A Comprehensive List Of Active Chia Forks

Many may not know about Chia Forks. In this post we will discuss list of the popular Chia forks that just came out very recently. Most of these come with very good concept but doubtful at the same time where you can mine Chia to make some extra XCH. At this point in time we all know solo Chia farming is not a very profitable venture. Although official chia pools have been released, if you want to enjoy some more free XCH coins, Chia forks are out there to benefit from. So these make a very good way for you to farm.

Let’s go ahead and look into these altcoins and show you just a little bit about them that you need to understand because all of them are not as effective as they claim to be. You must be very cautious joining these Chia forks. One of the most important cautions that you need to take care of is making sure that the fork you are using ensures security as there are potential risks regarding this. 

Check out the list of active Chia forks below. Make sure you check everything before moving your farm there. 

NameSymbolMelati Network (XMX) ServerLast CheckedCode UpdatedReleaseWebGithubDiscordRedditApp NameGenesis BlockSSL Key (last 8 chars)PrefarmReward per blockIntroducerActive IntroducerPortData DirectoryGUIWin Installer
FlaxXFXStable2021-06-160.1flaxnetwork.orgFlax-NetworkFlax Cryptor/FlaxNetworkflax9b9ffca948750d8b41ac755da213461e9d2253ec7bfce80695d78f7fe7d551126SR8VJRg300K (210K for devs, 90K for community projects)2dns-introducer.flaxnetwork.orgY6888~/.flaxYY
ChaingreenCGNStable2021-06-171.2.0chaingreen.orgChainGreenOrgChaingreenr/Chaingreen/chaingreen2cef93a2ebf7c0546609311684e484f08555d3c0e4336a30a044e1ba7f26f691fGVpGmX9none, but heavily farmed?500eu.introducer.chaingreen.orgY8744~/.chaingreenY
GojiXGJNew 2021-06-26; restarted once; has sync issues; same SSL key as Spare2021-06-290.2.3getgoji.netGetGojiGoji Coin Communitygoji76125506ef3b7229cda2c552545c975729cff5e7ad8ed218274184d6b2b144047hjuNA==300K2dns-introducer.getgoji.netY7444~/.goji-blockchainY
SpareSPAREBlacklisted on Chia Fork Farmers discord; Undisclosed 5M coin prefarm, multiple chain restarts2021-06-20nonespare.farmSpare-NetworkSPARE Crypto (unofficial)r/sparecoin/spare0e7dbcaa707b4a75ef62edad42116c2d09e5d66fdcb3a09c2d0262bc50b8fee17hjuNA==5M4 for first 90 days, then 2dns-introducer-spare.sparecoin.orgY9444~/.spare-blockchainY
ChiaroseXCRBlacklisted on Chia Fork Farmers discord; Dubious; “Only for love”2021-06-221.1.7chiarose.comsnight1983ChiaRosechiaccd5bb71183532bff220ba46c268991a3ff07eb358e8255a65c30a2dce0e5fbbfGVpGmX9201K?200dns-introducer.chiarose.comY8446~/.chiaroseY
SenoXSE2021-06-28 – chain has been restarted; now has minimal 10 coin prefarm2021-06-302021-06-30seno.unodenisioSenoCoin (official)Seno Coin Community (unofficial)senod2614d6c2058b9bdd87f1c8ff9846a4943998ff31a16a32b3b750861aeb745af8lJHzA==102dns-introducer.seno.unoY18444~/.seno2YY (not built with github actions)
FloraXFLNEW 2021-07-06, active”Flora is a fork based on newest Chia™ code which support pooling.”2021-07-062021-07-06
HDDcoinHDDStable2021-07-102021-07-081.2.1hddcoin.orgHDDcoin-NetworkHDDcoinhddcoinf663a54192e4fc8832d62c5f914d1c3a15dd2a519c3ca23609a508f4641da23e3.5M2dns-introducer.hddcoin.orgY28444~/.hddcoinYY (built with Github action)
GreenDogeGDOGFormerly ChiaDoge (CDOG)2021-07-11greendoge.dogGreenDoge-NetworkGreenDoge Promotion CommunityGreenDoge Coin Community (unofficial)GreenDoge discord (unofficial)r/GreenDogecoingreendogeeb92c7d03986dc221ba5032cf9664f896666012b8b78bc8909089b30938862ddOKGXauo=21M(equiv. to < 2.1M)100 for 30 days, then 20dns-introducer.greendoge.dogY6544~/.greendogeYY
AvocadoAVOmainnet now active2021-07-112021-07-09avocadonetwork.netAvocado-NetworkAvocado (Official)avocadof50d27f959d3fd2dd45557fde8303db1d0d4b948d2b12c0841efaacd6e5d99005nqfag==250K2dns-introducer.avocadonetwork.netY6865~/.avocadoYY

While there are some Chia forks which are not confirmed whether they are operational or not. Although they keep updating their statuses on social media and respective websites. We have mentioned the list of unconfirmed chia forks below:

Unconfirmed /In Progress
SilicoinSITtestnet 1.5 is active;plots no longer pass filter more oftenUnclear how/if testnet rewards will transfer to mainnet2021-06-282021-06-28silicoin.ccsilicoin-networkSilicoin (official)Silicoin Coin Community (unofficial)@SilicoinProjectchia21M (may not be final)
ThymeXTHWARNING: GUI may be pulling chia keys automatically;competing blockchains causing lost rewards;unusual bonus rewards on certain blocks;network is intermittent2021-06-302021-06-30thymenetwork.orgThyme-NetworkThyme-BlockchainThyme blockchain server (UNOFFICIAL)“account restricted”thyme9b9ffca948750d8b41ac755da213461e9d2253ec7bfce80695d78f7fe7d5511221M(equiv. to 8.4M?)about 5, plus bonus rewards at specific
ChivescoinXCCNumerous changes and restarts;No prefarm; 10% of block rewards to “community”needs custom plots (k29 minimum)custom plots from previous version not compatiblesee README for latest infowebsite had stock photos of staff (now removed);2021-07-032021-07-03chivescoin.orgHiveProject2021Chives Blockchain@chives_projectchivese407c84deb8081a44c445bcc475f9d0c155ac7d94c0a47cb461cb71b6a891e793Zy0Eg==zero, but takes 10% of rewards now, and 55% in stage 3 (est. 8/2022)180see release notesY9699~/.chivesYY (not built with github actions?)
EqualityXEQnow stable; competing blockchains were causing lost rewards;rpc ports conflict with chives2021-07-112021-07-04equalitychain.orgEquality-NetworkEquality Coinequality51eba4337730166c62b4ef2eb4ac5cdd670f48f46b9725d3e5c31d9c7a662d08xerucoSS600K4dns-introducer.equalitychain.orgY59600~/.equality
SectorXSCintermittent network; may need peers added manually2021-07-05 offline due to timelord hardware problem2021-06-282021-06-27Sector-Networksector8c63fdfef6e0f9a484ecbb19836c01449dfd7694f6acff0c15b5f4654ad74b9b6XX7JQ==200Kdns-introducer.sectornetwork.worldY5765~/.sectorYY
CalderaXCLFormerly deafwave; testnet5 active; rewards will not carry over to mainnet2021-06-282021-06-28Caldera-NetworkCalderacalderanullFZrj6gufNonedns-introducer.caldera.networkN8620~/.caldera
KaleXKAActive; may need peers added active)Kale-NetworkKale Coin Community (unofficial)kale4adf0fe70cfbd24286695e105624a92e44c083eca84ee2906106e51566f5ae4dlvrbjAM=300K2dns-introducer.kalenetwork.orgN6333~/.kaleY
ChiaDogeXCDActive; different from CDOG ChiaDoge (now GreenDoge)network chaos due to interference from Chia nodes on port 84442021-07-112021-07-10chiadoge.netChiaDoge-NetworkChiadogecoinr/chiadogecoin@chiadogecoinchiadoge222e518766769aa5ef496a70e6f63f77cd99e1486a435117713ee81089991a8ffGVpGmX921B(equiv. to 4.2M)10000dns-introducer.chiadoge.netY6899~/.chiadogeY
WheatWHEATNEW; wallet rpc_port 9256 conflicted with other coins (now changed to 22256 in code, but may not be in release yet)2021-07-122021-07-12wheat.networkWheatNetworkwheate09023ff93cc8d91757058d213f7b67ea7754a3557bd612efdbdd8c3c5db9edcQk43gQ==300K2dns-introducer.wheat.networkY22333~/.wheatYY

Credits:  Discord Chia Fork Farmers | SolarHash Flax: xfx1r9jzuvx8fsk0cd3dsl9caxg8csl035ukasjh2jpsx9383ka3q7vq00mwev

Just make sure everything before becoming part of them. This is just another way to win free XCH cash. 

We  just want to show you some cool profitable ventures and risks too. The Chia forks have come out in a very good time and also a very bad time. The very bad time being that the fork or the little update for the Chia official pooling protocol 1.2.0 has been released. The new plots you’ll be able to farm other cryptocurrencies with because they’ll have a different set up than the plots we used to have. 

So these forks have just come out recently. Let’s review some of the best Chia forks that you can use to win free crypto coins. Here are some of the chia forks from the list above that we have discussed in detail to just make you understand things you need to know before joining them. 


This one has an interesting concept of having no pre-farm because we know Chia has 21 million coins out there lying in their wallets and in a lot of farmers’ minds that’s unfair but remember that they have to pay for their software and engineers etc. 

Chia fork Chaingreen does not have been pre-farmed and it has an unlimited supply of coins so that means the value of the coin will theoretically go up because there’s not that many in existence. Now there’s a couple things we noticed that were wrong with this one. Actually it didn’t look too bad but one of the things that is noteworthy underneath the company vision is that it says “The Chia network created the native currency driven by the belief that cryptocurrency should be easier to use than cash, harder to lose and nearly impossible to steal.”

We cannot agree with this, we just see a different way to arrive at the desired destination. Thanks to chaingreen.

 That’s the only thing they said about their future or whatever so it doesn’t really make too much sense about what their plan is. As all their deal is saying that this is a better way to farm or mine for cryptocurrencies in general. They just talked about their overall cost of farming bitcoin and so and so forth so other than that there wasn’t really too much mention about this. 

But we need to understand that each one of these projects are going to have to keep up with Chia’s growth in the future. If they plan on growing or with the Chia network ChainGreen is forked off from then they are going to have to do a lot of work to be able to build this up to make this a platform work. 

Since they don’t have a pre-farm stack you probably wonder how they pay for their engineers. if you scroll further deep down on their Whitepaper page. “The funding of the project is funded mostly by donations and in-house CGN farming.” So CGN is a coin that will be paying you on this change. Now it’s not listed on anything right now. You can’t buy it or trade it or so. 

 But basically they are gonna be farming CGN now. They didn’t see how much they were going to be farming with this. They could potentially be making a ton they could be making like 90% or 75% of what they are paying out to be able to pay their own software engineers and so on. At the same time of not having a pre-farm this token can tank itself very very quickly. If it’s a lot of insiders dumping the coin.

Flax (XFX)

The next one is Flax. This token is a direct fork from Chia. It has token XFX Flax with a 95% pre-mine. As we know already a lot of farmers have been bashing the pre-mine on Chia and that’s why they wanted to do one of these things.The pre-mine in this one they could dump it too. It’s not safe from anything like that.They say “they have a community developer pool where they give a hundred Flax (XFX) to basically whoever’s developing on their system or onto Chia.” It doesn’t really have a long sustainability track to be able to say hey this is going to be around for a year or so and so forth or even see this token listed on exchange etc. So if you are going to use this Flax XFX chia fork make sure you know everything about it.  


The next one is called ‘Spare’ chia fork. This is the one with the most value. They have on here understanding how things work so this one does not have a pre-farm at all. But how do they cover it is basically they have it operated just like Bitcoin which they claim on their websites. 

They control and are heavily managing the blockchain, spare by contrast will be managing or managed like Bitcoin. So Bitcoin is basically open source where you can change stuff and the community can vote on it. This is very very good because there’s not like the inside or selling of the coin. There’s not going to be any ways for the farmers to take advantage of but at the same time you are going to think that all these different forks are going to have to keep up with Chia if they want to be something in the future.

With this we didn’t really see too much. All that the Spare team claims to do is be able to mine right along the side of Chia and they didn’t offer anything super spectacular. Their spare coin isn’t listed on any exchanges. But it probably will be soon. This one seems to be the best Chia fork so far to us because they aren’t trying to take over Chia. They are just saying hey we want to be able to help somebody else and be able to mine right along the side. It makes it very very simple whereas ChainGreen basically says “Hey we are better than Chia and we could solve this better without a pre-farm.” When they literally are mining coins right alongside of you and being able to sell the coins as well. While the Flax XFX token is not having any future as well so at this point in time. 

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Final Verdict on Chia Forks 

We don’t really know where these coins will go. These different forks are gonna go because as you know there’s a thousand failed forks on every single blockchain that has come out but these don’t all have the best. Basically planned to grow in the future now all it takes is a little bit of people building on and making these things something. But we do recommend if you are taking advantage of any of these from the list of Chia forks we have mentioned today definitely go through. Since the new pooling protocol has been officially updated go ahead and make a new wallet and plot to that instead of using the same. 

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