6 Ways Technology Could Affect Weddings of The Future

Technology is affecting all things. There’s no doubt about that. In everyday life and in almost any situation you can incorporate some form of technology. Therefore, we thought it would be interesting to come up with 8 ways in which technology could affect weddings of the future.

Weddings are an incredible special day (for the wife at least) and therefore it’s a must that the wedding day must go to plan and must meet everyone’s expectations. So we thought, what technologies could see being seriously implemented into the weddings of the future. Which technologies would benefit the wedding party and create great footage, great memories, a great scene and more. Here are our 8 ways technology could affect weddings of the future…

fashlinksfri-copyWearable Technology That Tracks Your Moves

Wearables are massive. Without a doubt. However, with the Apple Watch and wearables like the Misfit Shine, wearables are becoming a lot more about fashion. SO imagine a future where Cartier or Tiffany offer up some form of wearable that tracks your movements around the venue and allows you to look back on those movements later that day. It’s an interesting concept that would make looking back on the day and your movements a little more exciting. Plus, you’d be able to see how many steps and calories you burnt that day (which is great reading for the wife).

googlephotos-ftGoogle Photos Recording Every Photo

So recently, Google introduced the ability to have every photo from your tablet, iPhone, Android device and even your photos from your camera (with the use of the computer uploader) uploaded to a single place in chronological order with locations and a clever search feature. Google Photos already automatically creates beautiful stories and video and image montages for you to look back on your day. So this could be a great way to share the day with other people and look back on it in ten years time, where you were with each photo, videos and more.

drone-106bpp_w923_h616Drones For The Coolest Videos and Photos

This may be more for the groomsman and would likely be something that the groomsmen forced the wedding to have. However, with Drones becoming more and more affordable (around $50 for a fairly decent ones these days) we have already started to see couples have videos and photos of their weddings recorded on a drone. We wouldn’t be surprised if already, or in the future certainly, the ability to hire out drones for wedding becomes a business venture.

3D-printed-cake-chef-jet3d Printed Decorations

3d printing is another technology that is booming at the moment. It’s still a little early for it to become a situation where they are as popular as regular printers today, but many futurists and technology enthusiasts predict that by 2020, 3d printing will be brought more into homes and will also be used for retail use. However, imagine being able to use your 3d printer to print off these great looking decorations from Pinterest? That’s almost certainly something we can see becoming a thing.

Recording-Wedding-Ceremony-and-Reception-MomentPeriscope The Wedding

This one may be for the more youthful couple. Periscope is the hottest thing in Livestreaming. It’s the Twitch for just normal livestreams. So imagine live streaming your wedding via the incredibly popular app. We would not be surprised to see this become more of a regular thing, especially with celebrity weddings and weddings that have something a bit more special about them. The potential is also theref for family members who couldn’t make it to the wedding. Being able to sit down at home on your tablet as someone records the day and you just watch it on your screen would make you feel so much better about not being able to travel to Greece to see it in person.

bdca0f08-c76b-404a-9a90-57c19769704e-rs_768Get Driven to and From The Wedding With Driver-less Cars

Dirver-less cars are so exciting and definitely a vehicle that will be very popular in around 30 or 40 years time. Therefore, having a driverless car at a wedding just seems like something that will eventually happen. If you could hire out the latest Mercedes to drive you from your home to your venue and then from your venue back home again, that would be something I’m sure a lot of couples would invest their budget in. Not only would it save the time for someone at the wedding to drive them, but it would also create a fun experience for the couple (or the wife at least) before the wedding day has even begun.

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