7 Most Common Newborn Skin Problems and How You Can Treat them at Home

Your baby might be the perfect miracle you had experienced. However, your baby’s skin is the most delicate organ, which needs constant supervision, as rashes are common. To keep your baby’s skin free of rashes and other irritants here some common causes with treatment.

Nevertheless, the good thing about rashes in infants is that most of them are completely harmless and can be treated at home. In some cases, they need professional help. So first, you need to understand what rashes can be treated at home. Later, how you can avoid your child getting further rashes.

1- Diaper Rash

Often you will notice red skin around the diaper region. This is known as diaper rash. The causes are preferably feces and urine trapped within diaper. Rarely is it caused by certain brand of diapers and diaper wipes. Change the diaper as soon as it gets wet or soiled. Moreover, keep the infected region free for air circulation.

2- Whiteheads and Pimples

Babies tend to get pimples and whiteheads usually. The cause is mother’s hormone present in the child, which boosts oil production clogging the oil glands of the child. They are purely harmless and should disappear within a week. You can use baby acne lotion if necessary but it isn’t advisable.

3- Eczema

Red itchy rash that usually occurs as a response to some sort of trigger is called Eczema. This is present in babies who have a family history of allergies, asthma, and Eczema itself; it appears as red rash over face, chest, elbows and behind the knees. Treatment is not required as all it needs is gentle soap and solutions for your baby. If possible, wash your baby’s cloth with light detergents.

4- Cradle Cap

Within the first or two months, you may notice oily and reddish rash on scalp, noses and behind ears. This condition is called as cradle cap due to excess oil secretion. Cradle cap clears within the first year by itself. However, if you are concerned then you can seek the help of pediatrician who will recommend shampoos to remove the excess oil from skin.

5- Prickly heat

Small tiny red bumps are the cause of prickly heat. They are generally common in summer season or if your baby sweats a lot. The treatment for prickly heat is keeping your baby away from moisture and in a cold setting. Use cotton clothes that can absorb sweat. Other way to treat is using prickly heat powders in areas where your baby sweats.

6- Yeast Infection

If your baby had few shots of antibiotics then yeast will be visible where it is present. Generally, yeast infection is associated with thrush within tongue and mouth edges. The thrush appears as dried milk. In such cases, you need to seek professional help from a pediatrician wherein an anti-yeast liquid will be used for treatment.

7- Jaundice

It occurs within a day or two after an infant is born. The skin and eyes is slightly yellow colored. It is cause by bilirubin, which is by product given off by breaking down of red blood cells. In cases of mild Jaundice, feeding frequently will help. However, in some cases phototherapy is needed.

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