Choosing Your Own Memorabilia Type

Before starting your own signed memorabilia collection, it is important that you choose the type you want to collect. If you start without research, you might end up with a jumble that has no sophistication or direction. Therefore, make up your mind about whether you want to start off as a sports fan and football in particular or you want to build up a collection of signed film memorabilia. This article will explain to you in detail about some forms of memorabilia and how you can go about forming your very own collection. Here is some information for you.

Types of Memorabilia

There are many types of memorabilia. There are sports signatures, TV memorabilia, music autographs and film memorabilia. The thing to remember is that you want to start your collection based basically on your interest, not just the monetary value. Because this is after all something you love and not just a job.

So what are you into? Are you obsessed with Manchester United? Do you watch and re-watch all their matches? Save scrapes of pieces that they signed? Or is it Sir Cliff Richard whose music thrills you? Maybe its Colin Firth’s acting that captivates you! So whatever it is, just pick up one of the genres of the singed memorabilia and start collecting. Below is some information that might help you make up your mind.

Sports Memorabilia

Sports memorabilia can range from things like singed photos, trading cards, autographed balls, player’s jerseys and even sporting equipments. Signed sports memorabilia has more value then unsigned ones. Most serious collectors focus on one particular sport like football or baseball. The most popular and worthwhile objects are those that have some connection to famous icons like Tiger Woods, Muhammad Ali or David Beckham.

The collection of sports memorabilia started with baseball cards. The cards would have pictures of players and they were given away to promote business. This later turned into sports trading card. Many players like Babe Ruth started signing them, which increased their worth as collectables. Over the years, this hobby has turned into a high stake business venture.

Music Memorabilia

Like sports, music memorabilia can also include a variety of things like musical instruments used by some band or singer, autographed photos and even clothing items. This type of memorabilia is divided into two categories, personal items and career based objects.

In the world of serious collectors, items that follow the career of some singer or band are more valuable than personal items. Likewise, items that some band or artist used at the peak of their career would be worth more money than the ones used at other less popular times of their careers. Anything that is rare, like promotional objects, which were not for sale, become the most sought after memorabilia. These objects are bought by museums and displayed.

TV/Film Memorabilia

TV or film memorabilia for sale has a huge market. It features everything from the signed autograph of an actor/actress to the original script used in the film production, items that appeared in the film and even the costumes worn by actors.

There are some film memorabilia items that are made especially for promotional aspects which make them even more worthwhile as collectibles. Again like music memorabilia, TV and film memorabilia is more valuable if it includes an object that was directly in connection with a famous personality or show.

Did you know that the most expensive film memorabilia sold is the car that Sean Connery drove in Goldfinger and Thunderball, one of the most popular James Bond movies ever? This shows that signed memorabilia collection is not just a hobby but an actual investment like art collection.

Market Value

Of course the main reason for memorabilia collection is the sentimental value attached to it. A person could cherish a simple signed sports memorabilia by a completely unknown player simply because s/he loves that way player plays. On the other hand, memorabilia can also be worth a lot of money because of the following reasons:

  • The connection of that item to some person or event
  • How rare the item is
  • What the object is and where it comes from

Always remember that anything that has made some public appearance, for example, Madonna’s dress or a football signed by Beckham himself would have a lot more monetary value. But since you are just starting your own collection, aim for smaller objects first.

Seeking a Trusted Source

Made up your mind about what you want to collect? Now that you have decided which signed memorabilia collection you will start, you have to be very careful about where you get these items from. Research well about which place sells original memorabilia. Since the market is high for collectables, there is also a lot of fake business involved. Opt for an online store that guarantees their products.

Up North Memorabilia

Up North Memorabilia was started by an individual who himself is an avid collector. He knows the importance of getting authentic items and that is why makes sure that your trust is never betrayed.  Since its inception in 2003, Up North Memorabilia has become the number one source for serious memorabilia collectors.

You can find every kind of memento ranging from TV to film memorabilia and music to sports memorabilia. Be it Katherine Jenkins genuine autographed photo or Rod Stewart’s hand signed photo, famous chef Marco Pierre’s autographed photo or Darren Brown’s signed photo, we have everything from the exotic world of film and TV. If you are a die-hard sports fan, then too our collection won’t disappoint you. We have every football signed memorabilia whether it is Manchester United or Liverpool, West Ham United or Arsenal.

Therefore, if its originality and authenticity you are after, we can give you just that. Our sales are transparent, so much so that we even offer money-back guarantees if you don’t like the product you order. We provide free delivery services throughout UK. Our collection is bound to impress you and keep you coming back for more!

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