Best Drones With Longest Flight Time More Than 30 Minutes

Drone technology is becoming more and more popular day-by-day and people are looking for Drones with 1 hour flight time. While the new pilots get very excited about controlling the drones and want to enjoy hours of Drone flying. But the truth is, to fly drone for a long time, batteries play a vital role.

However, drones with 30 minutes flying time can get you the results that you want and they are considered best in the business. This guide will not only answer frequent questions about drone technology but also how to increase drone flying time and which drones provide long flying time. 

Why are drone flight times so short?

The power of the battery determines a drone’s flying ability. The longer the batteries run and the longer drones fly. There are three basic things related to drone flight duration being very brief. Batteries are heavy, require a long time to charge and are very expensive. 

Many young amateur pilots ignore short flight times while buying their first UAV. They charge and fly their drone, which comes down after a few minutes and they get frustrated. Many toy drones even fly 6 minutes at most. However, generally the Drone with the best batteries cannot fly more than 30 minutes. 

Important facts about Drone batteries 

Find out what batteries are compatible with a drone before you buy it. Brand-only batteries with proprietary connectors can often cost a lot more.

Do not forget to check the compatibility of batteries. Their costs vary a great deal depending on brands. However, if you think you should buy extra batteries you must know about the cost variation, use and price of batteries. 

You may decide not to buy an additional battery with your drone, at least not yet. Even so, make sure you consider the cost in case you need a spare or replacement further down the road. Even if you do NOT want to buy extra batteries, you still need to know about their prices. As some, under big brand names, cost as many as $150 while the others $35 or there are still some which cost between the extremes. So knowing about it beforehand is very useful. 

What are Drone Batteries composed of?

Nowadays, most Drone batteries use LiPo (Lithium Polymer) rather than the old NiCad. They last longer and give out more power and energy. Therefore, you should make sure that your drone has LiPo batteries. 

How long does it take to charge a drone battery

The second most irritating thing after short flight times is battery charging which takes like forever. Some times as long as 3 hours while others may take as less as 30 minutes to fully charge. All drones do not come with their own charging station, if you have to buy one from the market you should choose wisely. As all charging stations do not perform well with all brands. 

Technically, a charger indicates charging in amps. A 6-amp charger will charge faster than a 2-amp charger. 

Quick facts about Drone batteries 

Batteries play the main role for flying your Drone. The flight time depends on the weather conditions and the way you fly your drone. For ideal results buy LiPo batteries with a charging station for higher output. If you want longer flights choose the best batteries and also buy extra batteries. 

List of best Drones with the longest flight time

#1 DJI Mavic 2 Zoom 


This quadcopter has a 24-48mm zoom camera first of its kind. It has many other features and with all that DJI Mavic 2 Zoom can still stay in the air more than 30 minutes. This model has set standards for using 12MP cameras with 24-48mm optical lens which was not used before in any drone. 

Pros: It gives 31-minute flight time, flies faster at 44.7 mph during Sports Mode, foldable, quicker, detects collision and is panoramic. 

Cons: It costs dearly for additional batteries and lacks gesture control. 

Short battery life is really annoying if you own a drone. For a civilian quadcopter DJI Mavic 2 Zoom gives great flight time. The photographers with aerial photography background can stay long in the air and travel even farther than before. It’s sports mode will help you to get to places quickly. It’s less noisy as the rotors are used cleverly. As the excessive noise sound irritates people the less noisy drone is ideal. 

Mavic 2 Zoom has an awesome flight control system to capture awesome aerial footage. Its sensors help it avoid collision. You can fly it in three different ways: By using the DJI controller; using DJI Go 4 app with a smartphone or using the smart Flight Mode. 

#2 DJI Mavic Mini


If there is any worst shortcoming of a civilian drone it’s short flight duration. That’s one of the reasons the drones with long time fights are in great demand. The latest model DJI Mavic Mini is one of the finest drones which give an unflinching 30-minute flight. 

Pros: It can give you a 30-minute flight on a  single charge; it’s portable and foldable; a high quality gimbal camera is added with a smart controller. 

Cons: It lacks collision sensors which poses potential risk. 

Reasons to Consider the DJI Mavic Mini

The new DJI Mavic Mini fits in the pocket well. It’s high quality and easily foldable quadcopter. Its small size does not cost beyond affordability. A regular pilot will find it simple to control it easily. The new DJI Flight App comes with simple controls and has a beginner’s flight tutorial. 

#3 DJI Mavic Pro


DJI’s Mavic Pro is another master stroke in the den of majestic drones which is the smallest camera drone in the range as well. It is very easy to control whereas the target audience is the prosumer.  

Its finest battery can keep the drone flying for 27-minutes at best, while the charging only takes 60 minutes and speed is 40-mph. It can cover a distance of 7kms which is best for taking footage of places you could not get to otherwise. Its compact design makes it ideal for constant travellers. This tiny quadcopter comes with surprising features so Do NOT let its small size fool you. Its app is available on Android and Apple. The smart RC automatically spots the drone once connected with WiFi. 

The 1080p live-footage shows smoothness. The DJI Go App gives you control over everything. For enjoying First Person Viewing you can buy cool DJI Goggles. These Goggles help you control drone moments with just moving your head. 

While the later model Mavic Pro Platinum with 30 minutes long flight and least noise production. All it costs is just $100 more to get it. 


DJI Mavic Pro’s camera can record and show 4K video footage with incredible 12MP images. The fine gimbal stabilizes the footage. You can choose image formats according to your choice as there are plenty of options available for that.

#4 Blade Chroma 4K 


This Blade Chroma quadcopter is best for delivering high quality 4K footage. It’s very compact and you can enjoy its flying immediately. It’s very lightweight and portable which is the best option for traveling. 


The first time flyers can take advantage of Smart Mode to get amazing videos and photos. The Aerial Photography Mode is ideal for different conditions and the battery gives a good 30-minute flight time. The top speed could be seen around 40mph with flight range to 600m. The RC helps control flying easily with touchscreen display and enjoy real-time viewing. With fingertips you can control its speed, altitude, flight mode and camera without attaching any mobile device. 

Its Watch Me and Follow Me help to control the drone. These both two modes are very good for composing images and shooting videos while the drone keeps flying. 

There are other helpful features such as tracking mode, return home and adjust flight boundaries. 

#5 DJI Phantom 4 Pro 


DJI makes the best drones when it comes to quality quadcopters which are affordable and advanced. Their DJI Phantom 4 Pro and 4 Pro+ are made available at prosumer level. The beginner may find it hard to control it at its fullest energy and power. Technically it suits pros and experts. 

The Phantom 4 Pro gives you 30 minutes flying time with 7 kms range and 45 mph top speed. All these features make it very useful drone for experts and best footage. 

For the First Person View (FPV)  using DJI’s own Goggles are best for viewing and controlling the footage. They prove great first person viewing experiences and your eyes in the sky.  A comparatively faster drone can explore areas you have never imagined. It will hep you start your professional career quickly. 

The controller is compact and small but very powerful. The different frequencies of 2.4 GHz to 5.8 GHz for best results. A device is needed to be added to the Phantom 4 Pro. There is a Pro+ model which gives even more features to get the best videos and photos. 

#6 Traxxas Aton Plus


This model is reviewed by experts everywhere for being a flyer with a different look. It’s very small and gives the best quadcopter to fly. You can compare this UAVs with other models. It’s a smart camera and flight time duration is not less than 25 minutes. 

The Traxxas Aton Plus is a faster model that attains the speed of 50 mph quickly. Though the manufacturers have included distance and altitude features for the beginners level yet it’s not fixed. 

 As soon as it touches the limits of 400-500 feet high and far it starts returning back to its flying destination. The controller has been made clutter free and very simple to operate with a clean LCD screen to let you see the footage. The controls also show battery level, flight mode, throttle rate, AUX and AUX2 indicators. 

The app lets you customize and control flight settings such as Geofence, Radius, flight and height etc. This drone does not have its own camera but you need to attach one of your own. 

#7 Yuneec Typhoon H


Yuneec Typhoon H has 6 rotor UAV and it’s manufactured for prosumer level. The beginners with advanced knowledge can easily control it but it makes it a wonderful experience for an experienced flyer. 

Yuneec Typhoon H has a wonderful battery life that gives you 25 minutes of flying. There is a one mile range restriction which some experts might find too strict to ignore. It attains 22 mph at top speed which is below average for  UAV of this model. However, you may like slower speed as the quick speed will certainly drain the battery off. It’s good safety feature automatically returns this drone once reaching at 400-500 feet. 

Yuneec has a simple LCD screen and control with features such as battery level, flight mode, throttle rate, AUX and AUX2 display. You can see everything on screen and control them. AUX2 can be considered brakes which can quickly take it off the hindrances. 

Some people may dislike the RC remote control but it gives clear viewing of real-time footage. It does not require a different device for it. The ST16 makes recording of footage fun. There is also another controller which is called “Wizard” that you can use for controlling the flight path. 

The two controllers can perfectly sum up the idea that one person may be busy himself flying the drone with the Wizard while the other concentrates on footage with the main ST16 controller. You can also enjoy the FPV view with the Yuneec Skyview headset. The builtin headset gives great 720p viewership. You can wear this headset with even glasses. The CGO3 camera comes with a stabilized gimbal and the footage quality is UHD in 4K with 12MP quality images. 

#8 Yuneec Q500+


Yuneec Q500+ is a beautifully designed Genius Idea Drone drone that’s ready to fly. It’s a beautiful bird that pleases the beginners and prosumers at the same time. The battery will help you keep the drone in the air for 25 minutes at 18-mph. Although this speed is not considered fast yet it is enough. It’s very stable and nice to give you the best camera drone. 

The design is so beautiful that it resembles an eagle in the open sky, even though it’s big, you can control it easily with its S10+ remote controller. The controller has all the features that you need for controlling it with its 5.5” touchscreen for FPV. 

Its controller will become just an extension of your arm after some tweaking around it. Its CGO3 3-axis camera gimbal DL link is good to go with. For perfecting shots you can move the camera to different angles and take perfect shots. You can record videos in 4K with its Ultra High Definition settings or even recording a real time 1080p video live on screen. 

Having the ability to capture footage in 4K is something that every drone pilot longs for. For stills photography, you have 12MP images that provide exceptional photos showing minute details.

Three flying modes with GPS such as Smart, Angle and Home are for beginners and Pro pilots. That they can enjoy distinctively. Other specs and accessories make it worth your each penny. Some other accessories include ST10+ RC, two batteries, a charger, sunshade, Bade removal tool, 8GB SD card with adapter, for additional rotor blades, handheld SteadyGrip and aluminum carrier case. 


  1. I am thinking about getting into drone flying. I have no experience in flying a drone. I have been on Drone Rush, Drone Pilot Ground School, and other websites trying to get as much information as I can on drones. Is there anything on drones that can be printed out in PDF? If so please let me know.

    1. There are few basics that every drone flyer must keep in mind before flying such as flying under the height of 400 feet and flying legally. Always fly where you can see it, if it vanishes just bring it back.

      Stay away from airports, accidents, military installations, stadiums, controlled spaces and bad weather etc. Use apps that let you know where you can fly your drone legally.

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