Enhancing Customer Loyalty In 5 Ways

What does an eCommerce website need? The customers. It might be easy to attract the customers, but it’s toughest to retain them for longer. Loyal customers are oxygen to make a business running successfully. Every eCommerce business owner wants the loyalty level enhanced at their website. What are the possible ways to do that? Here are given few to help such anxious eStore-owners.

1.      Thank You Page: Work On That

Instead of creating a simple Thank You page, go for making that something special for the customers. You have to appeal to the customers, so the Thank You page should be meant to represent your concerns. You can ask the customers whether they find the page or information useful. You can put your business information over there or place some useful resources, or even the follow up steps can do the magic. Tying in the promotional message can also be a good option to make the Thank You page loyalty-builder. However, make it sure that the marketing message is compelling for the site visitors or the customers.

2.      Hear Your Customers

If you ask for feedback from the customers and don’t pay attention to what they say, it would be just a wasting activity. Many companies take the customer care department seriously. They survey their website visitors and don’t miss a single opportunity to gain information of what they think. It helps them improving upon their products or services. Improve upon the feedback channels and let the customers realize how much you care about them.

3.      Performance Indicator: Don’t Consider Cancellations

Although, order cancellation is a relative performance indicator, but there are many others needing serious consideration. Do consider

  • Net promoter score of your company
  • How frequently customers interact with your website
  • The time span between different customer visits.

The more engaged your customers are with your website the higher will be their loyalty.

4.      Facilitate Customers At The Website

The best way to retain customers and to win over their loyalty is by facilitating them at each and every step. The checkout point is one such example where if the customers gets confused, the chances to switch increase many folds. For Magento based websites, such a problem is solved by Magento one step checkout extension. Various other extensions are also available to make the online shopping venture pleasant for the e business owners.

5.      Hire Experts To Manage

If you don’t think you can tackle the loyalty building mission of your business, you can hire experts to manage it as a whole campaign. You can consider persons with background of operations management, customer care, marketing, and product management. The selected individual or team should know how to take all the concerned people in loop and how important qualitative and quantitative data analysis is.

Make it clear that customer loyalty may affect multiple departments, but needs a perfect champion as well.

6.      Focus The Profits And Losses

Not many eCommerce business owners consider loyalty as a source of getting profit and revenue. The reason is they think loyalty is an automatically achieved thing. The business they are dealing in, whether it’s about products or services, brings in loyalty as a natural outcome. They should realize that frequent interaction with the customers is the main source to build loyalty among them. Every single activity should be tied up with the gains or losses. This strategy should be implemented company wide.

What do you think about customer loyalty and the factors involved behind enhancing the customer loyalty? Share your views in the comments below. Also, share if you have used the one step checkout extension.

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