Best Launcher Applications for Android Devices

An Android launcher is the interface that we commonly refer to as “Home”. Whenever a person presses the “Home” button on their Android device, their Android device takes them to its basic interface. The basic interface, which consists of a number of screens, is a part of the launcher that an Android device runs. In addition, the application and widgets menus make up the remaining part of the average Android launcher. The Android launcher that an Android device’s comes with out of the box is known as the respective Android device’s “stock” launcher.


Many people have certain problems with the stock Android launcher that their device runs. In most cases, the problems that people have are either boredom, which is a result of using the same launcher over and over again, or the urge to try out something new and something they have never tried before. When a person wants to try out a new launcher, he starts searching the internet and the Google Play Store for Android launchers which are worthy of being installed onto his device. When this event takes place, a person wants to know of the best launcher application for Android devices so that he too can download one of these launchers. The following are some of the best launcher applications for Android devices:

  • Nova Launcher PrimeAndroid users have tried various launchers over the course of the Android Operating System’s existence but have found a problem with almost all of them. The most common problems that people have with custom Android launchers include bugs, lag, a lack of intriguing features, a lack of customization options, an extremely heavy interface, a lack of widgets, and a lack of the ability to download and apply various themes. Nova Launcher Prime can be ranked as the best launcher for Android devices because it eliminates all of these problems and offers a plethora of features and customization options that are simply unparalleled. In addition, Nova Launcher Prime is as light as a feather.

Nova Launcher Prime

  • GO Launcher EX Overall, GO Launcher EX is an extremely light, responsive, lag-free launcher which comes with an abundance of features and customization options. However, the sole problem that Android users who use this launcher face is its complexity. GO Launcher EX is considered to be extremely complex because navigating through the launcher and customizing every inch of it is quite a lengthy process as compared to other Android launchers.

GO Launcher

  • Next Launcher 3D Though this Android launcher is still in BETA testing mode and only a LITE version has been released, the graphics and themes offered by this launcher are simply remarkable. The launcher has quickly become famous and is gaining popularity by the minute.

Next Launcher 3D

  • Smart Launcher Smart Launcher enters the Android World with a unique style and a unique layout. Even though one will have to experience the uniqueness of Smart Launcher on his own, what can be revealed about it is that it is quite exceptional to say the least.

Smart Launcher Android

  • Buzz Launcher Recently developed and introduced to the Android world, this launcher has effectively made its way up in the Android launcher rankings thanks to its responsive and intriguing design and large quantity of features.

Buzz Launcher Android


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