What To Expect From The iPhone 6S

Apparently Apple made a phone just under 9 years ago now and it’s gotten quite big? We didn’t know! Well, apparently their iPhone 6S is likely to be announced this Fall at their conference they have every year. Along with it, it’s expected to bring some minor iterations over the current version of the iPhone 6 and it’s bigger brother the iPhone 6 Plus. Obviously, this means we won’t see a major design overhaul or any new crazy features but it does mean we’ll get to see a new iOS version and also potentially some minor hardware tweaks to keep the phone up to date with the Android lineup that is forever building in strength.

We’ve searched high and low on the internet and come back with all the rumours of the expected iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus and we’re going to relay all of those for you here today. This is a post on what to expect from the next generation of iPhones and then some fun rumours thrown in there to stir the pot also. So let’s get into what to expect from the iPhone 6S.

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The Screens

With most ‘S’ models of the iPhone, we aren’t likely to see a major change to the screens on the new devices. The iPhone 6S is likely to stay the same size of the original 6 at 4.7″ and the iPhone 6S Plus the same with a 5.5″ stretched screen. Will we see an increase in resolution with the new phones? It’s unlikely but at the same time we have quite a few Android phones now with 2k screens, especially on the larger phones and with the iPhone 6 Plus’ poor excuse of a 1080p display, it would be nice to see an upgrade to the pixels in the screen.

Technologies we might see in the screens of the future iPhones is quite exciting. Recently, Apple filed for a patent to have a sound-mounted display around the side of the iPhone. Now, this is likely to come to the iPhone 7 but would certainly be a nice surprise for the S models. In addition, we wouldn’t be too surprised to see Apple introduced a Saffire glass display to their S model iPhones, same as the Apple Watch. This would increase strength and reduce scratches on the screen too. Finally, in terms of the S Models’ screens, we could well see Apple introduce Force Touch into the new iPhones. Again, this may come with iOS10 and brand new iPhones but it’s a technology that Apple’s looking to implement into quite a few of their devices already with Apple Watch, the new Macbook and updating their older Macbook lineup.

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The iPhone has, for a long time, been the sub-standard for smartphone cameras, right up until the Samsung Galaxy S6 came out to blow every other smartphone camera out of the water. However, apparently the ‘S’ model devices are going to see the biggest jump in camera quality we’ve ever seen in an iPhone. Reportedly Apple are looking to take their iPhone 6 brother cameras to “DSLR-quality”. This would be a true answer to Samsung pushing Apple to its limits when it comes to cameras.

There are two ways in which this will be achieved. There are reports that Apple will implement some sort of dual-lens technology tat will have two cameras take the same shot and perfect the lighting and quality of the image, however, this would surely result in a major hardware change that Apple hasn’t made in recent ‘S’ model upgrades. More likely, rumours are circulating that Apple will implement Sony’s latest 21-megapixel lens within their iPhone. Current iPhones use Sony lenses and so this would make more sense.

Apple recently acquired LinX Imaging, a camera technology company that specialises in cameras for mobile devices. Their cameras can produce the “DSLR-quality” images that the rumours uggest by using multi-aperture arrays. LinX technology also has special low-light photo taking capabilities via depth mapping and can create 3D images from still photographs. It’s possible LinX’s camera technology could in the next iPhones.

Whatever they decide to use, it’s surely going to be an exciting glimpse into the future of smartphone technology, readying their iPhone 7 with a beautiful camera.

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Other Stuff…

Usually with ‘S’ upgrades we see an upgrade to the processor within the phones, it’s likely to be the same this year giving the phones a little bit a power boost.

Additionally, there’s been rumours may implement some sort of inductive charging that would allow you to essentially wirelessly charge your iPhone, however this would be more likely to come in the iPhone 7 as it would likely encourage too much of a hardware change for the iPhone 6S.

Finally, in terms of capacity, we may finally see the iPhone ditch the 16GB model that has users crippled when it comes to iOS updates and setting 32GB as the base model. iPhone users are downloading more and more apps these days and apps are getting bigger and bigger as graphics and user interfaces become more intensive, therefore less and less space is left on people’s iPhones. Then when you’re asked to give 4GB of your phone’s storage to the latest update, it’s not an easy thing to ask.

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