How To Block Un-wanted Calls On iPhone For Free


We always wondered how to block unwanted annoying calls on our iPhone for free. In 2020 it will no more be an issue to deal with anymore. On one hand while these scientific inventions have made our lives much easier but on the other there are some down-sides also. The same can be said about the phone, while making communication easier and bringing people closer together this invention has also proved to be a nuisance in our lives.

how to block unwanted calls on iphone

Thinking the call would be from some friend or family member you receive the call only to find out that the call is from some tele-marketer busy in trying to sell some product.. Or worst still when the call is from some computerized autodialer delivering a pre-recorded message.  Want to find a way out, well Call Control Premium can solve your problem. We can get a one year subscription at the rate of $19.99 which is 33% off the normal price.

Almost half the calls we take these days are from these scam callers,maybe a bot or a tele-marketer trying to sell you some product. We also have to be on our alert and not get scammed into giving them all our personal information. These unwanted robocalls have increased so much that each American home receives almost 35 billion such calls.

This app uses community reports and do not call complaints to block thousands of unwanted numbers, and can even block their text messages too. Their personal call and SMS blacklist makes sure scammers can’t get through, automatically blocking these known spam callers so you can go about your day without wasting your time fielding these calls. And their handy reverse phone number lookup gives you better knowledge on those dreaded mystery phone calls, helping you figure out if it’s a call you really need to take or not.

So Call Control is the best solution for this. To remove the unwanted numbers this app uses the community report and in addition to the calls it can also block the text messages. This is made possible through the personal call system and the SMS blacklist that won’t let the scammers to get through. And this automatically blocks the spam callers relieving us of the nuisance of attending these unwanted calls.

block calls on iphone free 2020

Another feature is the handy reverse phone number lookup which provides us information of those unwanted mystery phone calls. This helps us to decide that whether we should take a call or not.

We should get a 1 year subscription of Call Control as it has already blocked one billion unnecessary calls.

So to get your peace of mind and that sanity back we should definitely get this app.

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