Must Have Kitchen Technology for Any Kitchen – 5 Things Your Kitchen Would Love!

We live in a day and age where there is piece of technology to assist with almost everything we do, so when it comes to being the kitchen and cooking it will come as no surprise that there are tons of appliances and gadgets to make life a little easier. Here we have put together a selection of new technology that will save you time, help you out and even create amazing culinary results, that would of be achievable without these useful aids.


Pantelligent Smart Frying Pan – in production

A work in process, the Pantelligent will turn any novice into a pro with their first steak. The Pantelligent really is the most intelligent frying pan on the market, with this pan you will have the most perfect rare steaks, pink salmon and even soft vegetables. This innovative frying pan comes with an application that can tell you the exact temperature of the frying pan and will give you instructions according to whatever you are cooking. For example, if you are cooking a steak medium to rare then the app will guide to as to when to flip the meat and whether to turn the heat up higher or lower. Once more, this clever piece of technology will send reminders as you cook, so you can be playing your favourite game whilst cooking.


Orange Chef Countertop – $199.95

The countertop not only helps in your cooking and making you more food smart but also helps encourage you to utilise the appliances you already have, such as the blender gathering dust in the back of a cupboard. Another cool feature is that you can link your counter top to fitness trackers, in particular the jawbone UP. The counter top offers recipes based on what you have been up to that day as it is linked with other gadgets, for example if you have just been for a run which was registered with your Jawbone, the countertop app will offer a meal to compliment your exercise such as a replenishing smoothie. Countertop is also great for those everyday panic moments when you can’t think of any quick and healthy meals. The countertop also works with the new Apple watch, this is an amazing way to stay healthy and aware of your personal nutrition levels.

hapiforks-aligned-100033579-origHAPifork – $79.00

If you are looking to shift those extra pounds in time for beach season but want that extra support and reassurance then the HAPifork is a great idea for you. There is a huge links between how fast you eat you meals as to losing weight. The importance of eating slowly is huge with research into the speed of eating being linked to weight gain, digestive problems, gastric reflux and even postoperative complications. The HAPifork does not just encourage eating meals slower but registers intervals between forkfuls, amount of fork servings and how many per minute.

lg smart ovenLG Smart Oven – $1399.99

The LG smart oven makes a lot of peoples wishes realities and will come as a huge help to most. This oven can be fully controlled by a smart phone, so you can simply turn your oven on and off, adjust temperatures and even send recipes to it. This is perfect if you have a lot of cooking to do but need to nip to the shops to pick up extra ingredients or even if you want your dinner ready for when you come in from work, this is all possible with the LG Smart Oven as you can switch it on when you leave the office. With this fantastic oven being manufactured by a very well trusted name in the field of technology, we are you it will be a breeze to use and this is reflected with the 4.9 out of 5 star reviews it has on the LG webpage.

Williams- Sonoma Smart Thermomete

Williams-Sonoma Smart Thermometer – $149.95

The Williams- Sonoma Smart Thermometer is much more than just an ordinary thermometer. The Williams- Sonoma Smart Thermometer is Bluetooth enabled to be able to connect to any Bluetooth operating gadgets such as your smartphone, in particular the iPhone with the free Apple app that controls everything about your cooking and meal. The Williams- Sonoma Smart Thermometer can monitor temperature as well as cooking progress so you are free to go away and do other things but be safe in the knowledge that your food will be cooked to perfection. In addition to this you can set reminders to flip or even baste whatever culinary delights you are creating.

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