The Top 6 Gadgets That Will Make Any Office A Smart Office

When it comes to a home office or a “man cave” as they are often called these days, having the coolest technology around you can often be quite an important thing to complete your personal working area. Therefore, we’ve scoured the internet for some of the coolest technology we could find that would suit the working environment and would have anybody who dared venture into your working zone impressed beyond belief. Some of this technology promotes laziness, some of it promotes brilliant thinking but all of it will definitely have you and anyone else who sees it impressed at it’s potential. So, here are our top 6 gadgets for a smart office.

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Atmoph Window

The Atmoph Window looks to be the next generation of paintings. The Atmoph Window essentially allows you to place what could look like a window or a painting up on your wall and then have it show life-like images of videos in 4k resolution. This could be used to depict fireplaces, or maybe a rainy day if you’re fed up of the sun or visa verse. You can even have it show you calendar entries and such along with weather and time information, making it more like a super-expensive smart-clock. We feel this would look great in a contemporary office, used for looking at information quickly or just setting whichever sounds or mood helps you work the most efficiently.

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Bluewire Headset

Ever wanted to be able to record both sides of a phone call whether it’s on Skype, your phone or in your car? Well, now you can with this incredible Bluewire headset. The Bluewire headset not only allows you to record both sides of the call but it stores the recording on the device itself which can then be transferred to your laptop if you so wish. It’s a brilliantly handy tool if you find yourself interviewing people over the phone or are required to recall information on a call. The device currently supports Android, iOS and most major car manufacturer Bluetooth overhead in-car phone call systems.

Smarter Coffee

Coffee is an essential in any office, it keeps you going when nothing else can. Therefore, having a smart coffee maker is essential to ensuring efficient levels of work without spending time making that cup of coffee. Therefore, why not try out Smarter Coffee? Smart Coffee has all the preconceived features you might think a smart coffee maker has such as the ability to make a coffee with your connected smart device. However, it the goes the extra mile by allowing you to adjust strength, taste preferences, set alerts, auto schedules and even more. It currently works with Android and iOS devices, of course.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 15.04.59Beam Projector

How cool would it be to have a portable, easy-to-use projector that allowed you screw an object into any light socket and project whatever you wanted onto a flat surface? Well, that’s what Beam allows you to do. You connect it to either your iOS or Android device and then the supported application allows you to Beam things onto whatever surface the mini projector is facing. The app also currently supported IFTT which is going to make it a really quite incredible and powerful tool, especially if you find yourself having meetings in your office a lot.

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Tilt Smart Blinds

Tilt Smart Blinds are a really smart and interesting next-generation set of blinds for your new office or even throughout your whole home or office blocks. Tilt smart blinds allow you to open them, set times for when to open and close them and more. However, it also has a lot of other, super intelligent features that will have others truly impressed when they find out. For example, you can get a separate dongle that you plug into the USB port of your TV and so when you turn your TV on, it will automatically close your blinds. Finally, the Tilt Smart Blinds are solar powered and therefore, don’t require constant electricity or changing of batteries to keep working.

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Phree is a stylus/smart pen that takes writing things down wherever you go to the next level. It’s a high-resolution mobile input device that will allow you to write on virtually any surface. It connects to any smart device that has Bluetooth including tablets, phones and laptops and then allows you to draw anything you want on any surface. Phree is compatible with all the biggest applications and pieces of software you can get too including Evernote, OneNote, Microsoft Office apps, Viber, Google Handwriting Keyboard and more. Phree also includes a screen for looking at brief notes, notifications and more. PLUS, it works as a headset if you so wish to use it for that.

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