Benefits Of Using Corporate Intranet Systems

People are already familiar with the Internet but there is a similar network known as intranet that is used extensively by companies. Corporate intranet systems are used exclusively by employees of a company. It offers better security compared to an Internet network system. Information and data placed on such a network are accessible only to authorized people. It is a unique way to control and disseminate information and make collaboration on internal projects easier.

A company’s Internet contents are made to look attractive because the purpose is to attract customers or clients. On the other hand, an intranet system is mainly for internal use so the importance is mainly on functionality and ease of use. Corporate intranet systems help companies in various ways. Its main purpose is to make communication between employees quick and efficient. They are able to share information and ideas without meeting face to face. There is less need to print information frequently. The chance of data duplication is reduced considerably.

Any system connected to the Internet is vulnerable to different types of viruses, malware and data security risks but the intranet system does not face such high risks. Use of strong firewall software ensures effective protection from unauthorized access and data leaks. Some employees may want to keep certain documents accessible only to known groups of people within the company. This can be ensured and only authorized employees can have access to specified documents. Other documents, data and information can be kept in the open system where anyone can access those details. Corporate intranet systems can be designed according to specific requirements of a company. Various systems like bulletin boards, forms, discussion groups can be used to disseminate information and collaborate on projects. It helps save time because any employee can see the latest update quickly and easily.

This works better compared to communicating through emails where senders have to wait for replies from the email recipients. Emails are also very restrictive when it comes to collaborating with a group of people. Corporate intranet systems make it easier to collaborate in real time. This type of efficient working helps increase productivity of employees who are able to complete different types of tasks quickly. It helps in reducing costs because there is less need to print documents and arrange face to face meetings. All types of documents can be accessed by employees from their workstation itself. An intranet system also proves cheaper when it comes to providing training materials and updating skills of employees. Informational contents and digital training materials can be shared over the internal network.

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