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Top 10 Best Web Designs of 2014

Every year we see a lot of new web designs created by creative professionals. From past couple of years we have seen a lot of amazing designs but let’s see what’s tending in 2014.

Bellow is the list of top 10 best web designs of 2014.

1)      http://www.oregongridiron.com/

This website is promoting the football program of University of Oregon’s. Use of the bold type and moving images is fully attractive. The aim of the website is to show future of the football.

Future of Football

2)      http://www.marcello-pisano.com/

This Website is of an illustrator web & graphic designer named Marcello Pisano. This is a portfolio site of Marcello Pisano which shows his great designing skill through his website design.


3)      https://notegraphy.com/

Notegraphy is an app available for Android and iOS users. It lets you make your writing beautiful using different colorful styles. The combination of colors and beautiful images make this site enjoyable.


4)      http://wistia.com/

Wistia provide professional video hosting built specifically for business. The site is having flat design which is so simple, clean and modern.


5)      http://thesearethings.com/

These Are Things is the design and illustration studio of Jen Adrion and Omar Noory. Its design is awesome.

These ARE Things

6)      http://www.knucklesindustries.com/

Knuckles Industries is a website of Matt Muldoon. He is a metal fabrication artist, the site looks amazing and the words and visuals are used to tell his story and portfolio.

Knuckles Industries

7)      http://thegeekdesigner.com/

The Geek Designer is also an interactive portfolio of Alex Pierce. He is a talented designer and art director. This site use HTML5/CSS3 and having depth, layering and animation.


8)      http://hotdot.pro/

Hot Dog Production is also a portfolio website. This website use Parallax scrolling design which moves images and visuals while scrolling which increases its attractiveness.


9)      http://www.chartjs.org/

Chart.JS is a one page scroll website. When you keep scrolling you see blocks of content + images. This makes this website looks amazing and provide great user experience.


10)   http://www.andreamann.com/

This is website of Andrea Mann a writer and Jazz Vocalist. She use her photo on the homepage which makes this website much more attractive in darker background.



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