5 Easy Steps To Back-Up iPhone Messages

If you have decided to backup all your text messages on your iPhone, and are at a loss as how to do it, then you have come to the right place. Here to make things easy for you we will give you step-wise explanation on how to do it.

1. Use iTunes For Text Message Backup

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You can backup messages on your iPhone by using iTunes. All you need to do is to right click on your iPhone in iTunes and then you have to click backup.

2. Locate The iPhone’s Backup Folder

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Next it is essential that you locate the backup folder. Usually, the libraries have sub-folders which have the backup of your iPhone text messages. If your folders are arranged according to the date then you will be able to find the backup folder.

3. Create A Data Backup On The Desktop

You can also make a backup copy on your computer. You can make a new folder on the desk top and call it IOS backup. It will be much easier to run the script later if we save the iPhone text message data here.

4. Download IOS Message Export Files

Once you get the script you need to download it in the zip file. The zip file has six different files and you have to make sure that you copy all these six files in the folder that you created on the desktop.

5. Use The Terminal To Execute The Script

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By hitting the space bar and command together you can locate the terminal and open it. Now you need to type terminal.

Next, you will have to execute this command cd ~/Desktop/iOSBackup and now you will have to execute perl backup command with the name of your folder.

When you have completed the task of script execution you will see that ‘export folder’ gets created in the IOS backup folder. On opening the folder you will have access to all the folders with your previous conversations.

On trying out these steps you can backup all your text messages without any difficulty.

Then there’s the free iPhone data recovery which helps you to retrieve all your lost data. We should explore the software first to find out all about its additional features.

Whenever you feel the need to go for a data recovery software make it a point to voice your concerns to the developers first.

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