Top 7 Apps For Campers and Travellers

So you’ve decided to go camping or travelling in general and know that you’re either no good with maps or have a terrible sense of direction in general and are going to be needing an application that can help you discover, travel, navigate and more whilst you’re away.

Luckily, we at Wiproo have come up with a list of 10 apps that we think are perfect and cover all bases when it comes to visiting places you’ve never been. These apps will give you sat nav, offline maps, restaurant recommendations, hotel booking possibilities, flight bookings and much more. We hope you find a single or maybe even a few applications that will help you out when it comes to ensuring you have the smoothest experience possible whilst away.

Google Maps (Android Free) (iOS Free)

Google Maps is the first and best name when it comes to free mobile navigation. Over the years, Google has refined their Maps to be one of the best digital choices in the world and their Google Maps application has become somewhat of a steal for Android and iOS users looking for free driving/walking/public transport directions.

google-maps-ios-screenshotGoogle Maps offers you directions, recommendations near you, voice-guidance, offline map download support and more for not a single penny and it offers it in two beautiful user interfaces that represent iOS and Android respectively.

Waze (Android Free) (iOS Free)

Waze was actually bought by Google but has yet to be implemented into Google’s mapping or navigation software. Therefore, Waze is definitely still the best application for when you’re new in a town and looking for new things to do, Waze offers great options live on your sat nav and it also gives you user-submitted traffic problems making it a great application for traffic alerts.waze

FourSquare (Android Free) (iOS Free)

FourSquare is without a doubt the best application when it comes to restaurant recommendations when you’re on holiday or in a new place. You can either type in whatever type of food you want, whether it’s a burger or an enchilada, or you can search different food cultures or you can simply find the highest recommended place overall in the new area that you find yourself in. All places in FourSqaure are based on an enormous

foursquare70All places in FourSqaure are based on an enormous user-submitted database from real people with recommendations being highlighted. FourSquare doesn’t just do restaurants, it does many other attractions too, but restaurants are its highlight feature.

Navmii (Android Free)

Navmii is one of the best applications for offline mapping on Android without a doubt. If you find yourself stuck in the middle of a field with no signal and need to know where you are, or want to go for a walk in the countryside and find yourself with no service, then have no fear, Navmii is here!

a2759b9c023831b8916c878d052f7c797a59fa63Navmii offers not only offline maps but also offline search for the maps to help you find your current location and even organise a way out of the predicament you may find yourself in. It uses your GPS and it’s built in software to do all these clever calculations.

Flightradar24 (Android $3.99) (iOS $3.99)

Flightradar24 is for those who are looking to travel by aeroplane and wish to track everything there is to know about their flight from where it is right now, to what the view from the pilot’s seat is like, to when they’re expected to arrive and much more. It’s the all-in-one application for flight tracking and offers some really useful and detailed information on the subject that you should definitely check out if you’re interested in flight information or more.Flightradar24 Flight Track Premium 6.1.2 Apk4 (Android Free) (iOS Free)

The title of this application pretty much gives away what it offers and so there’s not really much to talk about with It offers up a beautiful interface on whichever platform you use it on and one that is very mobile friendly and makes booking hotels, villas and cottages a breeze. It’s perfect for the pre-holiday planning to try and see if you can find any deals or maybe just to search for the perfect getaway for you and the

Localeur (iOS Free)

Localeur is similar to FourSquare apart from it is more locals based. FourSquare is usually reviews from people who have visited the place once and wish to leave a review and comment, similar to TripAdvisor or Yelp. However, Localeur is an application for those that already live there. It’s similar to arriving in a town and asking a local where the best place to eat is, they’ll offer you their opinion based on their many visits there. This is similar to that in that feels more local and personal than FourSquare.screen568x568


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