How The New BMW 7 Series Has Some of The Best Gadgets In Any Car To Date

There’s always rivalries between car companies, none more than the BMW 7 Series cars and the Mercedes-Benz S Class cars. These cars come out annually offering up high-class drivers the very premium of car driving and technology available to date. The BMW 7 Series has recently been announced and has been announced with some quite simply stunning technology that will make you really wish to had at least $81,300 to buy the 740i with a 3-liter, 320-horsepower TwinPower inline six, if not $97,400 for the 750i xDrive with a 4.4-liter, 445-horsepower twin turbo V-8. Yes, not exactly prices that make the average person rush out and get one immediately. However, when we show you the technology that comes with the car, you’ll think it’s something from the future.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 10.37.00The Display Key

When it comes to cars, often the most important thing is the key. The key is obviously the one way the car can be unlocked and then driven (well if you exclude smart watches and apps and all sorts that can do that now.) The new optional Display Key which you can get with the new BMW 7 Series looks like a standard BMW key of the past but comes with a large display on the front now. The display allows you to control your car from afar, pre-heating on a cold day, turning the engine on, obviously unlocking and locking it too. The Display Key Fob also shows you things like how far the car has travelled, how far it has left of petrol, what temperature it is and so much more. It’s essentially a free smartphone that comes with the car, but without the phone capabilities.

7-series-sedan-comfort-lounge-fw-04.jpg.resource.1432558360722A Pleasent Odour

This one is one of the more odd pieces of technology included in the new BMW 7 Series. However, it makes sense when you consider 1. How many people mention “that new car smell” or “ugh, it smells like warm leather” and 2. How long you’ll be in the car if you’re commuting to and from work in it also. Inside the cabin of the new 7 Series, there’s an optional Ambient Air package, featuring a programmable fragrance system that offers eight different choices in three different intensities.

7-series-sedan-comfort-ambient-light-fw-06.jpg.resource.1433336782231Back Seat Passengers

BMW hasn’t forgotten about the people in the back of the car, especially with the likes of China having a lot of chauffeurs these days. If you order the Rear Executive Lounge Seating Package, you get an insanely large amount of technology. Let’s begin with the basics, with this package you get: a foot-rest, a tray that folds out from the middle, the ability to recline your seats up to 42.5 degrees, electric headrests and more. There’s also a 7-inch Samsung tablet in the middle tray running Android that can be used to control a variety of different car functions such as heating, what’s on the TV in front of you and even BMW’s “Vitality Programme” which they say will “revitalize the body on longer journeys”.

7-series-sedan-comfort-ambient-light-fw-05.jpg.resource.1433336784945There’s more though. The BMW comes with lights that guide you into your seat and then can be changed to suit your style. There’s also a “Panoramic Sky Lounge LED Roof” which projects light across etchings in the sunroof’s glass to show a starlit sky. This can be great for those nights when it’s just too cloudy to see any real stars.

7-series-sedan-functionality-gesture-fw-02.jpg.resource.1432558040730There’s Still Plenty For The Driver

Obviously, the most important person in the car is the driver and BMW haven’t forgotten that with some of the most incredible and futuristic technology we’ve ever seen for one person. We’ll begin with the newer, higher-res, larger and gesture controlled heads up display. It uses logical gestures such as pinch-to-zoom, swipes, taps and more to navigate through the display menus. The whole vehicle can also be voice controlled too, allowing you to change radio stations, get driving directions and all sorts without having to lift a finger.

Voice-control.jpg.resource.1433934265119The 7 Series also comes with multiple cameras on the outside of the vehicle that scan the road signs and such to upload information to BMW’s servers to make the system as up-to-date and accurate as possible. On top of this, there’s a new system built into the car that when going at low speeds will use the sensors around it to automatically drive through traffic jams, as long as one hand is one the steering wheel. We haven’t yet got self-driving cars but this the closest we have come yet. It will also automatically park itself. This can be done either outside of the car with a little help from the Display Key or (in the US for example, where’s it not allowed) a driver can be in the car whilst it does it for them.

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