Headphones – The Perfect Companion While Running

Running is considered to be one of the best forms of exercise that provides your body with overall fitness. It is best for those who want to lose weight, achieve endurance, stay slim and lean and is perfect for the overall fitness of the body. The only possible drawback of running is the fact that it is a lonesome activity. Unlike working out in the gym where you have a lot of others for company, running can be a monotonous form of exercise. You can’t partner up with someone and run as it will be difficult to run and talk at the same time, however, the only solace you can seek while running is finding a companion in music.

Almost everyone who regularly runs or jogs rely on music to make the long distance run entertaining. Even professional athletes openly profess that they prefer to plug in to their iPod or music player and run. The thing is music is a mood elevator and stress buster which charges you up and motivates you from within to run. When you run without music there will be some or the other thought in your mind, however, music helps you take away every thought out of your mind and helps you focus well on the task at hand.

What Kind Of Music Should You Listen To While Running?

The best form of music to run to is happy, peppy and fast tempo songs. Avoid listening to one type of music or one artist as it may turn to be monotonous, bring in variety to the collection. Upload different types of music by various artists so your mind will stay fresh. Ensure that the genre of music you hear is the one you like, or else you will lose focus from the music and inadvertently from the running too.

Go ahead and upload Rock and roll, old school rock, Latin American music, pop music, electronic, funk or any other type of music you prefer on your music player. Another good choice is to plug to the radio while running so you automatically get a variety and are exposed to different kinds of music. There are a lot of studies conducted that supports the fact that a fast tempo song helps in increasing the intensity of your workout (in this case running) so try to upload fast tempo tracks for best results.

Why Is It Important To Invest In Good Quality Earphones For Music While Running?

When you run, you tend to sweat a lot and the same sweat that trickles down your head gets absorbed by the buds of your earphones. A moist earphone can cause rash or ear infection; however, if you invest in high quality anti sweat buds, you can avoid this problem.

In the end, remember that you listen to music for running and not vice versa so focus on the activity at hand; running. Regular going for a run or a jog will keep in your body fit and will also help you shed the unwanted pounds.


Kcmouli is a freelancer blogger who exercises frequently – here are some of his tips on how to select ear buds for running. For more tips do check out other posts and feel free to post suggestions or share this on web 2.0.

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