10 Top iPad Air 2 Docks/Stands

So you’ve just bought your new iPad Air  or Air 2 or you’ve even had it for a while and have been meaning to get a stand/dock for it but you don’t know which one to get. Well here at Wiproo, we’ve decided to narrow that list down for you by giving you ten of the best docks/stands you get can get for your iPad Air 1 or 2.

These will include some high-quality, expensive charging docks and will also include the best bang-for-your-buck offerings as well as that’s what we like to do here, adhere for all audiences.

919JPwSRXFL._SL1500_Anker Multi-Angle Portable Stand ($9.99)

The Anker Multi-Angle Stand is a great addition to anyone looking to jump into the foray of iPad stands. It offers an aluminum design with a very modern and minimalistic form factor that not only keeps the stand looking clean, but it also gives it a much higher-quality look than the price would suggest.


Twelve South BookArc ($29.99)

The Twelve South BookArc is another beautiful offering that you can buy for a fairly affordable price. It once again uses a very high-grade aluminium material that gives the stand a rigid and beautiful look and feel. The design is incredibly modern using a lovely curve which would look good on any desk or surface top.

71JtDqfYObL._SL1500_LuguLake 6W Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Stand Dock ($36.99)

The LugaLake Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a great little dock for your brand new iPad that offers not only a really nice way to keep your iPad standing up but also boosts the audio experience with two 6watt speakers on each side. This isn’t going to be your next hi-fi system, but it’ll be great for watching films and maybe even for listening to music with a small bunch of friends in the park or on the beach.

81q0+SGvbLL._SL1500_Twelve South HiRise ($34.99)

Another offering from Twelve South is the HiRise dock/stand which is a beautifully crafted charging stand that keeps your iPad/iPhone in a very high-up upright position. It’s not only a good looking stand but also one that could be very useful to charge your device. We can’t see this being a stand for work, for of a stand to prop your device on whilst around the house or office.

611TofuSB7L._SL1200_Arkon Travel ($12.99)

The Arkon Travel is probably the most ergonomic and diverse stand on this list as it offers up adjustable hinges and arms to rearrange your device to whatever angle and viewing angle you want. It looks like a great stand for those who love to watch movies or wish to present something on their iPad. It does offer the room at the bottom to put in the charging cable too so you can charge whilst it rests on the stand.

61aAJSntz5L._SL1000_Satechi iFit-2 Portable Rechargeable Speaker Stand ($24.99)

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the LugaLake then this may be the choice for you. The Satechi iFit 2 has smaller speakers and doesn’t cradle the device quite as well but still offers up a great choice for those looking to use their device to listen to some music at home or watch movies in bed or at a desk.

91d0ZpY3TcL._SL1500_iHome iDL45BC ($78.01)

iHome are a company that used to be very popular when the iPhone originally came out for their brilliant support of docks for a wide range of iDevices. Lately, they’ve quietened down a bit but that doesn’t stop the iHome iDL45BC from still being one of the best iPad docks on the market. It not only offers speakers for your music but also a radio, alarm clock and a charging port to keep your iPad Air 2 charged.

710wV+neDLL._SL1500_Belkin ChargeSync Express Dock ($37.96)

Belkin is a well-known brand in the device docking market as they offer up high-quality products made of aluminium for prices that aren’t too bad. There is a cheaper Belkin ChargeSync for $14.49, but it doesn’t play nice with the new iPad Airs. This dock, however, is built specifically with them in mind and offers up a great and easy dock for anyone looking to quickly place their device on a charging dock to either charge or hold their iPad up.

71Y7UCGE6gL._SL1000_Snugg iPad Headrest Mount Holder ($24.99)

This is a bit of a different stand as it works as a case also. However, the Snugg iPad Headrest Mount Holder is intended to be used to mount your iPad on the back of the front-seat headrest so that the kids can watch their movies or tv shows in the back whilst you drive. It’s almost like having screens in the back of the headrests except you can take them out and use them as an iPad.

61r3atzJutL._SL1500_Macally MCDOCKL ($34.24)

The Macally MCDOCKL is a brilliant and minimal little dock that allows you to stand your device up whilst charging it at the save time. It offers a rubber backing so there’s no worry of your device getting scratched and it is easily portable allowing you to move it wherever you want with ease.

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