The 10 Most Entertaining USB Gadgets

Have you ever felt like your desk needs a little more excitement? Staring at a computer screen can get boring, and when you feel like you need a break from work it always helps to have something fun and useful nearby. We’ve scoured the internet to bring you list of the most entertaining USB powered we could find, from useful to just plain amusing!

1. Hot Cookie USB Cup Warmer

cookie cup warmer

Keep your tea, coffee or hot chocolate warm with this fun USB gadget. Shaped like a chocolate cookie, the cup warmer heats your mug to extend your drinking time by up to 30 minutes which is very helpful for slow sippers! The long cable means you can safely use the USB device on your desk and it needs no software, just plug in to activate.

2. USB Toast Flash Drives

Toast flash drives

This bread themed set of flash drives is definitely entertaining and its useful too as each drive has 8GB of memory. The toaster hub has four slots for memory drives and also an SD card slot which makes it perfect for managing image files too. With a 1m long cable this hub and memory stick combo is one of the most fun looking devices for USB we’ve found!

3. USB Heated Blanket

USB heated blanket

If you’re the type to use your laptop on the sofa then this heated blanket could be just what you need for when it gets chilly- just plug in and feel the warmth as the heating elements on this soft velour blanket fire up! The plush blanket requires no software or other parts but does use two USB ports for the high heat setting.

4. Fascinations FISHQ1 Desktop Aquarium

USB Aquarium

This entertaining but weird USB gadget is an aquarium for real fish, featuring a pump and undergravel filtration to make it easy to maintain and clean. It also features colour changing LEDs for underwater illumination to add a bit of ambience to your desk! As well as the fish tank, this item also includes an LCD calendar with clock and thermometer plus a desk caddy with pen holder to make it the ultimate multitasking desktop USB device!

5. U4 Gyro Helicopter

u4-gyro helicopter

This USB powered helicopter has a built in gyroscopic stabiliser, front spotlight and hover control to enable perfect flying and prevent accidental crashes. The three directional control makes flying the gadget simple and you’ll wonder why you’d never considered buying a helicopter before! Definitely a boy’s toy, the U4 Gyro has metal casing to protect the components from knocks and will charge in 30-40 minutes via USB.

6. Doctor Who Dalek Desk Protector

USB Dalek

Doctor Who fans young and old will enjoy this wonderful and noisy toy! The bright yellow Dalek comes alive when it senses someone coming near your desk with the motion detector and then says one of four scary Dalek phrases while the speech indicators flash. Now you can leave your desk unattended knowing that this clever toy for USB will protect it and scare off any unwanted visitors!

7. USB Circus Cannon

USB circus canon

If you want to get your own back in the office or just have some amusement at home then this fun USB toy will keep you entertained for hours. The Circus Cannon comes with software that allows you to aim the cannon precisely to hit your target, and the darts are made from foam so no one gets hurt!

8. LED Clock Fan

LED USB Clock Fan

This spinning clock fan is both ingenious and cooling for those days when work stress is making you a little hot under the collar. Just plug this USB gadget in and watch as green and red LED lights create a clock face complete with hour, minute and second hands right on the blades of the fan. The clock will keep the time you set even after it has been unplugged which is genius, making this a brilliant little gadget for your USB port.

9. Mini USB FridgeUSB fridge

If you’ve ever watched the ice melt in your drink or your beer slowly warm up on a hot day then you’ll know the frustration that created this mini fridge. The size is perfect for a tumbler or can of beer and you can relax by your computer knowing that your drink won’t be warm when you take the next sip. This little fridge requires no software to run and simply plugs into your USB port with a long cable to activate the cold plate.

10. Sushi Memory Sticks

Sushi Memory sticks

These memory sticks really need no introduction as their unusual appearance is what makes them so entertaining! If you or someone you know loves sushi then this set of 10 memory drvies would make the perfect USB accessory and will definitely be a talking point at the office! Each novelty device holds 4GB of memory so you can transport your files and folders Japanese style!

Did you like these cool usb gadgets? Are you still thinking which one to buy or have one already? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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