AirPod Clones 2020 – Best AirPod Replicas Ever For 2020

The comfort of listening to music into your ears without disturbing others has become a norm and style at the same time. It is where all different styles of trendy and trashy AirPods have flooded the markets. Some AirPods clones 2020 have already hit the market and people have found these replicas to be the best. We have to be highly skillful and informative at the same time to discern trend from trash. Imagine you have spent your hardearned money on something that is totally not worth it. Contrarily, using your skills the same money got you the best of AirPod clones.

Sometimes cheapest price is the only motivation and why not one should go for it if the product is highly techie. When it comes to AirPods the prices are maddening at times and we are totally in for something classy at reasonably low price. We have at Wiproo shortlisted 5 Highly Recommendable AirPod Clones  2019 that are totally worth your money.

Looking for the best cheap AirPod alternatives that don’t cost much but sound superb? Suspicious right? If you have not come across fine replica AirPods before which are totally worth your attention please take a moment to read this review.

#1 i100 TWS AirPods- The Latest AirPods Clone

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The edge provided to the latest version of i100 TWS AirPods makes them the best AirPod clones ever produced with modern techie-ness and high-edge. The i100 TWS AirPods is designed the same like Apple’s AirPods keeping intact each of its function. You will be surprised to notice the same audio quality like the one original Apple AirPods have.

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i100 TWS AirPods are the best AirPods Replicas without a doubt keep reading below to see a detailed comparison of its functions, equipment and performance like Apple’s.

i100 TWS AirPods has successfully replicated Apple AirPods in detail. We guarantee you– chances are that you will never find out whether its Apple’s or i100 TWS AirPod. It has fine connectivity range of about 150 feet and soothing audio quality with 2.5 long hours of music play. Even the battery level and charging pin are the same. Generally, If we like a product we definitely look for its specs and we buy it. This product is that good.

Highly Quality Similarities to Apple AirPods

  • Pairing Method same as Apple AirPods
  • Wireless charging system
  • English voice while connecting
  • Internal Bluetooth support for all devices
  • Maximum Bluetooth Range
  • Incredible battery average


Sometimes the volume fluctuates

#2 i60 TWS Airpods Clone- A Better AirPods Alternative!

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The updated version of i30 TWS, the i60 TWS AirPods is one of the finest TWO Bluetooth airpods. The question which people often ask is whether the upgrade was necessary from the popular i30 TWS AirPods. The truth is replica market has been flooded so much that selecting the best AirPod clone has become a herculean task. When we compare price and performance of i60 TWS with any other replica it becomes obvious that this pair of airpods is absolutely remarkable in many ways.

wireless airpod replicas

i60 supports wireless charging and syncing is very easy that it could be done without any power button. Since the introduction of new H1 Chipset, i60 is considered at the page in performance to original Apple AirPods. Just open the case and i60 is turned on. Besides, other features are high-tech that give 3 hours of music playback with its incredible noise control system. There is only one shortcoming that clarity of mic becomes questionable at times which was a superior feature in i30. As a whole i60 is the best Apple AirPods alternate to-date.

High Quality Similarities to Apple AirPods

  • Connects at super speed
  • Wireless charging system
  • Smooth listening experience


Features are mostly similar to its predecessor

Noticeable Specs:

Bluetooth Distance Connectivity: 10-12 metres
Music Timing at most:  2-3H
Standby: 60 hours
Bluetooth Version: V5.0

#3 i30 TWS Airpods – Clone The Perfect AirPods Clone!

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The manufacturers of i20 TWS earphones came up with this super i30 AirPods to give users a fine AirPod in terms of a better clone and size. The bass and mic quality was improved as well to give users smooth audio recording and listening experience. Had it not been for the quality of audio, i30 TWS and i60 TWS were at the same footings. Since i60 Apple AirPod clone has the best sound experience, i30 clone has the best battery timing that you will experience. i60 is capable of hosting 350mAh battery time while the i30 has the capacity to house 400mAh.

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If you used i20 version you will find i30 slightly improved but once you will experience LED light with just 2 colors you will give i30 5-star-rating comparatively. i30 gives 4 hours of battery life just an hour behind AirPods.

The i30 TWS has a Rockstar Battery Life!

Similarities to Apple AirPods

  • Comfortable Design
  • Great battery life
  • Beautiful Bass output


Gestures take a while to get used to

Amazing Specs:

Bluetooth Coverage: 10 m
Music: 3-4 hrs
Standby: 100 hrs
Battery: Each Earbud has 50mah battery and the charging cabin 400mah
Bluetooth: V5.0

#4 i12 TWS Airpods – The Best AirPods Clone Ever!

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i12 TWS AirPods have earned the title of being the perfect AirPod clone for several reasons. One big improvement that is obvious in i12 TWS AirPods is that the makers have improved it from the early versions such as i7, i9, i10, i11 and finally it is i12- far superior, improved and the most suitable AirPod clone design available on market which is very cheap and very similar to Apple’s. Be it for LED charging case lights or the performance, i12 makers have nailed it in the best way. It has also auto on/off feature which was missing in the previous models. These AirPods are very budget friendly.

The stereo is highly enhanced in the earplugs and gives i12 edge over all previous versions which were built on mono-stereo technology and the mic was supportable with only the right earplug. With its all specs, i12 is the worthy of great attention when it comes to AirPods clones.

Similarities to Apple AirPods

  • Stunning Sound Quality
  • Almost Perfect Clone
  • Uses Raychem 5.0 Processor
  • Extremely portable and lightweight


Even if you are not playing music still some disturbance is heard and requires at least an hour of charging.

Amazing Specs

Bluetooth: v5.1
Battery: 4 hrs
Range: 10m
Chip: Raychem 5.0
Standby Timing: 100 Hrs
Price: $16.99 (Super Deal)

#5 i10 TWS Airpods Replica: The Perfect Airpods 2 Clone!

At the time when everyone has heard about the rumored AirPods 2 wireless charging capability, the i10 is one such fine replica AirPod that already has it. Its case is built on the technology that supports it to charge wireless.  One of its shortcoming is that the mic is support is available for only the right earplug. Apart from that i10 is the only AirPod replica that has sustained its place being of the highly recommendable AirPod clones.

One of the best features of i10 TWS AirPods is that it stays intact for a longer period and delivers the performance like new every single time. It is the best clone for its cheap price. If you are on a budget and looking for a fine quality AirPod clone pair, i10 is one you should buy.

Similarities to Apple AirPods

  • Extremely Fine Tuned Audio
  • Made for Audiophiles
  • Superb Touch Control
  • Wireless Charging


Average Battery Life

Amazing Specs

Bluetooth Support: v5.0
Battery Life: 2-3 hrs
Transmission Coverage: 10m

Those were the five highly rated better substitutes to Apple AirPods on the scale of quality, performance and technology. Infact these are few of the best Fake Apple AirPods Clones 2019, there are hundreds more available on the market that are also worth trying. We will try to come up with more best fitting AirPods replicas in the future. please let us know in the comments which one of the above mentioned AirPod clones you are going to buy immediately.

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