A Trusted Review for the Macbook Pro Charger

Macbook Pro Charger is the main power supplier to the 13inch Macbook pro, and it also has this side advantage of working with other Macbook models. The Macbook Pro Charger promises to solve all the issues experienced with previous charging accessories; interrupted power supply, blowing up of adapters when a surge occurs and easy damage of the charger. So does the Macbook Pro charger has everything you need in a reliable charger?

Features of the Macbook Pro Charger

The Magsafe Power Adapter is a beautiful rectangular shape with an ultra thin connection wires; one from the laptop the other from the AC supply. If you haven’t had a Macbook experience before, you definitely would love this new look of a power adapter; and the white color gives a whole new aesthetic view of a power adapter.

60 Watt Power Capacity

The 60Watt maximum power supply is efficient enough to power you Macbook and let you enjoy your music or videos and also perform all sorts of tasks like office work. This 60 watt power limit also ensures your precious Mac doesn’t get singed in case of a heavy power surge. Other Macbook models like Air and also earlier Mac versions will also function perfect with this 13inch adapter.

Magnetic DC Connector

Protection has been stepped up to a higher level with the installation of the Magnetic DC connector. Now this is the main section that makes the Magsafe Mac adapter worth having. The magnetic component acts as a circuit breaker that breaks power once your laptop fully charges. So you can kiss goodbye to the days of laptop overheating or plug-ins and plug-outs. Moreover, this very magnetic DC also helps guide the plug from the laptop the adapter; and also establishes a solid power connection. Within time, you will also find that your power cable last longer than before, thanks to this magnetic buddy.

LED Light

The Magsafe Power Adapter just wants you to be sure that there is instant and constant power supply to your Macbook Pro. Once you plug in to a power source, the LED light glows showing the connection status is active. If the amber light doesn’t glow it means you don’t have power supply or your direct supply is faulty. When the LED light goes green your laptop is full charge and the Magnetic DC will automatically cut excess supply. The LED light also saves where the magnetic DC might fail, and you can still save your battery from damage due to over-heating.

If you want to see video of the product click here.


  • With the new 60Watt Magsafe power adapter, you are sure you get power supply at an optimum level and no damages from surge.
  • The magnetic DC connector guides the power cables to a secure connection plus acts as a circuit breaker.
  • LED light lets you know when your Macbook or Macbook Pro is charging and when it has full charge
  • Designed with a great aesthetic aspect, looks chic to use
  • Works for both the Macbook, Macbook Air and Macbook Pro model

Macbook Pro Charger promises to give you value for your money but only when you buy it from a genuine Apple supplier. Make sure you are not buying a refurbished adapter to avoid any problems when using the adapter.

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