Top 12 Gadgets You Could Use At Work

There are lots of great gadgets available that are brilliant to use at work for help with completing tasks or just to make the office a bit more comfortable. Take a look at our list of the top 12 gadgets you could use at work for some brilliant office gadget inspiration!

Gadgets You Could Use At Work- Livescribe echoLivescribe Echo Smartpen $179.95
This brilliant office gadget takes note taking and traditional pen work to the extreme by recording each mark you make as well as everything you hear and say in order to create visual and audio notes. Whether you’re writing or drawing, the pen captures a digital copy of everything on your paper and you can replay the captured audio just by tapping the pen on your page.

Gadgets You Could Use At Work- Gaiam balance ball chairBalance Ball Chair $79.98
If you want to improve your posture and reduce any pain from sitting down all day, then take a look at this balance ball. The ball chair works to align the spine and reduce back pain, plus it has wheels too for maneuverability at the office.

Gadgets You Could Use At Work- iPad card readeriPad Card Reader $30
This is an incredibly useful office gadget for anyone who works with images. Downloading photos to an iPad rather than a laptop or computer allows for greater convenience and portability around the office or studio.

Gadgets You Could Use At Work- Ultimate geek penUltimate Geek Pen $15.18
If you’re looking for a multifunctional work tool then look no further than the Ultimate Geek Pen. This is made up of a normal ballpoint pen along with a laser pointer, UV light, flexible flashlight and stylus tip for touchscreens. This is a great gadget to use at work that will prove useful for a range of tasks.

Gadgets You Could Use At Work- Boogie Board LCD tabletBoogie Board LCD Tablet $29.95
This awesome gadget will help you to save paper in the office as you can write on the LCD tablet with any blunt tool and then erase the message to use it again and again. The A5 sized tablet is perfect for note taking, sketching, writing to do lists and more.

Gadgets You Could Use At Work- Nexus silent mouseNexus Wireless Silent Mouse $34.99
If the clicking of mice is deafening in your office then your colleagues will marvel at the wonder of this silent mouse. The wireless mouse’s buttons make no clicking sound so you can avoid the irritating noise while carrying out your duties.

Gadgets You Could Use At Work- laser scissorsLaser Guided Scissors $6.99
Laser guided scissors are an awesome gadget that you can use at work or at home to help you cut straight lines when working with paper, card or fabric. The laser means you no longer need to draw lines on documents or fold them in order to get perfect cuts.

Gadgets You Could Use At Work- Cup Wamer and CoolerUSB Cup Warmer and Cooler $19.69
The Binmer USB cup warmer and cooler will help to keep your hot drinks warm and your cold drinks cool while at your desk. You don’t need any software or external power for this gadget so you can plug it in and use it straight away.

Self Stirring Mug $9.99
This would make a great work gadget for those early mornings when even stirring a mug of coffee seems like a bit too much effort. The awesome self stirring mug works using batteries so you don’t need to worry about unsafe cables.

Gadgets You Could Use At Work- To accomplish sticky notesTo Accomplish Sticky Notes $13
If you’re looking for an accessory that will help you get things done, then what better way to organise your life than with these ‘to accomplish’ sticky notes. With headings such as ‘to remember’, ‘to do’ and ‘to delegate’ you’ll be the envy of the office when you get all your work done with ease.

Gadgets You Could Use At Work- Email notifierUSB Email Notifier $7.67
If you use a laptop or computer for work and don’t want the annoyance of having email notifications on your smartphone, then you can use this USB email notifier to visually see when you receive a new email without having to open your email software. You can configure the notifier to check multiple accounts and can set it to display different colours for different visual alerts.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESMK1800 Keyboard Organiser $44.95
This six in one keyboard organiser includes a Bluetooth keyboard, tablet and smartphone slot, pen and stylus holder, business card holder and hidden compartment for holding stationary, cables and CDs. Available in a range of colours, this great keyboard organiser will help to keep your desk tidy.

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