Mobiespion – An Application to Spy Inside the Phone

Curiosity “The Mother of Spying”

Curiosity is the mother of spying and in today’s time when people feel being cheated or betrayed by their comrades one always wants to keep check of not being fooled by others. Earlier people used to hire secret agents to keep eye on their fellow’s suspicious activities but thanks to Smartphone technology where it’s just a matter of installing an invisible spying app on targeted phone and you can have every bit information about other person’s activities just on one click.

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Mobiespion is one of the extending apps in the world of spy applications, offers most skilful and practicable features. Above all offers multiple platform friendliness which gives user maximum control to spy on targeted phone. Mobiespion is available on 3 major and widely used platforms IOS, Android & Blackberry. Besides offering regular features that almost every other spy app offers to its users. Mobiespion phone spying technology has pushed it to the whole other level by introducing features that gives the user better control of the app with more ease.

Distinct Application:

Beside the regular spy app features e.g. photo, email, appointment book, messages, contact list, geo area or call logs sharing etc few of the highlighting features that makes Mobiespion a distinct app from rest includes unlimited device switch, remote control SMS commands & global monitoring of targeted phone. With unlimited device switch you can install the app on as many phones by using your just one time purchased license till it gets expired. It means if you wants to spy another phone and you still got some time left before your license get expire, you can simply uninstall the app from one device and install it on another targeted device. Which leaves you with endless options to spy on infinite devices.

Global Monitoring

Another much required feature of the app is global monitoring which enables user to keep eagle eye view on phone activities 24/7 so it does not matter where you are in world as long as you got access to internet, you can simply login to your Mobiespion web account and keep access to all the recent activities. After all what’s the point of spying if you lose your eye on your target.


SMS Commands

Last but not the least the most highest scoring feature of the app is one sms commands through which you can control your application activities without physically interacting with target device. This gives you huge escape from risk of being caught for spying your target. List of text message commands for your phone:

  • Delete Application Command
  • Paused Application
  • Start again Application
  • Whole Phone Data Backup
  • Listen live phone surrounding

Mobispion is a great tool to have not just for spying purposes but also to keep your own phones secure. There are few features for which you have to pay to get access but Imagine if you lose your phone somewhere or its being stolen then definitely it’s your own easiest solution to find out where your phone is in addition it provides full data backup. So it worth every penny of your small investment .The only down side of this spy app is if you get caught then it can affect your trusted relationships which for sure can be sorted out by talking about its reasons.


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