, they will really appreciate it if you pay an interest and ask who has made the squad this week!

#6 Be Prepared To Repeat Yourself

relationship tips for women -2020-1aasa2Yes, the preconception that men tend to zone out is very true, so just stay calm and be prepared to repeat yourself a couple of times! In fact this could work to your advantage if asking for new shoes or a bag.

#7 Don’t Expect Them To Multi-Task

relationship tips for women -2020-1dsdwd3Multi-tasking inevitably leads to unneeded stress or a general bad result so it is just worth avoiding that one.

#8 Pick Your Battles

relationship tips for girls-2020-1This is key for a happy relationship, you can’t let the fact they might be messy or say the wrong thing be the cause of an argument or you’ll spend your life bickering.

#9 Don’t Expect Them To Fund You

relationship tips for girls-2020-1dadaIts 2020 ladies! It will be refreshing for the man in your life to feel they do not have to fund all your pretty things and will make it more special if he does treat you.

#10 Don’t expect Helpful Answer’s

relationship tips for girls-2020-1asasIf you show them four outfits, chances are they’ll say all four looked the same or just as the nice as the other! Choosing outfits, nail colours or even hair cut advice is for friends not boyfriends.

#11 Food Is The Way To  Man’s Heart

relationship tips for women -2020-1fsf4This phrase is very true, and so is the myth of being ‘hangry’! Being in a relationship with a man will be the ultimate myth buster.

#12 Show Appreciation

relationship tips for women -2020-1ftr4If your man has made an effort for you, then show appreciation even if it is a meal that is more charcoal than food.

 #13 Be Natural

relationship tips for women -2020-1dfrYou don’t have to have a full face of makeup every time you see your man, so no more sneaking into the bathroom at 6am to wake up looking perfect. If they love you, then they should see every side of you.

#14 Be Comfy

relationship tips for women -2020-12Men actually prefer to see their partners looking comfortable, so don’t feel like you have to wear outfits where you struggle to breathe all the time and shove on those leggings.

#15 Boys Will Be Boys

relationship tips for women -2020-1Ultimately, boys will be boys but if you have found Mr Right you will find yourself loving them for their faults as well as their positives.


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