Top 10 Best Flat Keyboards for Mac and Windows – Best Keyboards You Can Buy!

Everything these days is getting slimmer and slimmer to make it look more and more fashionable. Apple has offered a great slim keyboard for it’s Mac line for quite a while now, however it isn’t cheap. We’ve decided to go out and search the internet for the best slim keyboards from the cheapest end of budgets to the highest. We hope you find what you’re looking for!

815P1vRWKyL._SL1500_HP Wireless Elite V2 – buy now from $35.79 at Amazon

The HP Wireless Elite V2 is a great example of a wireless, flat keyboard at a reasonable and affordable price. With the wireless feature making this keyboard neat and functional, this keyboard will look great at any office desk, bedroom or study with the option of being able to neatly put the keyboard in a draw and without messy wires getting in the way. With free shipping, the HP Wireless Elite V2 is a great looking keyboard with great customer feedback with nearly 400 five star Amazon reviews, showing just how great this keyboard is from the customers experience. Overall, this flat keyboard is a smooth, modern looking keyboard that will look great at any desk.

41zffA1BVZLLogitech Illuminated K740 – buy now from $55.24 at Amazon

The Logitech Illuminated K740 is a great flat keyboard that compliments the highly reputable brand that is Logitech. The keyboard features an elegant, subtly curved palm rest for the users comfort whilst typing. The Logitech Illuminated K740 also has laser-etched backlit keys with manual brightness adjustments for those that work late at night to be able to see their keys! Additionally, the Logitech Illuminated K740 also features a PerfectStroke key system making typing easy and comfortable. All in all, this flat keyboard is made with the customer in mind with comfort taking priority and executed to look modern and attractive.

81ugkp7dQNL._SL1500_I-Rocks Black USB Wired Slim Keyboard – buy now from $18.99 at Amazon

I-Rocks Black USB Wired Slim Keyboard is a great flat keyboard at a bargain price. Available in both black and white, this keyboard is simple and built for the users comfort. The I-Rocks Black USB Wired Slim Keyboard has LED light indicators’ from the num lock, caps lock, scroll lock and power. This ultra slim flat keyboard is somewhat basic but a great contender for those on a budget.

610sf06IKkL._SL1000_Fold-able Wireless Bluetooth Apple Style Keyboard – buy now from $31.99 at Amazon

The Foldable Wireless Bluetooth Apple Style Keyboard is a great alternative cheaper to the normally very pricey Apple products available in both black and white. This super slim keyboard is wireless and compatible with both Windows, Andriod and iOS devices including tablets, phones and any Bluetooth compatible piece of technology. Despite being a cheaper alternative, this keyboard is high quality and great looking. The Foldable Wireless Bluetooth Apple Style Keyboard also boasts a competitive 700 hour continuous battery life, meaning this keyboard is great for long distance travellers and taking on holiday. The Inateck Mini Wireless Bluetooth Apple Style Keyboard is also made to be quiet, have great key stroke and be dust repellent. This great looking flat keyboard is a perfect mini product with strong features.

81wp02ajvaL._SL1500_Wintec FileMate Imagine Series K2210 – buy now from $12.83 at Amazon

The Wintec FileMate Imagine Series K2210 is a great looking, extremely affordable flat keyboard that despite the cheap price tag does not cut corners. With a strong 4.5 star Amazon review, the Wintec FileMate Imagine Series K2210 is great full size keyboard that embraces ultra-flat design. The keys are ‘chocolate shaped’ for ease of use and to finish the youthful and eye catching design of the keyboard. This keyboard is available in a range of bright colours such as yellow, purple and black making it fun and ideal for the younger generation.

819IUuC9uCL._SL1500_Perixx PERIBOARD-311PLUS – buy now from $34.99 at Amazon

Perixx PERIBOARD-311PLUS is an ultra-thin flat keyboard that has strong functionality, compatible with Windows XP, Vista,7 and 8. This slightly more expensive alternative features brightness levels that are adjustable on the full LED backlit keys, an extra built in USB port and Silent X Type scissor keys; all these features are great for those that type at night with backlit keys to see what keys to press whilst typing silently. In terms of customer ratings, this flat keyboard speaks for itself with a strong 4 out of 5 stars Amazon review.

41jA3BFbXtLiMicro KB-IMG310 – buy now from $21.58 at Amazon

This 5 star flat keyboard is an easy, comfortable and simple looking product, ideal to compliment any laptop or computer. The iMicro KB-IMG310 is a full sized key board that has chocolate shaped that enable the speedy typers out there to type at ease and those slower typers with comfort. This Windows compatible flat keyboard is simple but does what you would want in a keyboard well.

deluxe-ultra-slim-flexible-keyboardUltra-Slim Flexible Keyboard – buy now from $10.54 at Amazon

The Amazon’s Ultra-Slim Flexible Keyboard is the perfect keyboard to take anywhere. For the tiny price tag the Deluxe Ultra-Slim Flexible Keyboard does not scrimp on the design, versatility of the product and usability. This flat keyboard is ideal ti take on journeys, out in a brief case or even a handbag down to the local coffee shop as it easily rolls up due to its soft material. Additionally, this keyboard is very durable as great for all ages as even if a drink is spilt on this great piece of tech, it can be easily wiped up with no damage caused. This flat designed keyboard is fun, strong and an absolute bargain for what it offers.

41Kp5OxpbbLKensington K72357US Slim Type USB Keyboard – buy now from $22.95 at Amazon

The Kensington K72357US Slim Type USB Keyboard is very versatile having an option of wired or both wired and Bluetooth, which is a great compromise as wireless technology is becoming ever more popular. The Kensington K72357US Slim Type USB Keyboard is great looking, slim and sleek whilst also being made to last. With no software or drivers needed this flat key board is great to just plug in and get going on any Windows 8 device.

41zqdB4UhJLAnker Bluetooth Ultra-Slim Keyboard – buy now from $16.99 at Amazon

The Anker Bluetooth Ultra-Slim Keyboard is high end flat key board, with a classic look at a low end budget. This ultra slim keyboard is designed for tablets connecting via Bluetooth. This flat keyboard 700 hour continuous use battery life and an automatic sleep mode which is great for use on long journeys.

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  1. Yoy have a few lathish keys.
    I am am a 50 year hunt-and-peck typing. I developed software so touch typing wasn’t needed.
    I have a disease that limits and I am having issues with a normal qwerty keyboard.
    My problem is that my keystrokes slip between two keys. I need a flat key doesn’t allow the slip-between black hole.
    A larger flat key could solve a problem. I need a keyboard with minimal spaces between the keys. A thicker key would be nice, …
    Any Ideas?

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