Apple Has Brand New iPods Out For The First Time In Years

Apple, last week, brought out some brand new iPods secretly onto their website without really telling anybody. It’s a move that’s surprised pretty much everybody in the technology world. The main surprise for this is that Apple have an iPhone that does everything your iPod does but more and therefore, most of the world thought that the iPod was becoming obsolete. However, Apple doesn’t think so and has brought out new versions of their iPod Touch, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle to the market. But why? Well, we’re going to try and answer that question right now. But first, let’s discuss what’s new.

ipod touchWhat’s New?

You may be asking what’s new about these devices? Well, the first thing to note is that you can now get all of these devices in a matte set of five colours for each of the devices. These colours are dark grey, light grey, pink, blue and gold. Basically, the colours of the other iDevices but with pink and blue variants added in. When it comes to the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle that’s where the changes finish, there are simply new colours for these devices.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 11.10.44When it comes to the iPod Touch however, there’s been a big improvements with the internals and the operating system. The old iPod Touch was stuck with hardware that struggled to run any of the latest iOS updates and therefore made it fairly useless. However, the new iPod Touch comes with a new A8 chip to boost the performance. The camera also receives an improvement with a higher 8mp iSight camera in it. We doubt it’s quite as good as the new iPhones’ but maybe as good as the new iPad Air 2’s. And finally, as we mentioned, it comes in 5 colours.

apple ipod touchBut Why?

So those are the changes that Apple have made to the new iPod range. But the question on everybody’s lips is why? We personally think for one reason… Apple Music. If Apple can sell you a device that’s sole purpose is to play you music and their new service, Apple Music comes on that device then that just makes a whole lot of sense really doesn’t it? If you’ve just spent $199 on your new iPod Touch and it comes with 3 months free streaming then you’re going to be very happy now. It’s also a brilliant way for users who don’t want to spend $700 odd or $199+ on contract for a new iPhone but would like the experience of iOS and what that has to offer.

ipod nanoThat leads us on to our second reason we think Apple has done this. We feel it’s a similar approach to the iPhone 5C. We didn’t see any form of upgrade for the iPhone 5C when the new iPhones were announced and this may be because they didn’t receive quite the attention that Apple was hoping for, mainly because they still weren’t low-end prices, but whatever. Therefore, if Apple can get it’s new Apple Music and its OS platform into your hands for a mere $199, as opposed to the high hundreds you’ll be paying for an iPhone. then surely they’re onto a winner there?


So there are new iPods out and they come in more colours opening them up to a younger audience. You can own an Apple product for as little as around $50 with the Shuffle and have iOS in your pocket for as little as $199 as opposed to a few hundred dollars more for an iPhone. Will these new iPods sell a lot? We doubt it. But are Apple bothered about selling a lot of iPods? We don’t think that’s true either. It’ll be interesting to see though whether Apple will discuss the iPod at their conference later this year, whether they’ll talk about the new iPods or maybe introduce a new line, who knows. Until then, you can get your new iPods from here.

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