Nokia Lumia 625: Beyond Voyage Experience

Hi everyone, routinely I don’t write something like it but I made up my mind and indited a small piece about a story of my smart phone, which is…

Nokia Lumia 625

You must be astonished why I did choose to buy a windows phone? Good God, are you nuts? You gotta be kidding me!

And bla bla bla… Whatever! I do what I like. Buzz off!


NOW back to the story! Pakistan is one of the places where people don’t usually ponder like me. They are more willing to buy something extra ordinary in almost pennies! China mobile phones are as commons as mucks. iPhone and Samsung’s handsets have become the apple of the eye for the people in high places.

So what made my mind to buy a Windows Phone? Alright here’s the thing, before buying this phone I did research on smart phones that can surprise me but I found nothing expect husks of forgotten dreams. I figured that people don’t like windows phone that much either because of bad reviews or out of budget problem like Nokia Lumia 1020!

I remember that good day when I first saw Nokia Lumia 625, embellished and the adorn one! Awesome grace but how unfortunate it was when I found that it wasn’t released yet in our country. Still, it didn’t hurt my motivations as I waited for this phone all along around one and a half month. I don’t exactly recall that day when I went to the mobile market and came to know that the phone I was hoping to buy is now available. I bought one and went back home! I started using it and started understanding the features. I found it super cool maybe because I haven’t used any Smartphone before or maybe I hadn’t been an android phone user lately.

With the passage of time I enjoyed a lot windows phone but happiness escalated up when I upgraded it on Windows 8.1. The layout and interface was completely different! Although, there were some minor issues before “Blue Update” and “Black Update” but after I found none of the errors which could cause a trouble. Some of the features which I like the most in 8.1 are as follows:

  • Show more tiles options
  • Cortana (Personal Assistant) like SIRI in iPhone
  • Custom background for tiles
  • Custom tones for alerts “Facebook, Messages, Emails etc”
  • Enhancement of new apps in store
  • Videos and Cameras features are improved!

People don’t like Nokia and Windows phone. Maybe they don’t want to hear these names anymore in the industry but as the time goes by we know that people will be tired and bored with Apple and Samsung interfaces and bounded features.

Windows Phone is something totally different and will grab your attention. Windows in phone arena is fresh and you can also change your start screen daily to keep it fresh as I do. People don’t have the notion that Microsoft invested 1 billion dollars into Nokia. WP8 is catching on fast where Symbian barely had a foothold anywhere.  At the current rate of growth of Windows Phones, they should over take Apple in 2017.

People are now moving beyond the dimensions and experiencing the world in a new order!

Umar Jamil

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