5 Awesome 3D Gadgets To Make Life A Fun Ride

Take a look at a glasses-free 3D TV, toy-making 3D printer and some other amazing 3D devices in this compilation of mind-boggling 3D gadgetry that aims at making life not only easy but fun too. In 2020 things have come a real cutting edge than a decade ago. Check out some of the most awe inspiring 5 awesome 3D gadgets worth a shot to make life a fun ride.

#1 Toshiba 55ZL2 Glasses-free 3D TV

glass free 3d tvs

This is the world’s first glasses-free 3D TV, everyone. But first, a bit of background knowledge concerning 3D TVs. There are three types of consumer-grade 3D TV displays that are the glasses-free, the active-shutter and the passive/polarized. The latter two require the viewer to wear a pair of 3D glasses with the passive/polarized type being used most often in cinemas for watching films in 3D.
Whilst this Toshiba model isn’t better than its active-shutter and passive brothers in every department, it does have some wonderful qualities and the USP that is being able to watch 3D visuals sans glasses. It has four times HD resolution, having a screen resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. There’s no web browser but plenty of on-demand video content , with YouTube and others getting their own onscreen icons. But inevitably, it’s the 3D HD movies that look best on this attention-grabbing device.

#2 Panasonic Lumix 3D1 Camera

This is one of the handful of cameras designed specifically for realistic 3D photos. The Lumix 3D1’s dual lenses take two photographs that merge together to form a 3D photo. The images are taken at exactly the same time which prevents the risk of a moving object ruining the shot’s 3D effect; a problem that can be had with software-based 3D modes.

Boasting a larger viewing space than that of a 35mm camera, the Lumix 3D1 has an aperture spanning from F3.9 to F13 and has a 4x optical zoom. It can capture 3D movies and images as well as HD movies and both 3D and 2D stills. Quirks such as getting to stamp your photo with the time and date it was captured make the Lumix 3D1 standout from other 3D cameras on the market.

#3 LG 320W 4.1CH Sound Bar Audio System With Wireless Subwoofer and Bluetooth Connectivity

For 3D sound, invest in LG’s 4.1-channel sound system that comes with a 3D surround processor and wireless subwoofer. The four specially engineered speakers should add drama to any movie whilst the 3D surround processor makes sure the sound fills the entire room, enhancing the sound experience for whatever you choose to watch or listen to. This premium yet compact sound system also allows the user to wirelessly stream music from their smartphone or other smart device and enjoy hearing fuller, more vibrant streams of their favorite songs.

#4 MakerBot Replicator Mini

latest 3d printers of 2020
MakerBot have a whole range of 3D printers and scanners but the one that makes this list is pretty much here because of the amount it does and its modest price tag. This is a 3D printer for people to take home rather than use at work. Whether you regard it as the one of the most expensive big kid toys you might ever wish to buy or something that would be useful in creating missing Lego pieces and the like, the MakerBot Replicator Mini is designed for home-use.
MakerBot wisely cottoned on to the fact that few of us have 3D design knowledge. Hence, the creation of PrintShop. PrintShop is a space where you can design your own objects, albeit in a more simplistic way than what is required for other 3D printers, and one that doubles as an online shop where one can download designs.
There is a reason the word “mini” appears in the product’s title and that is because it can only print objects up to 3.9 inches square and 4.9 inches tall. For shrunk-down prototypes, small parts and toys, the MakerBot Replicator Mini could come in handy.

#5 Atheer Air Smart Glasses

latest superhero 3d glasses
Image PC Mag

Atheer is “the pioneer in Augmented interactive Reality (AiR™), combining the power of 3D augmented reality with natural interaction to unlock human productivity”. But what we’re interested in are the brand’s smartglasses that allow the wearer to see a “3D augmented reality”. These see-through glasses will have you interacting with objects like never before; if you see a parcel, for instance, above it might be the time it was ordered and details such as where it will be delivered and so on. A clinician might wear them to get quick access to patient’s files. Either way, the Atheer Air Smart Glasses are part of an interactive gesture-controlled 3D platform called AiR (augmented interactive reality) that aims to increase productivity in the workforce.

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