Android Device Manager: Find Your Stolen or Lost Cell Phone

In places around the world, people fear the idea of carrying their expensive Android cell phones with them. This is specially the case with second and third world countries. The reason why people fear this concept is because of the fact that muggings and robberies are not at all rare in such places. In addition, there is also the chance of a person simply forgetting his cell phone after keeping it somewhere and, ultimately, losing it.

Android Device Manager

Well, when a person does take his cell phone out with him, he constantly fears for its safety. In addition, in the event that his cell phone is mugged form him, he becomes extremely depressed and, since the police and authorities in most second world and all third world countries are not at all effective at finding stolen items, he blames himself for losing his cell phone in the first place. This is also the exact situation that occurs in the event where a person loses his cell phone. Well, it is partly the person’s fault and the reason why that is so is because of the fact that if he had been a little more cautious and had taken a few measures to cope up with such an event, he would have been able to get his stolen or lost cell phone back. And this can happen to you as well but don’t worry You can find you stolen or lost android phone easily.

Well, Google (the mastermind behind the Operating System we know as “Android”) has been nothing but helpful to Android users and it has once again come to our aid. This time, Google has introduced a new service which has been designed to allow users to remotely locate cell phone, ring/call your lost or stolen cell phone, wipe everything in its memory or lock your android phone with a new password in the event that it is ever lost or stolen.

Android Device Manager Shortened

Google has coined this service “Android Device Manager”. This service has been made available to mobile phones running Android 2.2 and up, which is nothing but beneficial for Android users who, for various reasons, are still stuck with the cell phone we now consider prehistoric. The Android device Manager service or feature can be accessed through the “Google Settings” application. Once a person opens this application, he needs to touch “Android Device Manager” so that he can tamper with the two options that it provides- “Remotely locate this device” and “Allow remote lock and factory reset”. A person can turn both these features on or off and he can also set all the preferences for these features as he desires.

Android Device Manager

The Android Device Manager Service can be used through the “My Devices” page of the Google Play Store. What a person must remember regarding this service is that it does not work for devices which are not powered on and, depending on the preferences that the owner of the device has set, devices which are not connected to a Mobile Network or Wi-Fi. Regarding its effectiveness and efficiency, the Android Device Manager Service can provide, depending on the set preferences, results accurate to 0-25 meters. The accuracy of the service depends solely on the preferences that the owner of the device has set.

Track Your Lost Or Stolen Phone


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