How To Get Free Chia Coins?

We all want free Chia coins and we need to join the pools to get rewards with them. However, we have found sources to let you know you can actually get free mojos offered by many Chia faucets to join pools and win free XCH.  

But before that to join a pool you would need Chia coins to join official or unofficial Chia pools. You can easily earn rewards from Chia pools. Here is how to join Chia pools to win free coins:

  • Create a Chia wallet
  • Get free Mojos = 1 mojo (1 trillionth of a XCH)
  • Join any Chia pool by using Chia mojos 
  • Once you participate in Chia Pools including the official Chia pool you get rewarded

In order to join Chia pools you must have at least one Mojo on your Chia wallet. So to get some free Chia coins you obviously need to go to an exchange. You can buy some Chia coins but that could be complicated because Chia coins are not available on all the major crypto exchanges. 

You need at least one Mojo because you need one Singleton when you’re joining a Chia pool. Basically you need to have funds in your Chia wallet if you do not have then you cannot join any of the Chia pools. That’s why Chia faucets exist to help you participate in Chia pools or get free Chia from faucets. Although at this point Chia coin is not remarkably valuable, it’d become highly valuable after a few years as it’s estimated. As we know, the value of one Bitcoin was $0 when it was first introduced in 2009 and it first started trading from around $0.0008 to $0.08 per coin in July 2010.

Here is the prediction made by Digitalcoin about Chia coin’s future value. 

A – Create a wallet 

You must have a Chia wallet to get free Mojos. If you don’t have one just download the Chia blockchain software and create a new wallet to get a ‘receive’ address.

B – Get Free Mojos From Faucets 

Fortunately there are free services called faucets which will give you free Mojos. A Mojo is the smallest fraction of Chia currency. Faucets help you start with pools by receiving a free small amount. You can also share it with your friends. 

We have mentioned the list of Chia faucets that you should join to get free mojos and join Chia pools to win rewards:

#1 Official Chia Faucet 

how to join chia pools

Here is the official Chia faucet Open it in your browser, put your public address and you will receive your first mojo within a few days depending on how many other wallets are queued ahead of you.  

#2 AZ Pool

tips to win free chia coins

Another one is AZpool. Again just open it in your browser and put your public key, click on “I am Not A Robot” and claim your Chia mojo.

#3 Chia Garden

The third faucet on our list to get free Chia is Chi Garden

  • Here you need to join their discord group. 
  • So just click on that and join it on Discord as shown in the screenshot
  • Then go to the faucet section and type .freechia+your wallet address

Then you’d get your free Mojo in a few days. While scrolling you’d see there are many other people providing their public address. However, you can also generate a separate one before applying for any free Chia mojo faucets if you want to. 

#4 Chia Crypto Faucet 

 The 4th one is again open it, put your wallet address and claim your mojo. You’d notice that everywhere claiming your free Chia coin is the same and it does not involve a hectic procedure. 

#5 Chia2Start

The 5th one is again you need to repeat the same procedure and finally you get some mojos. If you want to, you can claim it over again. 

#6 Chiahub Discord Faucet

chia pools

This discord Chia faucet delivers quick Chia mojos. The procedure is simple like others. Just go to Discord Faucet, Click on #Faucet and enter your public wallet key. You will get a confirmation message that you’d get Chia mojos soon. 

#7 XCH Faucet 

XCH Faucet is also a very reliable source to get free Mojos. They have given out more than 93K mojos to-date. Their delivery is much faster than others. You can enter your wallet address and claim once in 24/hrs from a single IP address. We have shared its screenshot which gives a better understanding. Please note that it was initiated by TogaTech on Reddit which holds the largest Chia community.

C – Join Chia Pools Free & Win Free Chia Coins

Join the Chia Pools once you have collected your free Chia Mojo. One Mojo is a very small amount of XCH but it does the key role by making you enter the pools without spending any money. Then the pools are definitely going to reward you eventually with free Chia. 

Chia Pools: How To Meet The Requirements To Join Chia Pools?

How does a Chia pool collect rewards?

  • Once you join a Chia pool, they will assign their singleton to the pool_puzzle_hash
  • As you win a Chia block, the rewards will go to p2_singleton_puzzle_hash
  • The joined pool will scan the blockchain and locate the rewards sent to your singletons.
  • The pool will send a request to claim rewards to your singleton (because you won)
  • Your singleton will send the rewards won XCH to pool_puzzle_hash

Joining Official Chia Mining Pools To Maximize Chances Of Winning Free Chia Coins

Get Chia Free By Using Chia Faucets

Now you might wonder, are these unofficial faucets actually safe? Well all you are doing is just giving your public wallet address. So there’s not really any danger of providing your public wallet address unless they’re asking for more information like a private key which you should not. You can share public wallet addresses and can be shared safely with anyone from whom you want to receive cryptocurrency of any type, not just Chia. No one can steal your digital assets by knowing only your wallet’s public address. So, there’s no harm in providing your public wallet address since that’s the only way they can send you.

We all need to keep our faith in Bram Cohen’s way of working things out and the Chia will definitely stand the test of time and grow strong. So if you win free Chia you’re definitely going to get great value in years to come. Imagine how Bitcoin started and what it’s worth is today. We have shared the chart above which shows how much Chia coins can grow in value. 

Watch Official Chia Team’s Zoom Discussion on Security and Speed Plotting

This stream from Bram Cohen and others discuss the following issues:

With the release of the MadMax plotter there has been a lot of confusion about what improved plotting speeds mean to the security of the Chia blockchain.

  • MadMax implementation and speedy plotting
  • Chia Blockchain security concerns
  • Chia Pools Singletons

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