25 Best Gadgets For Photographers – Part 1

Whether you’re looking for photography gadgets for yourself or a friend, we’ve got a list of the best ones on the market today that are sure to please any photographer or enthusiast. Take a look below at part one of our collection of 25 brilliant gadgets for photographers to make sure you’re up to date with the newest gizmos.

Brilliant Gadgets For Photographers- Petzval lens

Petzval Lens $599

This retro style lens works with Canon EF mount and Nikon F mount SLRs and DSLRs to create cool swirly blurred background effects and clear centre focus in your shots. This brass lens was originally created in the 1800s but has been updated to be a cool modern photography gadget.

Brilliant Gadgets For Photographers- iblazr

iBlazr $49.99

The iBlazr is a synchronised LED flash for smartphones that creates great shots in low light situations. The flash plugs into the earphone socket of the smartphone and has its own battery with enough power to take 500 photos before needing to be recharged.

Brilliant Gadgets For Photographers- Lightcase

Lightcase $50

This cool photography gadgets is great to use with smartphones as it pops up and enhances natural light, making sure there aren’t any harsh shadows on your subject. The Lightcase uses smart material to enhance light, meaning you don’t need artificial lights or flashes and the clever gadget folds away flat for easy storage.

Brilliant Gadgets For Photographers- ONDU

ONDU Pinhole Camera $120

The ONDU pinhole camera is a great wooden take on an old photography technique that uses light entering through a tiny hole in the camera to create an image. This camera is small and light enough to fit in your pocket so you can take portraits and nature shots when you’re out and about.

Brilliant Gadgets For Photographers- GoPro fetch

GoPro Fetch Dog Harness $45.99

This great photography accessory is perfect for dog owners who want to try something new with their GoPro camera. The harness is fully adjustable, washable and water friendly, allowing you to record a dog’s eye view of the world easily.

Brilliant Gadgets For Photographers- Bird Photo Booth

Bird Photo Booth $99.99

If you love nature then this is a fun photography gadget for you- the Bird Photo Booth is a wild bird feeder and bird camera combo that makes it easy to take great bird photos. This gadget streams live footage to almost any wifi or bluetooth enabled device.

Brilliant Gadgets For Photographers- Xsories

XSories WEFE Weye Feye $189

This smart DSLR gadget works with almost any Canon and Nikon camera and has a range of 8 meters. It generates its own wireless network, enabling you to use your smartphone or tablet as a remote control for your untethered camera.


Brilliant Gadgets For Photographers- Gooey skins

Gooey Skins $20

Gooey skins are available for a range of smartphones and they allow you to stick your phone to smooth surfaces such as glass and acrylic for easy photo taking and can be removed without residue. The skins don’t stick to your hands or pocket and don’t collect dust, making this an awesome gadget for photographers.

Brilliant Gadgets For Photographers- Lomography

Lomography Smartphone Scanner $73

If you have lots of 35mm film that is sitting doing nothing, then this gadget will make good use of it by allowing you to scan and share the film instantly with your smartphone.

Brilliant Gadgets For Photographers- Muku shuttr

Muku Shuttr $40

The Muku Shuttr is an incredibly slim shutter remote for iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets, allowing you to take great photos easily.

Brilliant Gadgets For Photographers- Narrative

Narrative $149

This awesome photography gadget allows you to capture photos of the moments that matter without you even having to think about it. This wearable camera automatically takes photos hands free, allowing you to record experiences without needing to stare through a viewfinder.

Brilliant Gadgets For Photographers- Flashmate

GiSTEQ Flashmate Ring Camera Light $99

This brilliant ring camera is the perfect gadget for photographers as it allows you to get great photos from portraits to product shots. The ring light has three brightness levels, can work with flash triggers and can also be used as an AF assist lamp.

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