Best Budget Cameras For Vlogging To Get More Views On YouTube Videos

Nowadays, everyone thinks about documenting real life events everyday with a camera and uploading them on YouTube. To achieve that choosing a high quality camera on a budget becomes a real milestone to achieve first. You can use smartphones but using a DSLR camera is highly productive and conducive to great quality videos. We cannot use vertical videos captured on our phones but rather need wider lenses to capture the beauty surrounding us as well for our channels which people would love.

Sometimes even popular vloggers struggle while choosing a highly suitable camera for YouTube. Let’s find out what the best quality vlogging camera should have and they will help you make better videos for your channel and get more views.

smallest vlogging camera in the world

Many vloggers like Casey Neistat, David Dobric, Peter Mckennon, Sawyer Hartman and Hey Nadine have distinctly defined what good specs and features a good camera for vlogging should have. We are discussing them below first before digging into the actual great cameras for vlogging available in 2021:

  • Video Quality: The quality of footage matters the most. After all that’s what your prime goal is. To record vlogs in good quality. Many times when you vlog, the scenario could be worse than you thought. If it’s a day, any camera captures good quality footage but as the evening draws near you start getting blurry and grainy footage.
  • Lens: The lens of the camera is the next most important thing. Imagine if your camera just captures your face if you hold it close to you. So it’s necessary to check the camera lens and figure out if it can capture the wide area around you or not. So ideally a 24 mm lens is ideal to be specific.
  • Selfie Screen: Don’t choose cameras without selfie screens. If your camera lacks it the whole footage is just guessing how you are going to look.
  • Audio: If you have the best video quality but the audio quality sucks, then no one is going to even tolerate your video for a good few minutes. So if you are not adding an external mic but sure to check the built-in audio quality.
  • Auto Focus: While vlogging outside the auto focus of your camera has to work perfectly otherwise your content will lose the meaningfulness as what you are trying to show.
  • Stabilization: Many great cameras have shakiness which will hamper the quality of the videos. So if you are buying a camera for vlogging purposes make sure to choose a camera which has great stabilization. Most of it you can cover by using a gimbal and tweak settings but still if the shakiness is in the camera then you better drop that camera.

The cameras below we have ranked for vlogging are the best one and come packed with these qualities which will make you get great video content for your YouTube channel.


Best Budget Cameras For Vlogging To Get More Views On YouTube Videos-2021-daJ22

This simple looking camera is not just affordable but comes with amazing features, beautiful display, superb video quality, solid image stabilization and other wide range of features. It also has a great competitive price that gives us great value for our money.
From the design perspective the DJI OSMO Action camera has a classic action camera look and resembles GoPro Hero models. Some of its features are discussed below:

  • Very lightweight
  • Has 1.4” screen with 300 ppi pixel density
  • Has the brightness of 750 nits which can capture footage cleanly even in the direct sunlight
  • Great image stabilization system
  • In can record 4K videos in 30-60/fps
  • It can also record great quality videos in 1080p and super slow motion
  • On top of everything it’s the most affordable camera on this list with all the great features

Olympus E-M1 III

Best Budget Cameras For Vlogging To Get More Views On YouTube Videos-dDaa

Olympus has been very popular due to its humongous presence in the world for long. Olympus E-M1 III is really a good camera for vlogging. Although most of the people had issues with it. Its stabilizer is great that you don’t need to use a gimbal with it. There are few important specs and features of it that we have mentioned below which will help you get quality footage:

  • It is smaller than its predecessors and you can easily hold it in your hand without getting tired
  • It shoots in 4K with natural colors
  • Decent Auto Focus – It has single and continuous auto focus which you can interchange
  • It supports HDR mode
  • You can use its ND feature to capture one subject stationary and the rest moving
  • There are many settings and filters you can choose from
  • It’s smaller, compact and much easier to travel with

Sony Alpha A6400

affordable vlogging cameras 2021-2

The next great camera for vlogging on our list is a mid-ranger–Sony Alpha A6400 for a great intuitiveness and inventiveness while shooting. It also comes with a touch LCD screen with 921k resolution on its back. Some of its other great features and specs are mentioned below which makes it more desirable to start vlogging and uploading your videos on YouTube in 2021:

  • The 2360K resolution can give your videos true to life colors
  • Superb auto focus system with real-time tracking and real-time eye tracking to track fast moving objects
  • 24.2 APS-C CMOS Sensor for great detailing
  • Auto Noise check even in high ISO levels
  • In burst shooting mode it can record on 11/fps which is great
  • Interchangeable lens
  • 4K video quality

Fujifilm X-T4

Best Budget Cameras For Vlogging To Get More Views On YouTube Videos

The Fujifilm X-T4 is Fuji’s one of the high-end photo and video mirrorless cameras. Some of its greatest features for great YouTube content includes in-body stabilization, faster shooting, improved auto-focus and a larger battery that runs better than your any other popular camera. It’s a 26 megapixel camera capable of shooting at 24/fps and 4K video recording in up to 60/fps. With its amazing specs it’s hands down one of the few great cameras for vlogging that you can afford. Some of its other features are mentioned below:

  • Pretty laid out main menu and the options breaks down into detailed logical sections to make you understand the settings in a better way
  • XT4 and XT3 video options will give you great value for your money and amazing contents for YouTube
  • Flawless picture quality
  • With the movie mode, the X-T4 can record both professional-level DCI 4K/60p and Full HD/240p in super slow-motion.
  • Besides it’s all the great features that other action cameras have but Fujifilm cameras are very different from others in many ways which makes them very desirable at the same time

DJI Pocket 2

Best Budget Cameras For Vlogging To Get More Views On YouTube Videos

This is a cool, small and lightweight camera with a built-in gimbal that can easily record footage in 4K 60/fps, can easily fit in your pocket and gives phenomenal 1080p quality if the lighting is good. It’s very smooth and stable to shoot videos in HDR. The colors of DJI Pocket 2 are beautiful and has dynamic range.
You can shoot smooth videos even if they are in slow-motion. It’s hundred times worth a shot than the best smartphone available on market including new iPhones. dji OSMO cameras are probably one of the smallest vlogging cameras at the moment.
It also has 360 degrees sound capture with three slots for it and also stereo audio option. You can also add an external mic if you want to. Its angle is really wide and the sensors are up to the standards. It’s very easy to take a hold of. So if you are on a budget and starting over vlogging this one’s for you.

Canon M50

Best Budget Cameras For Vlogging To Get More Views On YouTube Videos-2021-adaw3

Canon M50 comes with a flip out screen or selfie screen which lets you check yourself while recording which makes vlogging real time fun. Its auto focus is also good which is another feature which is necessary. So you don’t have to worry about yourself being out of focus. Its audio quality is workable but if you want to add an external mic it you can plug it in.
It comes with an interchangeable lens so if you want to change it at any point in future you could do that.
It can shoot videos in 1080p and 4K qualities. It also has great photo quality so if you want to take photos for your social media or your clients, it serves the best. For the price it’s being offered is hands down the cheapest one for its value and good quality. You can create awesome content which is available for other people to take advantage of.
Besides, its lenses are also affordable. It’s easy to use and its boy layout has a separate place for everything. Even if you add accessories, the flip screen does not get blocked. It has also a beginner photography mode which you can check out being a newbie. Some of its good takeaways are mentioned below:

  • High resolution 4K and 1080p recording
  • Better auto focus than competitors
  • Good internal audio
  • Best for indoor videos and tech reviews
  • Amazing bigger APS-C sensor
  • Built-in stabilization (the stabilization is in the body and also the lens
  • 120 FPS super slow motion

Panasonic LUMIX G7 4K

Best Budget Cameras For Vlogging To Get More Views On YouTube Videos-2021-2

Although Lumix G7 is a bit older camera as compared to other cameras on our list, this is the only camera which is budget friendly and good for vlogging from Lumix products. All others are a bit pricey. It has great dynamic range and good audio quality. So if you are not adding the external mic you are still good. Some of its good takeaways are mentioned below to start vlogging in 2021:

  • It has wonderful 4K results. Although many cameras can record in 4K but what you get in the result is the actual thing.
  • Good 1080p result
  • It automatically blurs background
  • Good auto focus although slower in 4K
  • It works great in low light conditions
  • Its lenses are very affordable
  • No crop in 4K mode
  • Native lenses

Sony ZV1

affordable vlogging cameras 2021-1

This camera is the advanced version of a very popular Sony camera RX100 Mark V which was very popular among the content creators a few years back.
Sony ZV1 is a proper pocketable, 4K, 120/fps super slow-motion camera with great footage colors. It also has a flip out screen to check while vlogging. Some of its specs are mentioned below:

  • Sony ZV1 is a great camera for low light conditions
  • It comes with self stabilization
  • Cinematic lens
  • It has a wide lens
  • It can automatically blur background when selected
  • Very affordable
  • Pocketable
  • Its audio works great even when it’s windy outside
  • Great auto focus
  • Performs extremely well in low light conditions

Sony A6100

affordable vlogging cameras 2021-3

Sony A6000 Series is overall a great one when it comes to record footage in extremely poor light. Sony A6100 also falls in the same series and can record beautiful videos in low light conditions. Some of its great features and specs are mentioned below:

  • It record in 120/fps slow-motion videos with great perfection
  • Previously there were two main issues which they have resolved in this model- Colors and battery life. They both perform extremely well in this camera.
  • It can blur background automatically
  • The auto focus is phenomenal
  • All the lenses for this camera weathershield to block dust and other materials.
  • With this camera you can vlog in cinematic quality
  • You can interchange the lenses to get even greater results
  • Improved battery life than its predecessors
  • It can also record in 4K 60/fps and HDR etc.
  • If you can add extra lens you can enjoy vlogging in Casey Neistat style wide-angle

INSTA360 ONE R Twin Edition

Best Budget Cameras For Vlogging To Get More Views On YouTube Videos

INSTA360 ONE R is totally a new phenomenon in the domain of cameras. It’s a modular camera system which means you have the ability to build up your camera with different components. Not only that you can add different cameras into a single unit.
It’s also waterproof and you can literally take it anywhere you want. If you compare the price of this camera to any modern one, let’s say GoPro Hero, you will find it very cheap. For the price of a single unit you can get two cameras with components.
Some of its important features and specs are mentioned below:

  • You can buy its 4K and 360 Modes as a single camera and join them
  • You can record in 4K and 5.3K easily in 30-60/fps.
  • Flowstate stabilization system to get smooth footage
  • You can also record the footage in 360 and then reframe it later
  • It comes with Auto Focus AI which you can set to just focus yourself
  • You can buy the single edition which we have listed below

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