10 Weird Amazon Products That Are Actually Awesome

It usually happens that while on a shopping spree we often pick up such items that we have bought on an impulse. And on getting home we are at a loss to find a logical reason for their being there. But once we take a deeper look at the item and dwell on how beneficial it is, it’s utility finally dawns on us.

There are many products that people buy on Amazon, and though they appear to be somewhat weird at first, but once we consider its utility we find them to be pretty awesome. So it’s advisable that instead of just taking a cursory look at any item on Amazon and then clicking away disinterested, we should actually read the product description carefully. And this would come as a surprise when we see the utility of that item in our daily lives. There are many products on Amazon which though appearing strange at first sight are later found to be quite useful and handy.

Listed below are ten weird Amazon products that are actually awesome once we are aware of their utility.

#1 Fruit Scrubbers $9.95

Scrubbing dishes may appear to be rather boring and tedious. But we can add a little fun to it with these fruit shaped scrubbers which are much more durable and long lasting than those scrubbers and sponges found on the shelves of various stores. In addition to being a great way to liven up your kitchen these scrubbers can be used on all types of cookware whether they are glass, copper or non-stick etc. So in addition to being adorable they are also very effective.

#2 Oil Diffuser $24.99

This oil diffuser is an absolute must for a gentler, restful sleep. With its amazing and long lasting fragrance this essential oil diffuser can leave your house smelling good for a good seven hours at a time. It operates at a very gentle pace and comes with a coloured LED lighting. It eliminates all the bad odours of the house instantly.

#3 A Smart Phone And Tablet Stand $1.49

By just taking a cursory glance at it one would be left to wonder that what’s so great about it. But after looking closely at its features you will see that there’s much to it. Made with thick aluminium its so solid that its 25% more shock absorbent as compared to other stands. It comes with a scratch proof silicone pad which protects the device

#4 18-in-1 $5.95 The Multi Tool That Fits Onto Your Key Chain

With its wide range of utility this durable and docile looking tool is safe to be taken anywhere, even on planes. It is completely corrosion free as it comes in a stainless steel body with a titanium nitride coating.

#5 Sound Bot $29.90

A Sound Bot is a hands free Bluetooth car kit which can be used if your car doesn’t come with a built in Bluetooth. This kit can be used with both the Androids and IPhones and gives you a crystal clear audio. The kit comes with multiple USB ports so that you can charge your devices even when you are using it.

#6 Dish-Drying Mat $10.99

This dish drying mat has something exceptional to it. Yes, its plush microfiber material has the capacity to hold up to four times its weight in water. So no need to worry about your counter-top getting wet as this STS microfiber dish drying mat won’t get too soggy.

#7 The Super Breathable Foam Pillow $18.40

These Snuggle-Pedic luxury pillows are easily the most comfortable pillows you would ever experience. These pillows are unique and ultimate comfort givers with its shredded and removable foam so you can make the pillows as fluffy as you want them. Besides supporting your back and neck whilst sleeping its breathable material also keeps you cool during hot nights.

#8 The Flashlight $17.55

This Stream light Micro Stream Flashlight is made from anodized aircraft aluminium which makes it completely corrosion free and scratch proof. Due to its LED technology its bulb will work upto 30,000 hours and its illumination range is upto52 meters.

#9 A Portable Water Filtration System $32.99

Made by Sawyer Products this mini water filtration system is an ideal emergency kit to take on hiking or camping. It gives you clean drinking water by removing all the harmful bacteria from it. It is very light weight but has the capacity of filtering 100,000 gallons of water

#10 Multi-fucntion The Hand Chopper And Blender $6.99

This multi-purpose and handy food chopper can be used for various food products. Made from durable nylon its completely scratch-proof and its length enable your hands to remain away from the heat.




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